Jumble Strikers

: Rin-chan, the self-proclaimed hero of Doinaka Village, is fighting for peace in her village today.
Meanwhile, the kidnapping of a female martial artist in the Imperial Capital has reached the villag

Night High 4 (Denji Kobo)Night High 4 (Denji Kobo)

Night High 4 (Denji Kobo)



Risa Quest (Asunaru)

: Lisa is a adventurer.
She couldn’t control my adventurous spirit and stayed in my home village.
Over the field, over the mountain, she came to a small village in the forest.
What kind of adventure d


Deep Sleep (LeamGames

君の目の前には眠っている女のコ。このチャンスを見逃す手はないぞ!彼女、起きないかって?それは絶対ない。In front of you is a sleeping girl, let’s take advantage of the situation. And don’t be afraid to wake her up, that’s impossible.


Lin Torque Rose -Knight of Shield- v1.03

◆ ストーリー【プラチナのヴァルキュリア】であり【南方の綺羅星】であり【聖盾の騎士】である少女の名前はリント=フフルピエッザ。彼女の率いる【戦部隊:白銀の矛】の輝かしい戦績「生きた神話か伝説か」というほどの英雄譚。人々を賑わせるそんな彼女の実像は世間知らずで子供っぽくて甘