Futago Reijou (West Vision)

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Last update: 2016-07-27

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The hero”The Mirror connecting the flat(but only the top)”is,

The fashion world to dictate to big business”祁答院(and so do I)”group of one staff member.

However, they are competitors of intelligence, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Wuhan, and Hangzhou to the enterprise sector…… “Behind the scenes portion”of the member.

One day, the industry 2 minutes to the biggest rival and 大宮司 to a group of work orders down.

Connecting the flat is,this statement quietly rejoice.

大宮司 dirty and the entrance is the parents death was relegated to a grudge from the time of──that.

Thus 大宮司 down to working as a spy for his fraud and weaknesses to a handful,”behind the scenes portion”in the cultivated

Legal・illegal there is no shrewdness by about 大宮司 group to collapse or out.

The last of the 大宮司 leader is the most important for the Twins of his daughter only.

Connecting the flat of working satisfied with the boss,as a reward 大宮司 Sisters of prisoners to surrender.

“大宮司 sister discipline also let that…… Revenge as a part of,enjoy”

Thus, the indecent livelihood and meet the twin sister of her mother every day is ushered to…….


●大宮司 愛香(not just like or not)

大宮司 group leader Director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the classic tale. Of twins daughter sister.

The prestigious Girls High-School attending,struggling, not knowing of the young lady.

Fast rotation of the head, the arrogant invective.

The title can be attracted to the brighter adults are nothing more than dirty, the negative thought, and

Nature and people to alienate such a pompous attitude to have.

However, his sister Rie all live together, it is good?.

Rie hair combing is a hobby.

●大宮司 Rie(only just like it)

大宮司 group leader Director Gil Kenan reimagine and contemporize the classic tale. Of twins daughter sister.

Nature was in a person’s malice to notice the natural temperament of a daughter.

But my sister and the difference, to both sides without anyone presume such character, for the nature and people in……

However, bred by the late naive remarks around each and every Web page of your web site and may be.

Sweet Nothing by of favorite.

●Tsuda Shizuka (first)

祁答院 group behind the scenes section・mark.

Always with a smile to stick to, but it is reasonable to convict because of the thick skin.

Cold-blooded in 慧敏 not a meritocracy, who,”Tsuda Kan”and the name of course, as a pseudonym is.

Also, connecting the flat of talent to fathom all the behind the scenes portion to be pulled when I stay in,

This 大宮司 devastating strategy tied to the flat that he was in her, and both trust thick.

祁答院 group is Shizuka by the Foundation for exaggeration to say that without her on the head, but those who count the most.

Black rumors alone, you have small animals, like the one you have.

Futago Reijou (West Vision)

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 82

Futago Reijou (West Vision): screenshots

Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 1Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 2Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 3Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 4Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 5Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 6Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 7Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 8Futago Reijou (West Vision) screenshot 9

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