The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] v2023-09-25

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: coelendatagames
Last update: 2023-10-15

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Welcome to the Naked Pines, the friendliest nudist camp on the internet.
It’s normally a stress-free place, but one of the guests is being blackmailed.
Can you find out who’s behind it?
Everyone here has something to hide, so you’ll have to explore, investigate,
and maybe even probe some of the other guests.
(Ahem! Only with consent.)
Just don’t break the camp rules! Don’t worry, though.
There aren’t many, and you’ll learn them pretty quickly.
After that, the only thing you have to worry about are the beautiful, naked women.
Did we mention them? You’re surrounded by them!
Can you solve the mystery and save the camp before it’s too late?

Last update: 2023-10-15
Released: 2023-09-25
Creator (developer): Coelendata Games
Censored: No
Version: 2023-09-25
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2dcg, animated, male protagonist, voyuerism, big ass, big tits, point and click, teasing, milf, sandbox, masturbation, interracial, vaginal sex,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

—Added one new location: Path to the beach
—Added a new character: Linc. He’s not exactly new, but now you can talk to him.
—Added a new hot scene: peek through Winnie’s window in the late morning
—Added a new hot scene: Eve thanks you for the margarita
—Added a new hot scene: Marcie helps you after she’s got a margarita
—Marcie now sleeps in the cabin at night
August Update:
—Added one new area: Outside of Winnie’s Cabin
—Added new character: Winnie. Hint: get her to like you a little and she’ll help you.
—Added new items: blender, lime juice, margaritas
—Modified dialogue with Eve and Marcie
—Cleaned up some of the Susan dialogue
July Update:
—Added two new areas: The Lake, The Raft
—Added new item: Photograph of Katherine
—Modified dialogue with Katherine
—Eve’s now moving around! Once you’ve talked to her in her cabin, you may be able to find her in one of the new areas in the afternoon. She has some new dialogue there
June Update:
—Added new area: Clubhouse Lounge
—Added new items: Triple Sec, two books
—The passage of time now has meaning! Susan moves around.
—Modified dialogue with Marcie and Katherine
—Added abilities! You now have an ability that you can improve. As you do so, it’ll unlock new options in some scenes.
May Updates:
—Added new area: Eve’s Cabin
—Added new character: Eve
—Added new item: Tequila
–Added some new quests
—Modified dialogue with Marcie
—Fixed time passage and started having some things be different at different times of day.
—Added the ability, in the options menu, to change the speed the character walks. This does not yet affect the passage of time.
—Gave the PC a bag at the start of the game.
—Fixed a minor bug
April Updates:
—Added new area: Clubhouse Kitchen
—Added new items: Iced Tea
—Modified dialogue for several characters
—Fixed Windows Zip including Mac code
—Fixed several small bugs in background, saving, and one typo.

Developer Notes:

September 2023
We’ve made a significant change for this update. We’ve begun the switch to a first person point of view, which means you no longer have a character walking around. All of the controls for moving from location to locations are the same, but you won’t have “you” standing there.
We did this for one major reason—it’s going to give the artist much more flexibility to create rich scenes using some new tools. You can see what this means if you head down the path toward the beach. There’s a new location between the clubhouse and the beach with the greater depth.
We also believe this will make the game a little easier to imagine that “you” are the character having the fun adventures.

The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 27

The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games]: screenshots

The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 0The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 1The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 2The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 3The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 4The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 5The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 6The Naked Pines [v2023-09-25] [Coelendata Games] screenshot 7

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