Survival game [DEMO]

Demo version:Yes
Last update: 2022-09-21

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A new beginning, starting rKnight’s
Survival on the island.

Last update: 2022-09-21
Released: 2022-09-21
Creator (developer): E-made+ – – – – –
Censored: No(Patch)
Version: Demo
OS: Windows
Language: English(MTL)
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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

■About save data.
It may not be possible to transfer to future versions.
Fishing bait, arrows and other consumables
Priority is given to the items on the left of your inventory.
With the fishing rod equipped, right-click to start fishing.
Hold down the left mouse button to adjust the force of the fishing rod and release it to send a float in the direction of the mouse cursor.
If the float is in a place where fishing is possible, a fish will be caught in a certain amount of time.
After a fish has been caught, keep the red line within the gauge’s light blue range to catch it.
Catching natives
Natives can be stunned by striking them with a club or other stun weapon and reducing their stun gauge (white gauge) to zero.
Faint natives can be fed by collecting them and placing them and their food in a cage such as a ‘wooden cage’.
■ Capturing animals
In addition to stunning with a stunned weapon, animals can be captured in a certain amount of time by placing animal traps in the area. (The distance between the trap and the main character must be kept.)
You can bait animals by placing them and food in fences such as “wooden fences”.
NPCs in your inventory will display a pink number (liking level).
NPCs that have reached the maximum liking level (100) can be placed as companions by right-clicking on them.
Some NPCs cannot be captured.

(Packed 900mb – Unpacked 5gb)

Win(BepInEx – Uncensored): – – – –
Win(ReiPatcher – Censored): – – – –

Survival game

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 15

Survival game: screenshots

Survival game screenshot 1Survival game screenshot 2Survival game screenshot 3Survival game screenshot 4

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