The Ghost House [COMPLETED]

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A girl breaks into a house where a dark ghost is haunting. Is the ghost just a myth or will she get punished? This point n click adventure is in Japanese and English.

Developer / Publisher: NearFatal
Version: 1.60
Censorship: No​

Language: English / Japanese
Platform: Windows
Release Date: April 11, 2013
Genre: Horror, Milking, Childbirth, Coercion / Compulsion
Install instructions
1- Extract to desired location
2- TheGhostHouse.exe
Walkthrough by

Password: yaranaika
Hi here a hopefully much clearer walkthrough than earlier one. Hope this help.
First part. If Stuck press Tab on this portion. It reveal place to click.
Skip to when you can start attacking the girl. Tap behind her head when she pauses. Take away her flashlight by clicking on the flashlight when her hand in the dow nposition. Put her hands above her head. Rip off her shirt. Click on the breast if you are into milking (only for the original girl). Then click her hands for some fun time…. and click herhands again to go back into original milking position. Pull her legs back. Use the wall staples to keep her feet on the ground. If you want you can pierce her nipple. Press tab after before you pull her pants. Pull down her pants. Grab the broken piece of wood to the right. (dont touch the flashlight anymore or you loose the wood plank) Click her pussy. Click beneath her to leave.
Second part
Go to the stand with the vase. Hit the drawer Go to the mirror. Hit the mirror Take mirror shard and piece of paper. go upstairs Use piece of paper on bottom of door. Use key on keyhole Grab piece of paper Use new key to open door Go into attic Use blue key on chest Use glass shard on sac Grab Jack (card) from box next to clock. Hit the chest on the right side to move it over. Go down through hole into the hallway with stairs GRab handle of door to open way back to main room. Go into bathroom Take plunger Go to bedroom hit the yellow dress then take seed from yellow dress. Take Queen (card) from drawer DO NOT Touch the amulet. (Bad ending)
Go back to the hall with stairs and click travel or the boot on the lower right side. The Go downstairs to main entrance. Go left to kitchen, take big pot. Go back to main entrance, leave through doors. Take black leaves from near the steps. turn around and grab pink berries and earth. Combine earth + pot + seed Grab another earth Go back inside to the hallway with the stairs and entrance to the bathroom and click the boot or travel on the lower left corner to go into the basement in the basement go into the tunnel. Use Black Leaves + pInk berries (in that order) to summon a bucket. Grab bucket Grab rope from where bucket came from. Go to kitchen and use wood plank on cupbaord. Use rope on lights. Get black pearls. Exit back out into basement, look under steps for two seeds. Go upstairs. Go to main room Open window with plunger Take seed from potted plant
combine all seeds with pot Use pot on woman use bucket on woman’s tits Get 2 gallons of milk inside of bucket (hit the bucket to empty while it’s out) Place bucket on hooks in living room. Take fishing rod Take King(card) from right chair on floor. Go upstairs to attic, use fishing rod on cloth with pipe on it. Go back to basement, use the float spell again (black leaves + pink berries) Go back up to attic. Grab back fishing rod. Open theater Put all three cards inside. Grab the fisherman (pier, distance) to fish up a conch, take and give to soldier on parapet. Grab the fisherman to fish up sponge, give to soldier. Pick up soldier, place in tower (right side). Go inside castle
When you have the choice to pick between places, you can go to the swamp to see a rape scene of her, or go to the shelter to see her wtf pwn the guy following her. Regardless, you get swamp moss and a tentacle. Go back to cauldron in basement Use black leaves + tentacle to grow tentacles Use swamp moss + black pearls + paper to get a demonic spell. Once you’ve got the tentacles, use them to suspend the girl in mid air. Then use your penis on her mouth, ass, and pussy. Once you’ve gotten her and yourself to cum enough times, the edges of the screen (left, bottom and right) will be glowing blue. ‘take’ the glowing blue right edge, to see another scene and the girl will run away or you can use the spell on the scarecrow for last ending (3 in total)
Ending 1 The Good Ending: (Letting the girl escape by not doing a thing)
– To save game progress copy the code on the title screen and paste it into the saves.txt, make sure to overwrite all existing code in the text file
– TGH part 2 reacts to your choice when you enter it
Ending 2 The Ghost: (Use blue tentacles on the girl)
– To find the other endings you need a rare item
– You can find the item in TGHp1 (plank), don’t put it away
Ending 4 Secret Corn Man: (Use the demonic spell on the scarecrow)
– Try to catch the red snake in the ghost scene
– Try to push the princesses filled belly in the swamp
Ending ? Bad Ending: (Touch the amulet)
– Don’t touch the dark crustal
– Put two matching ingredients in the right order into the cauldron to activate a spell
– Put earth into the cauldron to neutralize it

Walkthrough by

Here is the guide made by AGlassOfMilk (aka NearFatal) :
There are 4 endings in The Ghost House.
When you start, the girl Jasmin is walking on the wooden hall.
It is called part 1.
There is here is the first ending route.
Do nothing and let her walk ¨ Ending 1
¦ After watching ending 1, you can choose Alice.
Now this is how to move on.
¦ I recommand not to skip this part.
Click the right of her face ¨ Click the flashlight ¨ Click her both hands ¨ Click her top ( ¨ Click her breat for watching milking0 ) ¨ Click her right foot ¨ Click her ponytail ¨ Click big staple on the top of the screen ( ¨ Click the nails on the third wooden wall and you can choose 3 ways to pierce her nipple ) ¨ Click her pants
Now there are 3 ways to click
– Click the blue close her butt. This goes to the next animation
– Click the flash light, and there are also 3 ways : putting it her pussy, anal, or turning it to the big size part. And the blue part is for moving next animation.
– Click the wooden wall in the end of right side. So ghost will rip the wooden plank of the wall and spank her butt. I recommend this.
On the next animation zooming in her butt, you can enjoy more stuff or find the shoes sign at the bottom and move to the next animation.
End of part 1.
Now it starts the adventure part which is called part 2.
There are 4 commands: Pick & Use, Look, Walk, and Hit.
Walk to the drawer ¨ Hit the drawer(Small Key) ¨ Walk to the mirror ¨ Hit the mirror ¨ Pick the paper ¨ Pick the small piece of broken mirror at the right side ¨ Walk to the stairs ¨ Use the paper on the bottom of door ¨ Use the key on the door lock ¨ Pick the paper(Brown Key) ¨ Use the brown key to the door ¨ Walk inside
Use the small key on the chest ¨ Use the piece of mirror on the bag in the chest ¨ Pick the right side of chest(He pushes) ¨ Walk to the hole
Now you are free to move anywhere.
Here is the hall of the house.
Open the front left door which was your first room.
If you go left, you can see the girl Jasmin is still held.
If you go right, there is a dress room.
The room to the front right is bathroom.
The small hole in the ceiling is the attic which you came from.
Downwards under the stairs is the basement, and the stair lead down to the entrance hall.
Walk to the entrance hall ¨ Walk outside ¨ Pick the black leafs at the bottom right ¨ Walk to the bottom right on the screen ¨ Pick the pink berries ¨ Pick the mineral earth
Walk to the basement ¨ Walk inside the room ¨ Use the black leafs to the cauldron ¨ Use the pink berries to the cauldron ¨ Pick the bucket ¨ Pick the hole(Rope)
This is the magic cauldron.
You need to put some materials to use the magic spell.
Black Leafs + Pink Berries is the one of magic spells which lifts iron stuff.
If bubbles are coming out, it means the spell is working.
Put earth into the cauldron to remove messed up spells.
Walk to the bathroom ¨ Pick the plunger ¨ Walk to the first room ¨ Walk to the window ¨ Use the plunger to the window ¨ Walk to the plant ¨ Pick the seed behind the plant
Walk to the dress room ¨ Pick the yellow dress ¨ Pick the yellow dress pocket (Seed)
Walk to the basement ¨ Pick the seed under the stairs
Now you got all 3 seeds.
At the entrance hall, you can go the kitchen to the left and the living room to the right.
Walk to the kitchen ¨ Pick the big pot ¨ Use the earth on the big pot in the inventory ¨ Use all 3 seeds with the big pot ¨ Walk to the girl room ¨ Use the big pot on Jasmin ¨ Use the bucket on her breast(Alice is peeing)
Wait for the bucket filling up.
You need to gather the milk for 2 gallons. Not too less, not too much.
If the bucket is filled over 2 gallons, hit the bucket to decrease the milk.
If you go out of the room, you automatically take the bucket, and you can use look at the bucket to check how much the milk is in the bucket.
You don’t need to make exactly 2 gallons.
For just the sight, if the milk is filled nearly close her nipple. That’s fine.
Walk to the living room ¨ Use the bucket on the second hanger ¨ Pick the fishing rod
Walk to the attic ¨ Pick the card in the left cardboard box
Walk to the dress room ¨ Pick the card in the drawer
Walk to the living room ¨ Pick the card under the right armchair
Walk to the attic ¨ Use the fishing rod at the second stuff covered by white cloth ¨ Walk to the basement ¨ Walk to the cauldron room ¨ Use the black leafs & the pink berries(bubble) ¨ Go to the attic ¨ Pick the fishing rod ¨ Pick the small curtain ¨ Use all 3 cards in the small theater
Now finally it is the puppet theather world.
It is called the princess part.
Click the fisher ¨ Pick the shell ¨ Click the fisher ¨ Pick the sponge ¨ Use the shell and the sponge to the guard in the top of the castle ¨ Pick the guard ¨ Use the guard at the top window of the castle ¨ Walk inside the castle gate
Now some dialogue is coming.
After the dialogue the princess is walking to the sign of direction.
The cave, the castle, and the forest is still on progress.
You can’t go now.
The shelter has no xxx scene but story.
You will see what happens between main character and the amulet.
The swamp has xxx scene.
Enjoy it.
Now there is another ending route.
After finished the princess part, you will automatically get a piece of tentacle and swamp moss.
Before you did this, you would rather find necromancer skulls.
There are some things in different places which you need to hit.
After you hit that stuff, ghost head appears and tries to attack you.
You need to defeat this head before it bites you. Otherwise the game ends.
There are 10 ghost parts to collect for the necromancer skulls. You only can use this if you are going for ending 2.
– Straw bag hanging on the top in the attic
– Light bulb in the hall ¦ You need to hit until it is broken by the ceiling ¦ hit it from the correct side so the swinging increases (left to push it to the right, or right to push it to the left)
– Dirty towel in the bathroom
– Wall clock in the dress room
– Spider in corner of the entrance hall
– Cooking turner in the kitchen
– Chandelier in the living room
– Left mushrooms in the basement
– Small rock on the left side in the cauldron room
– Bat in the outside of house
If you defeat all 10 skulls, there is an skull head in the inventory.
It can be used at the ending 2 route.
Walk to the caldron room ¨ Use the black leafs & the tentacle piece(Ghost Tentacle) ¨ Walk to the girl ¨ Use multiple tentacle at her feet
Then there is a xxx animation with ghost tentacle.
You should cum her mouth, vaginal, and ass to move to the next step.
You can use these items also.
The plunger, the fishing rod, the wooden plank, multiple tentacles, one tentacle, your hands and the necromancer skull (most of them work only on certain body parts: head, breasts or pussy)
¦ Red snake means her tongue. When her head is hold be a tentacle, first tease her, by hitting her breasts or playing with her pussy. When she opens her mouth, grab her tongue with the many tentacles. And you will see another great animation.
If you cum all of her holes, the screen would become blue around.
Then walk to the next step.
There is an ending 2.
Now the next ending is another route after princess part.
Walk to the kitchen ¨ Use the wooden plank on the cupboard ¨ Walk inside
Use the rope at the candle ¨ Pick the black pearl
Walk to the cauldron room ¨ Use the swamp moss & the black pearl ¨ Use a piece of paper
Now you get the evil magic spell paper.
Now there are two ways to see 2 endings with this spell.
Walk to the girl’s room ¨ Use the tentacle pot to her again ¨ Use the dark spell to tentacle pot.
Then there is a xxx animation with plant tentacle.
You should make her give birth to the plant monster three times.
First, you need to use first sling tentacle to make her pussy a little bit open.
¦ There are 2 ways to spread her pussy. One way is spreading it you can rub her pussy, sex anal, or squeeze her boobs.
¦ Another way is spreading her pussy a little bit. That’s what it needs to move next step.
You click with the touch tentacle more the center of her pussy you spread her full pussy. If you click more to the out side of her pussy you only spread her outer pussy lips.
Second, use third egg tentacle and click again to put the eggs in her pussy.
Third, use second sperm tentacle and put the sperm in.
Now after a short time she will give birth to some one eyed tentacle monsters.
She should born 3 monsters. And these monsters combine and become one big plant monster.
The monster move to outside of house and break the magic barrier.
There is an ending 3.
Now this is the last ending.
After you get the magic spell paper,
Walk outside of the road ¨ Use the dark spell to the scarecrow ¨ Walk to the girl’s room
And just wait.
Dark scarecrow will come with the shadow.
And enjoy the animation.
There is an ending 4.
Theater Mode compelete
Hand / Flashlight vaginal / Flashlight anal / Flashlight backward / Wooden plank
Plant tentacle / Ghost tentacle / 2 monsters / Scarecrow
Swamp tentacle
1st row is for part 1 backviews. You have to choose these 5 before part 2.
2nd row is for endings. Plant for ending 3 and two scenes for ending 2 and last for ending 4.
3rd row is for princess part. There is only one.
The Ghost House

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 44

The Ghost House: screenshots

The Ghost House screenshot 0The Ghost House screenshot 1The Ghost House screenshot 2The Ghost House screenshot 3The Ghost House screenshot 4The Ghost House screenshot 5

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  1. someone could tell me where the game memory files are. I have a bug where I get stuck in the scene where I should unlock the theater the fishing rod does its animation normally but I stay in a loop where even removing that white cover the scene does not progress.


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