Ojosama Saimin ~Breaking Pride~ (Dieselmine)

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Ojosama Saimin ~Breaking Pride~ (Dieselmine) poster



Historic prestigious school, through the hero,royalty or a conglomerate of young lady from from to


However, it’s not every day even the power of hypnosis to get things changed dramatically.

Notice in the filly to the slave who trained as a young lady who.

The protagonist of revenge begins……

Available in the following languages: English, French, German, Italian


Only a little money and authority there was for the history of that prestigious school to attend was the hero.

However, their special thought of admission, the first day was only.

The school in study abroad, as royalty of the young lady,her daughter, etc

Thousands of gold and honor and power with the House of the son,children…… great

The protagonist is your base can be good to know.

Then, the study also exercise also, and he the hero of the

Young lady reach even the downtrodden the day begins,so time did not hang.

Some payoff and…… I think so from memory to withstand the hero.

One day, in the library an old book to find.

This book is a hypnotism about research and practice the report is written.

Also,hypnosis for example,

Your a fool to a young lady who,freely manipulate it can…….

The protagonist is desperate to read the book,”The Sound”using hypnosis to be able to use.

And, I even hypnosis to try, and feel the effect of it,

The protagonist of the indecent revenge began.

■Hypnosis show


・The hypnotic state of the daughter bare all,privacy is a Frank confession to that.

・Invective daughter in the hallway naked, and Virgin was made vaginal cum shot.

・Remember anything daughter DVD to send,woman being fucked video to show just before the madness.

・Hypnosis in the taste change,sperm delicious feeling 精飲.

・Fathers and phone calls to species with SEX.

・Daughter to drink semen to hypnosis hung, Masturbation while Blowjob.

・Arranged seats in the belly of her daughter showing off from committing,breast milk squirt cum.

・Hypnosis hung daughter and her daughter is the hero this time, going in, doggy style anal SEX.

・Royal young lady to hypnosis, and the men’s toilet in the toilet bowl handle+titty Blowjob.

・Collective hypnosis and all the students naked,the young lady reached into the collar as a fun campus walk.


○Royalty of a young Lady:Christina・full・query system nickname: Chris (CV: 彩瀬 All)

Handsome high-handed young lady.

For the Royals most of the power, have the teacher from stand opposite from those who are not.

Fiancee, and graduated from the country raising ceremony for the schedule.

○A chaebol’s daughter:the technique・to check the nickname: General (CV:Oyama Tyrol)

Fly class at the prestigious school to enroll your daughter.

Adorable figure and is contrary to the incompetent human to look down in front of you.

○In invective is not the head daughter:Gojo 沙月 (CV:涼貴 cool)

Cold invective your classmates.

The young lady has the power to prostrate the resistance, not from the hero

When the run them away from the dangers they face and help them invective spit.

Ojosama Saimin ~Breaking Pride~ (Dieselmine)

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 2

Ojosama Saimin ~Breaking Pride~ (Dieselmine): screenshots

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