SlaveGirls Rising v1.1.1

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Last update: 2019-01-19

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Features hard vore by large rats, soft vore by giant rats and plants, rape and hard vore by Ratites (male humanoid rats), spider webbing, and on hinted statue transformation.
This game features a variety of kinks, most if not all angled toward women in peril, and the vore will be of women by various monsters and plants.

Updated: 3-5-2018
Developer/Publisher: /
Censorship: No
Version: v1.1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, adventure, animated, combat, corruption, cosplay, fantasy, female protagonist, humiliation, monster, monster girl, puzzle, rape, rpg, vaginal sex, vore

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.


After release 1.0.6:
-Changed things so that most enemy groups freeze after you run away from one, at least in areas where there is the potential for large numbers of monster groups swarming you.
-Changed Alanna so that she gains much better escape skills much sooner in the Gauntlet. She will be able to escape being swallowed or penetrated more easily than the other girls, which was supposed to be the idea: she’s several cuts above them, so to speak.
-Weakened the damage effects of the spiders’ poison. Instead of 10% of total HP lost every turn, it’s now 4%.
-In theory, fixed the error which slowed messed up the Running/Walking dynamic whenever the girls got pulled into a cave in the Gauntlet.
-Added Tutteerielle (Tuttee) to the end of the second Well Passage, where she drops the usual cryptic warnings, in this case about whether or not you picked up an item that can save you against the boss.
-Added the scene in the Slave Cart.
After Release 1.0.9:
-Corrected bugs with Running/Walking in the Gauntlet making the caves give extra keys or not give them when they should.
-Added several scenes in the Sudvess Arena, including several character sprites and battler sprites, and progressed the story.
-Added an image on the opening page, graciously offered by MadBirdCZ.
After Release 1.1.0:
-Modified the training fights in the Gladiatrix training section of Sudvess Arena so that they don’t mess with the walk/run dynamic, and so that the player can no longer bug up the game by switching between walk and run during the discussions.
-Changed the scene with the Minotaur just a smidge, just so that Alanna can be SEEN holding the sword when she back-stabs him.
After Release 1.1.1
-Added the first event in the Arena.
-Corrected an issue with leg gear having been set as an “accessory” and vice-versa.
Release 1.1.2
-Modified the Arena so CombatSlaves randomly help you in battle for the first half of the first arena event; also changed the first time delay from 5 to 6 minutes, and the last section’s time delay from 5 to 6.5 minutes.
-Added the second event in the Arena.
-Added a feature so that in boss fights, at least, LoreCheck allows you to see how much HP the enemy has left.
Release 1.1.3
-Reduced the MP cost of the ” Purify” spell from 10 to 5.
-Corrected the fact that Alanna already has “MiniHeal” against Camdon when she fights him at the unloading dock. Using it would make the unwinnable fight unnecessarily long.
-Corrected the Guillotine challenge at the start of the second Sudvess Arena match so that you can still win it even if you never beat Beatrice or got the weapons from the last room of the first arena match. Or got a random Small Hand Axe drop… :/

SlaveGirls Rising

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 27

SlaveGirls Rising: screenshots

SlaveGirls Rising screenshot 0SlaveGirls Rising screenshot 1SlaveGirls Rising screenshot 2SlaveGirls Rising screenshot 3

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