Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] v0.1.8b

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: droidproductions
Last update: 2024-01-31

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A Raunchy Rogue on the Run, a furious Archmage, and his deflowered daughter; step into a love letter to classic D&D, just with more sex, fun and lovingly hand-drawn and animated 2D Art from the devs behind Paradise Lust.
When a magical accident teleports you to the ass-end of nowhere, the small outpost of Sinners Landing, you discover a deep fantasy world filled with haughty dark-elf priestess, shy temple virgins, ex-courtesans with a heart of gold, and an orcish muscle-mummy.

Last update: 2024-01-31
Released: 2024-01-26
Creator (developer): Flexible Media – – – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.1.8b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English
Other Games: – – –

2DCG, Adventure, Animated, BDSM, Creampie, Dating sim, Group sex, Harem, Humor, Interracial, Lesbian, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Oral sex, Point & Click, Puzzle, Romance, Rpg, Sandbox, Titfuck, Vaginal sex, Mobile game,

Install instructions

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

: Release 1 (0.1.8b)

– Updated the Quest UI
– Fixed bug on picking up glasses
– Fixed a bug where Tyra’s getting a weapon conversation ends prematurely
– Fixed bug on Pog’s quest triggering
– Fixed a bug when reloading/re-doing Pog’s conversation
– Adjusted the scaling of stats for the cards
– Fixed bug on llama book sort minigame
– Prevent future dialogue popping up in the hot spring
– Fixed llama conversation when you have all the quest items
– Fixed mural painting missing sprite
– Fixed painting minigame skip
– New Pog quests and story
– New sex scene
– Dungeon unlocked
– Updated credits list
– Story blocks for the dungeon
– Merged the shell pieces in the Mural painting minigame
– Tristan now plays a block animation when blocking damage in combat
– Glass conveyor minigame now properly fades the fulld image
– Glass conveyor minigame conveyor UI now also fades when it’s finished
– Fixed duplicate conversation line in Tyra hotspring scene
– Adjusted visibility of the glass shard on the bed
– Adjusted enemy’s next action text to be more readable
– Fixed overlapping UI for highlighting targets in combat
– Fixed getting hit vfx for enemies being behind their models
– Fixed enemies playing wrong animations
– Added icons for different combat effects (buffs and debuffs)
– Reduced the Jab card’s base damage from 5 to 3
– Reduced the Reckless Attack card’s base damage from 25 to 20
– Reduced the Cleave card’s base damage from 18 to 15
– Conversations from the fix bed storyline now adds cards to the deck. (If the quest is already finished then the card is added automatically)
– Fixed dialog panel bumpy animation
– Added on full/finish animations for book sorting, and llama feed minigame
– Fixed Save Load UI anchoring positions
– Glass conveyor minigame hint can now solve merged/grouped pieces
– Fixed Glass conveyor minigame progress bar not updating
– Fixed Annya’s conversation where it shows Roselynn’s dialogue
– Fixed quest completions where it fulls the wrong quests
– Fixed Dawn, and Annya’s pose when there are multiple conversation options
– Improved the mural painting minigame
– Fixed the repair bed minigame clicking issue
– Removed conversations for repair bed minigame
– Added quest titles to the fixing the inn room storyline
– Glass conveyor pieces can now be dragged from the scroll
– Glass conveyor scroll now scrolls correctly
– Glass conveyor pieces can now be put back in the scroll
– Glass conveyor pieces are now on top of the minigame UI
– Glass conveyor pieces can now be merged while unsolved
– Increased the brush size for cleaning minigame
– Added names to conversation options for Dawn
– Mural now shows properly in the room
– Mural now shows in conversation
– Updated quest descriptions
– Fixed Roselynn looking at wrong direction when in conversation
– Fixed flowers regrowing
– Fixed repair minigame bugs
– Added new Roselynn storyline
– New repair minigame
– New jigsaw conveyor minigame
– New flower minigame
– New scratch minigame
– Added names to multiple conversation options
– Basic inventory functionality added
– Fixed dialogue spellings
– Fixed duplicate lines in conversations
– Fixed date/time formatting
– Fixed quest spellings
– Gain gold for debatting Roselynn’s room
– Fixed a bug where ignoring Dawn’s Llama explanation would cut the convo short
– Fixed spank bank UI background
– Adjusted Stinkfudge weakness values
– Fixed negative values in cards
– Fixed white flash when entering combat
– Fixed card selecting not responsive when clicking at the edge
– Replaced highlight/selector UI in combat
– Increased cost of some cards
– Fixed music sound banks not repeating in mid-convo
– Typo checking
– Fixed broken cross-fading for Tristan’s smoking
– Added sub-game music
– Updated sound effects
– Disabled rollback into minigames that have been destroyed
– Disabled saving in minigames & while editing the deck
– Updated puppeteering for Roselyn and Morwena
– Fixed in-scene dialog items no updating immediately
– Fixed transitions that are closed allowing an optional “no need to go there yet” convo
– Fixed rollback restoring character positions when moving across rooms
– Fixed resolution inconsistencies in Combat UI
– Adjusted fading and position of combat info popups
– Fixed VFX animations not playing properly
– Fixed impotent effect logic in Combat
– Balanced the bat’s life steal, Giant Cock health, Parry cost, and other negative cards
– Fixed Rage effects in combat
– Fixed characters disappearing from the scene in certain dialogs
– Fixed cards not updating the sprites in deck-builder mode
– Enemies shown in-world before scripted fight
– Cleaned up a missing character that broke Ros’s intro quest
– Various improvements to the quick-nav map
– Removed Ros’ painting until it’s fulld
– VFX for combat effects now apply properly
– Cards in the Deck UI now doesn’t have red text
– Combat balancing on the Stinkfudge
– Updated Deck UI Dropdown Size and Spacing
– Combat Effects for Life Steal, Regenerate, Armor, Block
– Shield Text output updated with animations
– SFX for getting hit
– Added Llama SFX
– Added Card Strikes SFX
– Added Buffs and Blocks SFX
– Added Gameplay and World related SFX
– Added UI SFX
– Hide Scrollbar in conversation
– Block animations for Tristan, and some monsters
– SFX for dungeon map, enter combat, and combat
– Added text for block gain
– Added UI Animations for Enter Combat UI
– Card draw and discard animations
– Combat UI text animations
– Fixed truncated HP bar
– Added Button SFX to other Popups
– Yes/No Popups’ backgrounds now blocks clicks
– Add back Exit Button with functionality
– Fixed Combat errors
– Spank Bank Implementated
– Fixed big text options
– Fixed incorrect mouse-over color
– No pause UI in main menu and spank bank
– Fixed quick loading popup text
– Removed Quit button from Pause UI
– Adjustments for Combat UI Layout
– Card animations for select and deselect, and card keywords
– Llama now hidden in conversations
– Settings/Whats new (last changes) sorting fixed
– fixed large-text
– Combat Damage Repetitions, and Text Output Adjustments
– Fixed Dawn name
– Fixed Roselynn name
– Fixed the wrong quest triggering after feeding llama
– Fixed the color of the font on the loading screen
– Fixed a namespace collision in the combat background
– Added additional guards for character locations
– Quicknavigation added
– First closed alpha build
– Added end of content popup
– Closed rooms can now give hints that they’re eventually opening up
– Fixed a bug where one of the quests were missing
– Rewrote how dialog loading works
– Enemies target fix
– Update Quest data
– Fix off center painting minigame background
– Fix Annya’s name in conversation
– Fix Annya painting minigame
– Disable mines location
– Update steam particle effects
– Fixed broken sort minigame
– Fix belltower art
– Update quest data
– Update conversation typo
– Update llama stoned convo
– Add to be done UI on easel
– Fix duplicate Bumbles
– Fix Tristan and Roselynn holding the bucket at the same time
– Fix unclickable conversation choices
– Update cards data
– Fix card damage calculations
– Fix unskippable book sort minigame
– Rebalance Charge card
– Add visual feedbacks on book sort minigame
– Fix duplicate spines in enter combat UI
– Prevent saving in main menu
– Fixed DOTween warnings in map generation
– Fixed lengthy options in conversations
– Fixed intro blackout
– Fixed flash of black when character moving
– Added safe-guards for rollback
– Fixed a bug where hitting H while entering a name would hide the dialog
– Fixed hiding location for a popup permanently hiding time
– Removed all \n entries
– Fix Cellar beer bath
– Adjust Enter Combat UI
– Fixed quest progression day 1
– Quests that are still in progress tagged and sorted last in the quest UI
– BUM_llama_feed minigame fixes
– Stat increase animation tween warning fix
– Intro TRI facial expressions when getting dressed
– daw_gardening_1 convo DAW now has a holding item animation
– TRI is now flaccid after sex scene with TYR
– Added Silhouette fade in for minigames
– Game playable until end of TYR scene
– Fixed various UI bugs
– Fixed llama not triggering
– Fixed a bug in the card game that led to cards not being set up correct
– Now saves current music
– Fixed a bug where the conversation would remain open after fighting started
– Cleaned up how story fights were set up
– Cleaned up quests and quest logs
– Fixed a bug where
– Puppeteered up to TYR’s sex scene
– Cleaned up a bunch of room transitions for different time of day
– Added in llama travel
– Updated debug icon
– Map temporarily disabled
– Cleaned up the cardgame UI
– Updated enemy stats
– Increased default draw-size by 1
– Tweaked starter deck for swords
– Tweaked selection and card sorting
– Map integration in highcamp mine.
– Unlocking rooms after llama stoned quest to get to TYR.
– Added scale modifier to adjust Character sizes.
– Fixed various rooms with missing/wrong conversation, and missing assets.
– Fixed conversations with wrong text.
– Added feedback to playable cards
– Puppeteered up to Llama
– New Other games bar.
– Unlocking inventory by talking to DAW and receiving the amulet
– Unlocking deck by talking to TYR and picking a weapon
– Unlocking Map and Skip Time by progressing to day 2
– Fixed various aspects of the conversation dialog UI
– Fixed story being called “wreck”.
– Fixed incorrect offsets in the quest notification and generic prompt UIs
– Fixed frontend UI popping in and out every time there are options.
– Fixed starting the morwena convo removing tristan.
– UI overhaul
– Replaced the main menu
– Fixed rewind/autosave issues.
– Removed equipment from start combat screen, added in auto-combat placeholder and a deck btn.
– Fixed up the day/night cycle
– Set up character proxies
– Made hitbox more generous for enemies (similar to their highlights)
– Can now RMB to release a card (or drag it back down to the bar)
– Removed a bug where you could release a card and speed-click it to return it to the hand
– Fixed a bug where RMB would enable the save-load UI behind the
– Added support for conversation items that turn themselves off if there’s no more valid conversations
– Fixed a bug where you could re-enter Room 1 and restart the bat battle
– Fixed a bug where the starter decks were misnamed
– Fixed a bug where Charge was configured incorrectly
– Fixed a bug where transitions were jumping, not transitioning
– Dialog Content up to placing the easle
– Cleaned up combat systems, and forked the initial combat based on weapon choice
– Rewrote failsafes to be cleaner, and stripped out old data
– Fixed up combat / dying / victory system
– Cleaned up a number of smaller bugs related to UI and movement
– Game scripted until after meeting Pog
– Cleaned up legacy UI
– Fixed conversation textbox auto-scale
– Finished tweaking new quest system
– Storyblocks system added
– Tweaked the combat UI
– Fixed save/load system
– Fixed save/load alignment issues in ultrawide and 4:3 aspect ratios
– New animation system set up
– Fixed invalid spine issue
– Changed mouse-over to entire body for enemy name
– change attack sprite to attack text
– Refactored the UI to be more in-world
– Fixed the bug related to block not removing
– Fixed up a bunch of smaller QoL issues around combat
– Fixed up a bunch of smaller QoL issues around navigation
– Updated rooms
– New launch sequence
– UI rewrite + cleanup
– New Save/Load functionality added
– Cleaned up the combat UI
– Handle missing enemies / allies better
– Started Reskinning UI
– Clicking on item now gives information about what cards it’s contributing
– Keyword system now fully implemented for ingame cards
– New rooms updated.
– Added fixes to improve the card game on various resolutions
– Fixed cross-fading between rooms
– Fixed a bug where non-numerical values in AddCardToDiscard would give invalid results
– Updated data-sheet to correctly tag destroyed cards
– New rooms
– New battles
– Speeded up movement of cards
– Removed restiction on acting while cards are discarding or processing
– Added new dockside, passage, and stables art
– Adjusted temple art
– Rewrote the Quest logic
– Fixed being unable to trigger combat
– Additional rooms updated
– Fixed various room transitions not working correctly
– Set up day/night cycle for all rooms
– New backgrounds
– Reduced to 3 weapon slots
– Tweaked UI
– Added support for day/night cycle
– Combat is now replayable
– Simplified entry dialog
– Fixed up some transition / door directions
– Added in basic logic for all rooms currently done
– Cleaned up resolution/aspect ration issues for the cardgame mechanic
– Card viewer
– Fixed card drawing functionality
– Tweaked positioning and scaling systems
– Changed button layout
– Refactored out the old drinks minigame
– Rewrote the exporter to permit exporting just one sheet
– Fixed a glitch with card positioning
– Fixed a glitch where cards could get stuck in the center, freezing the game
– Added a settings menu (Escape)
– Fixed too many cards being spawned
– First build

Win64: – – – –
Win32: – – – –
OSX: – – – –
Linux: – – – –
Extras: –

Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 1

Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media]: screenshots

Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 0Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 1Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 2Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 3Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 4Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 5Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 6Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 7Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 8Sinners Landing [v0.1.8b] [Flexible Media] screenshot 9

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