Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~ [COMPLETED]

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Last update: 2021-05-30

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This game is an SLG developed by the Japanese independent game circle Flying Panjandrum (ふらいんぐパンジャンドラム), and published by OTAKU Plan.
To take over Shikoku, enjoy sightseeing with the beauties and the Shikoku gourmet! So, let’s become the champion of Shikoku and have a romantic trip! The stage of the story is Shikoku, where decentralized by the prefectures and each prefecture is an independent country, the leading roles are Jiro Urashima, the governor of Kagawa Prefecture, and Deputy Governor, Onohime Megi. In order to avoid the financial failure of Kagawa Prefecture, and aim for traveling around and all-you-can-eat-gourmet, the two will push forward to unify Shikoku!​

Last update: 2021-05-30
Released: 2020-07-22
Creator (developer): Flying Panjandrum –
Editor: OTAKU plan –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English

Strategy, Anime, Mature, Visual Novel, RPG

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:

GAME SYSTEM: This is a “Regional” control simulation game.
You fight with modern troops such as infantry and tanks, but here is Shikoku.
The economy is poor and the food self-sufficiency ratio is low. And also, important power plants are concentrated in specific areas.
Under such circumstances, when aiming for the unification of Shikoku, you have to conduct internal affairs and expand arms, but also consider the trends of your enemies.
BEAUTIES: Sightsee with the heroine and taste special products to deepen your friendship.
There are a lot of unique events of Shikoku such as indigo dyeing experience, skipjack fishing, eating citrus and comparing are super large!
GRAPHICS: The illustrations are drawn by Mr. Rento Amane.
In addition, nearly 300 Shikoku photos are added to the story.
GAME STYLE: This game has bright romantic comedy tone overall. And sightseeing and gourmet elements are unprecedented.
On the other hand, the SLG part is well balenced.

Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 15

Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~: screenshots

Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~ screenshot 0Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~ screenshot 1Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~ screenshot 2Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~ screenshot 3Shikokushi ~Food and Sightseeing and Beauties~ screenshot 4

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