Rignetta’s Adventure v0.55

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-05-28

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Simple game to play. It’s a pixel animated with lots of H content already even though it’s in development. The gameplay is similar to ​

Last update: 2020-05-25
Released: 2020-05-03
Creator (developer): クラフトビール飲むところ – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.55
OS: Windows
Language: English (partialy translated, Player monologue are japanese)

2D game, 2DCG, Ahegao, Animated, Big ass, Big tits, Bukkake, Combat, Fantasy, Female domination, Female protagonist, Groping, Group sex, Humiliation, Japanese game, Lesbian, Monster, Monster girl, Multiple penetration, Oral sex, Rape, Tentacles
Defeat, Ear fuck, Energy drain, Female Perspective, Masturbation, Nipple torture, Pixel art, Rebellious climax, Sectional view, Slurp, Tickling

Install instructions:

* Japanese locale is required *
1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):


[Newly implemented]
Expanding Lamia’s erotic scene (not compatible with multiple captives)
I’ve added the rest to the Lamia cartoons that were previously looped with kisses.
I was going to use more than one of them, but I didn’t want to because I couldn’t help but lose Lamia.
Add multiple maps between interval areas 2-4 and 3-1.
Interval areas 2-5 were added along with this.
No new enemies have been added, but some of them have been changed in layout.
Added the function to shake the standing picture by damage.
[Specification change]
Add Lamia mimicking a statue
Some of the existing lamia has also been changed to mimic form
Changed to revive with a certain probability after defeating a very few mutants.
Lowered Lamia’s SP and Heart Gauge attack power, and increased her drain rate.
It was originally set high because the anime was fulld with only kissing, but it has been adjusted.
Also, the drainage rate has been increased to reinforce the drain-kiss-like image.
The growth rate of the mysterious Succubus’ henchmen has been revised upwards to increase the speed of growth.
Revised downward the amount of growth in leveling up many enemies.
Adjusted the amount of HP increase when leveling up Clione slightly upward.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed an issue where repeat on/off could not be toggled in Recollection mode even after the fix.
Fixed a bug where some mutants could not be defeated.
Fixed a bug where the tentacles on the right side of the Kraken were not reviving.
[Other changes and corrections]
Added new objects such as wall paintings to the ruins map chip.
Fixed some of the ruins map chips and structures, and changed the places where you can move to make it easier to understand.
The animation is added when Kraken’s tentacles pop.
The thing that was hard to see in the font of the item description text etc. was corrected.


[Newly implemented]
Mutants’ erotic scenes are implemented (up to 3 bodies captured).
Mutants have multiple appearances and behavior patterns, but the basic form of the etch anime is the same!
Extended from interval area 3-3 to 3 maps ahead
[Specification change]
The fallen stone attack processing of the Kraken was changed.
Attacks used to be stopped after a certain amount of time, but now they are stopped after a certain number of attacks.
Also, since the number of attacks now accumulates, the number of rocks falling has increased in many cases.
Modified to have hearts and steam scattered to some extent according to the width of the ecchi anime.
The position of the gas attack of the ivy of the gazer is adjusted, and the shooting range is reduced to match the appearance.
Adjusted the CT of some bits of Arlaune’s ejection.
The deflection range of long and short CT is modified to be smaller.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed the bug that repeat on/off may be changed by itself when falling with the D key.
This is a bug that allows you to turn on/off the repeating ecchi anime even when you fall down!
When the D key is put in while falling down, it occurred because the on/off switch keeps changing on the back side.
When playing a new game, the magnification of the animation is set to 300% in Config.
Fixed an issue where the actual animation display magnification is 200%.
We’ve changed it to 200% for the revision.
[Other changes and corrections]
Fixed the damage position slightly upward in the Gazer’s etch animation.


[Important] Input keys for some commands have been changed in ver0.53. For more information, please refer to [New Implementation].
[Newly implemented]
Geyser’s erotic scene is implemented (up to 3 multiple captured bodies)
Added a new state disorder “Confusion”.
Gazer is a conditional abnormality that takes damage to your SP every certain amount of time.
Disruption damage does not result in SP0 or less (game over).
Upgraded the standing image (nude).
Extend the map to interval area 3-3
Added a new weapon “Chainsaw”.
It is located in interval area 3-3.
The command display function that can be input now is added, and the input key of some commands is changed.
The changed key is described in [Specification Changes].
[Specification change]
Abolished the sewing set (large) of the drop item and adjusted the effect amount of the sewing set (small) upward.
The method of managing suicide bombing was changed because suicide bombing, which had been half of the back menu, was brought to the front side.
The number of remaining self-destructs is now managed as a bomb, which can be recovered by acquiring a new item “Bomb”.
Since the drop table of the sewing set (large) is converted, it
There are many enemies who don’t drop bombs, so the drop rate is rather low.
Well, you can recover one at a campfire, so I guess it’s okay.
The following input keys have been changed in consideration of the new implementation & controller
Falling of their own accord: D (H so far)
Self-destruct: C (A so far)
Add an enemy in recollection mode: A (P so far)
Repeating etch anime in recollection mode: D (L until now)
Retry: X (R so far)
P,L,R will be able to be used for the time being because the previous key is not duplicated with the other.
It is only a self-destruct that it changes fullly from ver0.53.
It is a specification that the Z key is set to TALK in non-combat areas in some maps.
The initial weapons are changed to knives and handguns only.
Weapons from the rifle onwards can be placed in the roadside interval area and
Beam saber location changed to Interval Areas 2-3
Adjusted HP of miscellaneous fish in the early stages downward.
Except in the early stages, it’s adjusted by level.


[Newly implemented]
Add the abyss area.
This is a special area that only exists to lose, and there are no power-up items.
You can escape from the ladder to the ground.
Added an object for obstructing movement, Arlaune who jumps out.
There are no erotic scenes in these.
Added a side road map to the slime girl village between the coast 1-2 and 1-3.
[Specification change]
When Mermaid, Lamia, and Mammy pop in recall mode, it is changed to be drawn from two patterns.
Change so that the heart gauge is not broken at the time of normal.
So far, I’ve been broken by super-sensitivity and aphrodisiac gas even under normal conditions, but I’ve learned to put up with it.
I still think it’s more fun to be destroyed by an enemy, isn’t it?
The bullet and the drop item are changed so that it does not stand out when capturing it.
With this fix, the damage may remain temporarily displayed.
We’ll fix it when we switch maps.
Change the behavior of the enemy that is waiting until it enters a certain distance.
When I fell, I made sure to switch to the same state that I was within a certain distance of.
Adjusted the volume of Demon World Slime and Arlaune’s cute anime.
The arrangement of interval area 1-2 was changed.
I set it up so that I can lead people who have never seen it before to the bonfire.
Changed to display the number of attack up item acquisition on the save screen.
The HP of Bit (Alraune) has been changed to grow at Lv.
At this point, I can only feel the difference in the Naku area.
Remove the super armor of the face hugger
I don’t know why I’m doing this…
The casting time of the shadow is extended by 10 frames.
Changed to lengthen the attack motion of the shadow and delay the occurrence of attack judgments by that amount.
The attack motion of the mimic has been lengthened and the attack judgment generation has been delayed.
Mummy’s bullet speed has been lowered to 75%.
Changed a part of the mummy to a proximity type
The proximity type has a slightly higher HP and a faster movement speed, and looks different at the particle level.
These are corrections due to the difficulty of the mummy area of the ruins.
I think the difficulty has gone down, but I’m sorry if it feels like it’s gotten harder.
The motion of Lamia’s tail attack was lengthened and the attack judgment was delayed.
Changed the attack motion of the ruins hermit crabs to lengthen and delay the occurrence of attack judgments.
Nudibranchs’ bullet speed was revised downward to 75%.
Reduced the number of enemies placed in the slime girl village between coasts 1-2 and 1-3.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed a bug that I became invisible when I blew myself up right after I started capturing Arlaune.
Fixed to display the cast bar of the ruins hermit crab again.
Fixed a bug in the AI that prevented it from being displayed.
Fixed a bug in which the hard time of Amboina was too long and did not pop out easily.
Fixed the sound when switching a part of the map of the sea floor.
The processing of Mermaid Pop has been fixed to occur only once in some maps of the sea floor.
[Other changes and corrections]
The background during the menu display is changed a little brightly.
The font of the save is changed neatly.


[Newly implemented]
The erotic scene of Arlaune is implemented (multiple capture is not supported).
Extend the map to Interval Area 3-2
Add objects and bits for obstruction of traffic.
There are no erotic scenes in these.
[Specification change]
The attack animation of the anemone was small and difficult to understand, so it was changed.
Weapon performance remains unchanged.
Fixed the hardness of some enemies in order to lighten the weight.
Added the function to increase the SP natural recovery speed when I am stopped.
Even if you attack while stopping, it will go up.
[Bug Fix]
Fixed the bug that the maximum value drained cannot be cured.
This was a very serious bug where the maximum drained value was never cured again
There were a few reports, but it was a full mystery, and I just happened to find out what caused it, so I fixed it.
This problem occurs when upgrading the main unit when the maximum value of the drain has been reduced.
This does not occur in this version due to the fix.
But it’s going to be hard to get back to the reduced maximum, so I’m sorry.
Fixed a bug that resistance animation is displayed even if it is not the first time in a specific condition.
[Other changes and corrections]
Update history ver. 0.50 wrote “3-2”, but it was correctly written “3-1”, so it has been corrected.

Win: – –
Thank you for sharing the game
Rignetta’s Adventure

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 4

Rignetta’s Adventure: screenshots

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