Shadow over Meridia [0.41] [GratuitousLove]

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Dev patreon: GratuitousLove
Last update: 2023-07-31

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Shadow over Meridia is published on xGames as a part of our large adult games collection. Direct download of this porn game is served via few clicks. Games like Shadow over Meridia are delivered to you on xGames.

This is a strategy game inspired by Advance War/Wargroove with and maybe a bit of Fire Emblem vibe, the story revolves around Chloe who is trying to survive in a world where different factions are fighting mercilessly. Luckily, she receives a gift that will allow her to change her fate.
As the game progresses, the MC obtains powers which allow her to influence others both during the game phases and during events.​

Last update: 2023-07-31
Released: 2023-04-15
Creator (developer): –
Censored: No
Version: 0.41
OS: Windows
Language: English

2D Game 2DCG, AI CG, Female protagonist, Corruption, Female domination, Slave, Group sex, Teasing , Fantasy, Mind control, Strategy, Turn based combat, Oral sex, Lesbian

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

0.41 : latest public version
-Mission 7 full
-Changed Brigite’s illustration.
-A new scene with brigite, with a variation depending on how you fulld missiosn 6 and 7.
-New dialogue between Chloe and ‘? ? ?’ in missions 4 and 5.
-Mana system, some characters will now generate mana each turn to use their skills.
Balance, QoL and fixes:
-Changed punctuation and text speed and color on various scenes.
-Fionne’s stats have been increased
-The black bars around the map are gone! I can now display an image behind the map, the result isn’t as professional as I’d like, I’ve just put a placeholder image behind it for now, but it’s an important step.
-Added some UI to display gold/mana.
-Named a few nameless terrain
-Removed the display of the dodge bonus on tiles (which was always 0 anyway)
-Changed the order in which commands are displayed, attack will always be at the top when possible and ‘wait’ will always be at the bottom.
-Fixed the rounding of values for HP/dmg/param.
Savegames from version 0.40 may not be perfectly compatible (balancing changes are not taken into account). But I’ll do my best to ensure that versions after 0.41 can use the old saves.
0.40 :
-The 6th mission is out.
-A new character: Brigite
-Some new scenes.
-Introduction of the heroic power.
-My first animated scene! I’m pretty happy with it, it’s not as clean as I wanted, but I’m still happy with the result and I’ve learnt a lot so I should be able to produce better results in the future!
-Apart from that, some QoL changes, hiding the last digit for most stats, which should make UI a bit simpler, I still need to manage how it’s rounded, but that should be done in the next patch.
-Some balancing changes.
-Some minor dialogue changes.
-Some bugfixes.
previous updates :

0.32 :
Content :

-Mission 5 is now fulld
-1 new illustration for Fionne and 1 for a side character.
-New unit, the archer, can attack from a distance, inflicts high damage even on armoured targets, but cannot move and fire in the same turn.
Major changes :
-Redesign of the capture system, properties have 20HP, to capture them you have to use infantry units that can reduce the health of the target buildings each turn according to their own health.
-Some of the illustrations, especially the faces have been changed to better fit the interface, it’s not perfect yet but we are getting closer to a satisfactory result
other changes :
-Minor changes in the previous missions
0.31b :
Changed mapchip for barrack/houses and other properties to reflect the color of its owner.
Some illustrations have been corrected.
Added an illustration for “? ? ?”.
Some minor bugfixes and balancing changes.
Minor changes in some scenes.
V0.31 : Old save won’t work, I’ve filled the save folder with save if you want to skip first chapters
I have changed the way I increment the version number because otherwise I would not have enough updates until version 1.0.
Major changes :

the 4th mission has been added, it’s harder than the previous ones but it should still be accessible, later I plan to add an easy mode. In the meantime remember that you can save at the beginning of each turn.
New illustration for chloe during scenes.
The maps of the first 2 missions have been fullly remade
Gameplay update :
The way units inflict damage has been changed:
Damage inflicted now depends on the POW stats and is reduced by the target’s DEF and BLK (taking into account the fact that some terrain increases BLK)
PEN allows to ignore part of the target’s DEF but not BLK.
When a unit is wounded its damage will be reduced in proportion to its missing HP.
When Chloe converts a unit, it will not be able to act immediately.
minor changes
Added info panel in the first mission.
Fionne’s sprite hair colour has been changed.
Removed some useless menus.
Replaced more SRPG music by others. I still have to find music I like for the game phase, but we’re getting closer to a satisfying result.
I’m working on a credit page, meanwhile there is a credit.txt file in the game if you want to find where I found most the resources I used.
Fixed some grammar issues
changed the speed of unit when crossing mountains
Added a new unit
Added new chapter
Chloe has now use for her newfound power in battle
A new illustrated sex scene
Illustration for Fionne during events
Some rebalancing and grammar error fixed
Changed a few music
v0.2e : translated UI in english
v0.2d : REWORK
Remade the game on SRPG
Some scene have been rewritten
A couple assets have been changed
No new mission in this update
Fixed a bug which prevented you to click on button to make unit
Changed shortcut to restart room from R to Alt+R
Completed missions 0 & 1
First mind control scene

Developer Notes:

I’d love to have feedback about my games so feel free tell me what you think.
You can support me on my patreon, any support is appreciated as I’d really like to make this my job.
Asides from that enjoy!

: – – – –

Shadow over Meridia [0.41] [GratuitousLove]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 36

Shadow over Meridia [0.41] [GratuitousLove]: screenshots

Shadow over Meridia [0.41] [GratuitousLove] screenshot 0Shadow over Meridia [0.41] [GratuitousLove] screenshot 1Shadow over Meridia [0.41] [GratuitousLove] screenshot 2

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