Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios

Version:30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios
Demo version:No
Dev patreon: MrUnawareStudios
Last update: 2023-07-19

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Plot –
Take control of a 21 years old woman, barely old enough to drink, design her how you like and then dump her into the heart of a metropolis, known as The City! Decide who she talks to, what place she works at, how she performs her duties, the control is all in your hands… err hand. Have fun with a dynamic world as conversations and situations change based on your choices, your physique, how you respond and your skills! Everything you do can have a ripple effect. Be prepared for a world that is as uncaring as the one we live in. People won’t always treat the main character nice or they may be really helpful, like helping her out of a dress whether she wants to or not!

: Gameplay Trailer

Last update: 2023-07-19
Released: 2023-07-19
Creator (developer): Mr. Unaware Studios – – –
Censored: No
Version: v30l BA
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android
Language: English

2D Game, Character Creation, Female Protagonist, Mobile Game, Multiple Endings, Anal Sex, Ahegao, Big Ass, Big Tits, Blackmail, Bukkake, Cheating, Corruption, Creampie, Dilf, Drugs, Exhibitionism, Female Domination, Group Sex, Groping, Handjob, Humilation, Male Domination, Masturbation, Multiple Penetration, Oral Sex, Prostitution, Rape, Sex Toys, Sexual Harassment, Sleep Sex, Stripping, Teasing, Vaginal Sex, Virgin, Voyeurism, Humor, Management, PoV, RPG, Sandbox, Side-Scroller, Animated

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

It’s a pre-update of v31, so it consists of some stuff designed and meant for v31, because I was either too lazy to remove them or too afraid of causing bugs in the final release. Anyway, enjoy!

A few quality of life changes.
Some overall UI tweaks, including character creation menu.
Updated art of cum effects.
Added new option – Preload Dialogues. If enabled, it will preload all dialogue data during character creation. If disabled, it will load them only on their first occurence, causing an initial lag upon interaction with the world.
Renamed Guide to Glossary and updated it.
Some overall event cleaning and tweaks to triggering events.
Event Sheet now shows the chance of triggering an event modified by backstory, and won’t show events for different backstories.
Jane can find her flatmates and talk to them in their rooms now.
If a flatmate leaves a home during an event, his home events will be locked for a day.
Added quick save/load buttons to the menu panel. This change enables quick save/load on Android.
Adjusted pricing of all clothes and body customization options.
Small tweaks to choices in the phone.
Multiple bug fixes.
Fixed cum meter.
Fixed search button in the glossary window.
Fixed panties being removed together with pants.
Fixed clothes icons on Android.
There are many animations that look wrong, especially with panties/skirts on. It’s because those are very old animations that were “forced” to work with the new art. The only way to fix them is re-making them from scratch, and that’s really time consuming, so will take a longer while.
NPCs’ clothes sometimes might not fully load. It’s a side effect of multiple optimization options to make the game playable on weaker devices.

Mini optimization.
Updated a few more icons.
Loading screen now waits for all NPCs to fully load. Can be turned off in the settings.
Last quick/auto save slot is based on the file’s date now.
Updated ejaculation (outside) effect. It’s volume depends on the dick size.
Added game guide (T) with an explanation of some mechanics.
Some changes to sorting order of body parts & clothes.
Moved male NPCs random size to the EX version, since it’s still too glitchy.
Random size of male NPCs is disabled by default and can be enabled in the settings.
Remaining event cooldown is now visible in the event sheet’s requirements.
Increased skill requirements of some bonus sex positions from 20-60 to 25-75.
Added Magnetic Personality trait that gives 100% chance of client appearing while waiting at ‘work’.
Fixed multiple bugs.
Fixed multiple sex animations across the whole game.
Fixed NPCs keeping the same body type across multiple events.
Fixed cleanliness check at the brothel & RLD street being affected by Luck.
Fixed main menu settings pop-up buttons not being responsive.
Bald Guys at the diner will sometimes twist their bodies in agony. Couldn’t trigger this on my end.
Loading save and moving will teleport Jane back to her last position first. There’s a conflict between pathfinding and loading data.
Fixed a critical error with Bald Guys’ initial quest. If you already started Kevin’s Diner quest, your save will stay bugged. Sorry!

Upscaled character art (not on Android, though). Enjoy longer loading times!
Changed overall sorting order of some male clothes. Brace yourself for new bugs.
Overhauled cum gauge values. Now doing it too fast/slow will decrease the meter. And more different stuff affects it.
Added Rough Pleasure positive trait – makes cum gauge fill faster and never decrease.
Added 2 new eyepatch colors (brown & black).
Added new hat colors (to 3 in total for each hat variant).
Adjusted pricing of some clothes.
Updated a few icons.
Added icons to homemade food.
Fixed multiple bugs.
Fixed multiple animations, like Jeff’s, Kyle’s, Kevin’s and Bald Guys’.
Fixed NPCs’ bodies disappearing, leaving their interaction bubbles.
Fixed NPCs not fully resetting upon respawn.
Fixed male legs bypassing pants in some animations.
Fixed male NPCs using only one lips variant.
Fixed a few male clothes not covering body correctly.
Fixed missing shadows underneath standing characters. Idle animations only for now.

Updated inventory icons.
Jane can keep playing on her phone multiple times in a row (until midnight, so scripts can refresh in peace).
Playing games have a chance to increase lewdness & charm (once per day). Also, it no longer restores bonus energy.
Added new buttons to the wardrobe – undress/dress up & wear random clothes.
Multiple tweaks and fixes to the loading screen.
Removed some useless text while changing locations.
Homeless men use more hair variants now.
Fixed events triggering too soon/late when changing locations.
Fixed missing feet upon undressing via dialogue.
Fixed eyes resetting to the first type.
Fixed a few female hair types.
Fixed a few animations.

Further optimization.
Restored and remade old body sizes (affects all males). Random NPCs can have between 100-110% size, unique up to 115%.
Changing settings while holding left shift sets them to the max possible value.
Minor bug fixes.
Fixed/adjusted/remade animations in the park.
Fixed multiple character bugs.
Further optimization.
Multiple fixes to the character creation window (including hairdresser).
Fixed characters getting constantly re-rolled.
Fixed characters not blinking with their eyes.
Fixed loading old saves not unlocking default backstory clothes.
Fixed breast types 4 & 5.
Fixed cum meter not appearing.
Fixed loading screen disappearing too soon.

Multiple quality of life changes, but I forgot to keep track of them all…
Rewritten some of the core code from scratch, mainly connected to loading & unloading textures.
Greatly reduced RAM & VRAM consumption of the game, so it should be playable on older devices, and especially on Android.
Added loading screen between locations.
Optimized Slums and temporary removed particle effects. There’s still some performance problem connected to Slums.
Breast size can be increased to double the size (EXPERIMENTAL & EX ONLY!)
Time flows 20% slower (1 minute every 6 real time seconds).
Energy over time is no longer depleted, but restored instead (1 every 30 in-game mins).
Upon entering character creation mode Jane rolls random body.
Added 2 new female breast types.
Holding down the left control key while zooming in/out will instantly set a max possible magnitude.
Multi-word search in the event window.
And more!
There were various bug fixes along these few months, but I didn’t really note them all down either…
Fixed settings in the menu.
Fixed changing resolution.
Fixed low cleanliness event at Kevin’s Diner being affected by Luck.
This update is meant to test stability & performance.
If you don’t want to be a tester, then wait for the next update.
Expect a lot of new and weird bugs.
Many animations are still desynced.

Another mini optimization.
Some internal changes. Might cause bugs on existing saves.
Tweaked character movement. It should be more responsive and less buggy.
Jane moves faster now. You are welcome.
Updated map with new art (M).
Only aspect rations that are same as in the native resolution can be chosen in the settings now.
Added all clothes icons.
Added night variant of the Kevin’s Diner – Office.
Updated platform shoes.
Character movement speed stays the same across all devices and screen resolutions.
Fixed multiple animations, but mostly brothel.
Fixed NPCs’ ejaculation. In the near future I will re-make it from scratch.

Mini optimization.
Added options that let you control chance of some aspects of the game, like NPCs’ body types.
Added eyepatch to the female glasses.
Idle animations are disabled during character creation.
Added more clothes icons.
Added short intro to most locations.
Updated music quality.
Disabled calling taxi in the RLD – Alley. It’s too narrow.
Kevin’s Diner’s clocks finally show actual time! A very important change, I know.
Some minor fixes.
Some fixes to black screens in locations.
Multiple fixes to the taxi.
Fixed and updated multiple animations, but mostly bend over sex ones.
Fixed spawned NPCs being naked in some cases (like taxi drivers).
Fixed moans not playing during character creation.
Fixed wrong layer sort order on NPCs’ hands at the tables at Kevin’s Diner.
Fixed crashing on Android. Other versions are unaffected.

Some small changes.
A lot of memory optimization.
Removed old clothes icons, so they will temporary stay empty. We are in the middle of adding new ones.
Added “Disable Random NPCs” to the main menu settings.
Auto Save is now optional and disabled by default.
Cheats can be toggled now. (EX)
Updated loading screen.
Updated male eyeglasses and added new reading variant in 3 colors.
Updated shirts – Blouse (A, B, C), Flannel (A), Cleavage (B).
Updated skirts – Diner & Long.
Updated Halloween clothes.
Added 4 earrings variants, each in 4 colors. Females only.
Renamed Bar shirt & skirt to Diner.
Added error message for people trying to load UotW saves in UiTC.
Blocked usage of some keyboard shortcuts while menu is open.
Some small fixes.
Fixed multiple sex animations, but mostly handjobs & blowjobs.
Fixed bra turning invisible after equipping shirt.
Fixed back of the bras moving together with the front.
Fixed NPC interaction buttons not disappearing after some events.
Fixed missing pants on some male NPCs.
Fixed bug allowing Jane to leave diner in her work clothes.

Some small changes.
Further optimization, especially on outdoor locations & Android.
Reduced RAM usage at the cost of increased CPU cost. Added “Use RAM over CPU” option which reverts it, in the settings.
Updated shirts (bar & torn), so they look nicer now.
Added 2 more color variants for Skirts (Medium, A).
Hidden some interaction with the world.
Some small fixes.
Fixed NPCs not resetting their clothes to default on disable.
Fixed events at the Kevin’s Diner’s Toilet.
Fixed backstories not working correctly.
Fixed fast travel.
Fixed a few wrong spawn points across the game.
Fixed some clothes (mostly skirts) not being buyable.
Fixed panties bypassing pants.
Fixed main menu music not being correctly destroyed.

Some small changes.
Optimized the game.
Made game a step closer to the mod support in the future.
Panties are now visible underneath pants/skirts. But currently we don’t have any clothes that could give you a peek on them underneath…
Changed female torn pants, so now they can give you a peek on the panties.
Synced female body more, so naked bodies animate better with clothes.
Added button to the character creation mode that zooms in on Jane’s face instantly.
Blocked non-default camera modes to avoid problems. (Android)
Some small fixes.
Fixed pants merging with skin after being removed.
Fixed pants not being removed correctly while panties being equipped.
Fixed missing teeth/tongue in lips.
Fixed scenes in the Kevin’s Diner’s – Storeroom.
Fixed floating interaction buttons around the world.
Fixed male NPCs turning invisible after encountering glory hole event.
Fixed Shady Shop not being enterable.
Fixed missing details on female & male eyes.
Fixed text disappearing from the save/load game buttons.
Fixed furries ears’ position scaling wrong with ears size. (EX)
Unaware in The City (Closed Beta) release.

Developer Notes:

Public Release is always one version behind the Patreon’s release, so if v32 comes out on Patreon, v31x (with all its hotfixes) Basic becomes public!
Extended version offers everything what Basic + cheats, X-Ray and some experimental stuff.

: – – – –
Mac: – – – –
Linux: – – – –
Android: – – – –

Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 28

Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios]: screenshots

Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 0Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 1Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 2Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 3Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 4Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 5Unaware in The City [v30l BA] [Mr. Unaware Studios] screenshot 6

Welcome to the adult virtual world with your wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this interactive game.

Be a smart player and get what you want. And it will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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