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Rainy Skies is an RPG set in a cyberpunk dystopian world. You start the game with very little to your name, and do whatever you can to make something of yourself. The main story follows a girl named Mable, and as you meet and gain allies, you’ll be able to branch off into other plotlines.
The game takes place primarily inside the vertical megastructure known as Pillar. It’s split into 3 stratums: Tropos, Stratos, and Mesos; with quality of life increasing drastically as you go up between them. Much of the game will be about figuring out how to move up between stratums. There’ll be more than one way to do so, but none of them will be straightforward.
You start the game on foot, but will eventually pick up your own spaceship, which will become your primary means of navigating to different locations around Pillar. It’ll be an open world game, with much of the gameplay revolving around taking odd jobs and finding ways to make money.

Updated: 12/Oct/2018
Developer/Publisher: – –
Censorship: None
Version: r1.2b
OS: Windows
Language: English

Female Protagonist, Sci Fy, Combat sex, BDSM, Monsters, Brothel, Corruption, Alien, Femdom.

Same developer of

Install instructions

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


-Fixed issue with lower part of spacer outfit clipping through upper part
-Fixed bugs related to displayed chara
-Fixed bug where the same gather point can be collected twice.
-Fixed bugs when asking for Mable at brothel
-When going into a shop, made the MC’s portrait take priority.
Game remade.
-Setup notches in health bar to show percentiles
-Starting new game+ resets Mable’s sexual skills/experiences
-If cancel Arfur’s 2nd job, shows prompt that S1M1 Module was removed
-Fixed random shop stock resetting if you leave and immediately go back in
-Fixed Cruss being named Catgirl
-Fixed bug where save remains disabled after leaving Eva’s Lab
-Fixed bug where Mable’s unable to move state persists after leaving Eva’s Lab
-Reworded bribe refusal option to be clearer
-Fixed bug where Slime’s target invitation state remains after battle
-Allow skipping of Mech Hands boss battle if option enabled
-Fixed bug where going to random event junkyards led to the wrong maps
-Fixed bug where triggering slime trap event at same time as a slime encounter caused both to happen simultaneously
-Fixed not being able to do New Game+ after Eva’s Lab
-Fixed bug where mech hands can keep groping Mable after she’s downed.
-Fixed options being labelled incorrectly during Eva restraint device scene
-Made Slimey’s name labelled properly on map and in choices list
-Fixed map data error with gang hideout map in junkyard.
-Fixed bug where talking to Nui on the ship always removes her from the party
-Reverted percentiles to HP values in enemy HP bars
-Fixed missing graphic file at end of Junkyard arc
-Fixed bug where Eva’s name stayed on the field after Slime Colony
-Removed Bad Time passive
-Removed defeated enemy messages
-Fixed instance of spawning on enemies in Colony B12 labyrinth
-Changed Wait command to Guard in battle
-Modified how walls and obstacles work for hidden maps
-Added once-per-battle HP% triggers for enemies
-Replaced enemy HP amounts with percentiles
-Implemented method for continuous message boxes during battles
-Implemented combat sex
-Finished Eva’s Lab area
-Fixed settings so that slime scene doesn’t trigger if non-humanoid lewds disabled
-Added element icon to action messages during battle
-Increased effectiveness of GRD Crush and Boost to 50%
-Fixed bug where after fighting a black enemy in labyrinth, border would stay red
-Added option to turn on boss battle skips
-Removed BGM option for now since no music yet
-NG+ now resets hidden maps
-You can now leave via your spaceship’s door to return to where you were previous
-Added Knowledge Traits
-Setup method for customized enemy layout
-Progressed Eva’s storyline
-Added random events when travelling
-Modified code to allow renaming characters
-Added method to clear individual hidden maps
-Added a system to allow selecting an item/equip on the map
-Can now remove/add Nui to your party in the spaceship
-Started Arfur’s second job
-Setup custom method for stocking shops
-Fixed bug where special monster encounter in Colony B12 labyrinth would crash game
-Fixed bug where Mable’s name doesn’t appear when changing clothes in spaceship.
-Fixed bug with NG+ not working if done event in Slime Colony
-Fixed bug where NG+ with an upgraded spaceship would initially place you on the starter one.
-Fixed Nui’s name not appearing during her sounds in intro
-Fixed bug where Colony B12 can be accessed without speaking to Arfur first


-Fixed bug where special monster encounter in Colony B12 labyrinth would crash game
-Fixed bug where Mable’s name doesn’t appear when changing clothes in spaceship.
-Fixed bug with NG+ not working if done event in Slime Colony
-Fixed bug where NG+ with an upgraded spaceship would initially place you on the starter one.
-Fixed Nui’s name not appearing during her sounds in intro
-Fixed bug where Colony B12 can be accessed without speaking to Arfur first


-Changed labyrinth exits to ask for confirmation when moving down
-Added ‘Wait’ function by pressing D on map
-Fixed bug where Mable becomes blindfolded again after gang hideout capture event
-Fixed bug where names wouldn’t be set properly in message history
-Added hints if re-captured during gang hideout capture event
-Added a Game Guide
-Fixed bug where working at brothel with sexual content disabled makes it so that you don’t get paid either.
-Fixed bug where disabling sexual content still allowed scenes to be viewed.
-Opened Gram City
-Implemented spaceship room mods/spaceship upgrades
-Fixed bug where visiting Junkyard spaceport would not change bg back to Junkyard
-Created a more efficient method of setting up labyrinths.
-Modified parameters for skills
-Added auto-healing when returning to spaceship
-Opened Colony B12
-Added slowing tiles
-Added New Game+ function
-Fixed bug related to blank entries being entered into message log


-Fixed hidden blocks appearing where they shouldn’t in Junkyard
-Fixed instances of chest and exit overlapping in Junkyard Labyrinth


-Fixed map staying on screen when fast-forwarding into a battle
-Fixed bug where Mable’s stasis CG would show on bottom floor of Junkyard Labyrinth
-Fixed bug that caused rare chests to become increasingly more common on repeat runs
-Tweaked Mable awakening CG
-Fixed a gang member fight not despawning during captured event
-Fixed Cruss’s equipment not being returned when he leaves your party
-Fixed story inconsistency when going back to stasis pod after triggering gang hideout event
-Edited Kitty’s dialogue when asking her about the viper gang
-Replaced Cruss’ skills
-Added story progression up to end of Junkyard


-Fixed Junkyard labyrinth boss not de-spawning when beaten
-Fixed not being able to save if defeated inside a labyrinth
-Added chance of special loot spawning in labyrinth
-Fixed bug where exit stairs wouldn’t spawn in labyrinth
-Prevent enemies walking through other events
-Party members revives at battle end if knocked out
-Modified battle command selection to not remember last command between actions
-Adjusted Junkyard background
-Made adjustments to each chara’s stats
-Changed game over mechanics
-Redrew Cruss’s portrait
-Added method to append text to choices
-Added method to check a chara’s sexual mindedness
-Fixed bug where money window shows when going into message history
-Fixed bug where status hud hides when going to message history from choices
-Fixed bug where cancelling out of working at the brothel would mess with clothing
-Edited brothel backroom BG
-Added limited vision mechanic
-Fixed being able to go back to pod after fighting punks for first time
-Changed first punks fight to automatically end after a few rounds
-Modified Mable’s expressions
-Fixed bug where sleeping in stasis pod caused status hud to not disappear during events
-Fixed inconsistencies in the story
-Coded a screen shaking function
-Expanded CG darkening method
-Added showing extra accessories in lower hud
-Changed working at brothel to be max 3 before needing rest
-Fixed bug related to new character info disappearing
-Opened gang hideout event


-Added diagonal movement
-Put XXX option under kinks menu
-Respawns properly at rest points now
-Made CG darkening adjustments
-Setup a method for remembering last worn clothes
-Setup a method for dynamic text before choices
-Extended text skip function to apply to pauses too
-Redrew Cruss’s portrait
-Can work at brothel
-Finished Options UI Graphics
-Added labyrinth mechanics
-Fixed bug where portrait extras don’t show in battle
-Fixed bug where hp crush state wasn’t showing


-Initial beta release

Rainy Skies

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 59

Rainy Skies: screenshots

Rainy Skies screenshot 0Rainy Skies screenshot 1Rainy Skies screenshot 2Rainy Skies screenshot 3Rainy Skies screenshot 4Rainy Skies screenshot 5Rainy Skies screenshot 6Rainy Skies screenshot 7Rainy Skies screenshot 8

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