Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] v0.8c

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: startreegames
Last update: 2023-06-06

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Traveler Inn Tales is a fantasy ARPG game where you recruit female companions to clear dungeons and strengthen the bonds between each other. With enough time, your companions can become your lovers…However, your rival can also “steal” them if you’re not careful enough. The game features 13 heroines with their own story scenes, backstories, and sex scenes, over 2200 images, a fast-paced dungeon crawler minigame, and a rival system to fight for your companions’ affection.​

Last update: 2023-06-06
Released: 2023-06-06
Creator (developer): Star Tree Games – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.8c
OS: Windows
Language: English

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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Features added:
Added 13+positionsAdded regulars (Adventurers with no story to progress, they are just here to help out with dungeons, and warm your nights)Added MP orbs in the dungeonAdded an “All Heroines +99 recruit” when using cheatsAdded an “All Heroines learn all sex skills” when using cheats

Features added:
Added Fixed or Random Appearance modes (Chosen in prologue)Chad Beserk mode added (Keep him in check with maidens to avoid that)Bed candle reminds player to collect Guild PaymentAdded a way to use mutiple potions in the dungeons Moved the UI to the top left for mobile players
Bug Fixes:
Stamina doesn’t recover when entering the innCan’t recruit Rachel due to a strange bugFixed Heal Skill to be strongerMP doesn’t restore when recruiting people other than AliceAlice feelings to anon is displayed as blankCan’t Traveler Level 3 even with enough outlaw ringsRanny virginity switch fixAdded “Max Stamina Cheat” and “Chad protection =5 Cheat”Mala’s BJ scene CG

Developer Notes:

: Phases Each day has 4 phases: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, and Night. You start the day in the recruitment area, hiring heroines to join your party, then head south to the dungeons to find riches.
After exhausting your party you will be teleported to a camp, where you can give gifts or spend time with your companions.
At night, you can spend time with your heroine or invite them to bed with you, though you might want to know them better before asking for their body.

: Appearance There are two ways heroines can appear in the plaza every morning, this is determined from the prologue.
Fixed Mode guarantees at least 4 different heroines to appear in the plaza, though it might increase the chances of your rival recruiting them.
Random mode rolls a number for each heroine, they can either all appear on the same day or none at all, making your route unique from most people.
Don’t worry, there’s always one heroine that appears in the plaza daily, she doesn’t know that adventurers have holidays.

: Rival After choosing your heroines, your rival Chad makes a move to see if he can recruit the girls you’ve left behind, the more Orbs the heroine has, the safer she is from Chad’s persuasive words.
For those who want to prevent Chad from stealing their heroines, recruiting them more decreases the chances for Chad to make a move, you can also gift crosses at a cost.
The initial Orbs for each heroine is determined from the prologue, and please do not choose “NTR mode” difficulty if you’re a vanilla fan.

: Sex System All adventurers who are close would eventually agree to spend the night with one another, it’s just an unspoken rule in the lifestyle.
Though you can just ask a girl to sleep with you on the first day, you do need to recruit her more and spent more time with her before they agree to such a thing. Once the forbidden fruit is tasted, you can spend points to purchase more skills.

: Positions The current free public build features 13 sex positions for the player to spend points purchasing (3 are free upon convincing a heroine to bed). The beta build on patreon features 26 sex positions in total.

Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 80

Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games]: screenshots

Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 0Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 1Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 2Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 3Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 4Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 5Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 6Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 7Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 8Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 9Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 10Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 11Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 12Traveler Inn Tales [v0.8c] [Star Tree Games] screenshot 13

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