Throne of Ashes

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: 13Leagues
Last update: 2022-09-15

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You are a child of the illustrious House Phoenix.
A beacon and a reminder of all the strength and pride that your house possesses.
But running through your blood is a vile curse, one that will not only see,
the end of you but spell the end of your family and line.
Ripped from the life you knew and with an uncertain future looming ahead,
you must decide for yourself how strong you are and who truly steers your destiny.
Save yourself and help change the fates of those you find yourself holding close to,
your heart as you fight to break a curse and uncover your fire.​

Last update: 2022-09-15
Released: 2022-08-15
Creator (developer): 13Leagues – – – –
Censored: No
Version: Demo – Ruben
OS: Windows
Language: English

adventure, big ass, big tits, fantasy, female protagonist, futa/trans protagonist, male protagonist, multiple protagonist, romance, text based,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Ruben Route

Developer Notes:

Customize Phoenix your way, including their name, gender, appearance, and personality.Five different love interests and five different stories to tell. Each with their own theme, personality, group, and journey.Define your personality with different skill sets and traits that shift depending on the route.A story where your route traits shift your love interest’s personality. As well as choices that will open up an assortment of different paths.

Five routes that takes the reader through not only a different character but different antagonists, locations, themes, and stories. You learn different things about not only your companions but also yourself in each one with changing personality traits that have a direct effect on how the LI behaves towards you. There is no punishment! You can behave as you wish and do not have to worry about the LI wishing to break up with you, the only thing that changes is their disposition.
Choose 1 of 5 romances …

This story contains a great deal of dark themes and content that may be triggering to certain individuals. Areas will be flagged appropriately but there are times where routes will still lead to such content due to being an integral part of the game. I.e. On one interest’s route you are presented with two choices but both hold physical abuse content. The list below details what content can be seen in each route.
Universal Themes: Sensitive topics such as depression and suicide. In each route, an abuser is present.
Ruben’s Route: Detailed physical abuse.Nour’s Route: Physical abuse and experimentation.Ozara’s Route: Emotional and mental abuse as well as gaslighting techniques.Zarik’s Route: Grooming, physical abuse, and possession.Makaio’s Route: Heavy focus on anxiety and emotional abuse.In addition, the main character can be a victim of sexual abuse. In the story, it is possible for the reader to opt out of this theme and will be given a choice whether or not they wish to at the beginning of the story. Otherwise, this theme and conversations surrounding it will be featured in the story.
This story DOES NOT contain rape scenes and always stops at physical and verbal sexual harassment.
Again, this story is for mature audiences only. Please exercise caution and know your limits.
:: Schedule for Release ::
Ruben Route Available: July 21, 2022
There are three different versions of this game to better fit an individual’s playing style and what they may want.
Full Version
If you are planning to play the entire game and all the routes then this version will probably be best. This version will be $10 in total ($2 for each route. Each route is over 200k words and 2 CG’s come with it.
Route Specific Version
If you only want certain characters (i.e. Ozara and Makaio) this is probably the better version as then you will not have to pay for routes you never wish to play. This version will be $2 for each route (totaling $10 for all routes. Each route is over 200k words and 2 CG’s come with it.
Patreon Version
This version is of course exclusive and can be had by visiting my patreon. You need to be AT LEAST Tier $3/Deckhand to access the game. It comes with 2 CG’s + 1 NSFW CG. 3 Additional Chapters. And ToA POV Collection.

Throne of Ashes

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 7

Throne of Ashes: screenshots

Throne of Ashes screenshot 0Throne of Ashes screenshot 1Throne of Ashes screenshot 2Throne of Ashes screenshot 3Throne of Ashes screenshot 4Throne of Ashes screenshot 5Throne of Ashes screenshot 6Throne of Ashes screenshot 7

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