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Main character is currently a female(or futa) human (still not quite sure about that. Maybe she will be a unique species that cannot be found anywhere else, making hybrids between her and anything else also unique). There will be a lot of base species (currently only 7 (Centaur, Harpy, Angel, Succubus, Mermaid, Plant, Lavagirl)) and all possible combinations as hybrids as your character pool to recruit from/ breed. NPCs will mostly be variants of those species or fullly unique ones.

: More

Go through randomly generated Portals, discovering/ recruiting new Species, finding interesting items/ events etc. and bring your rewards back home.
Some portals may need flying characters etc. to access.
The overworld map is also tile based.
Turn based on a tile map with permadeath. Characters have a lot of unique abilities, passives based on species.First all your characters act then all enemy characters. To make permadeath in this system not too frustrating, ranged abilities are very limited so enemies couldnt just focus all their attacks on one of your characters, instantly killing it. Instead characters are able to seduce others from far away, increasing their lust. While their lust is above 50% they get a lot worse (take double dmg, deal half etc.), so “ranged” characters still have a big influence on the game while not feeling too unfair. At 100% lust characters cant do anything except masturbate/fuck, effectively stunning them for a round.
mana and hp never regen naturally and the gametime passes during combat, making every single battle important, forcing you to think about how you want to prioritize your ressources (hp, mana, time, characters, etc.). (I always hate fullly meaningless filler battles in games).
Breed your characters’ traits/stats to create a team specially tailored to your playstyle and/or portal environments or to prepare for certain fights/fullfill requests etc.
fight in arenas
train your characters/your sexSkills and put them to use in the brothel
build upgrades etc.
do quests/ interact with npcs
They will mostly be Image slideshows with descriptions etc. (maybe sometimes animated)
There will be a lot of random events that occur based on your party/ biome/ rng etc.
Npcs will have more complex scenes where you have a lot of choices.
I try to have everything porn related to also have gameplay consequences, so seeing sexScenes etc. is not the reward in itself, otherwise it would feel weird to be punished for it gameplay-wise.

Updated: 2018-12-08
Censorship: No
OS: Windows/Linux
Language: English

Monster Girls, Futanari , Rape, BDSM, Text-based

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name# to start playing.



– Characters won’t be removed automatically, but work less efficiently with low morale. Overexertion reduces morale
– Possible to buy different rooms + upgrade their capacity
– Can select settings for those rooms and assign characters to them
– Characters have a base brothel value, consisting of all relevant stats (previously the income when working there) which only affects the rooms appeal now
– Things like average beauty, highest sexskills etc. affect the appeal based on settings
– There is a limited amount of customers in the brothel each day
– They are split into groups based on gender and richness, which will also affect the visitors in brothel-shows
– Customer count changes naturally based on satisfied percentage of customers
– Madam profession starts with 2 rooms + bonuses to brothel appeal/value
Character management:
– Characters have an assigned living place, which affects exhaustion removal etc.
– characters without, restore significantly less exhaustion. Discourages having too many characters and enables special focus on a few active characters
– You can change a characters salary, giving small daily morale boosts + a one time big boost/reduction when changed
– Exhaustion is reduced even when not resting. Resting doubles the amount instead
– Possible to assign other things than resting for idle characters (hunting for food, training etc.)
– Non humanoid characters only need food. (no money, housing capacity etc.)
– easier to use character-detail menu(D) menu: can quickly cycle through characters (based on location), assign equipment, livingplace, salary etc.+ hotkeys for most things
– Possible to arrange specific ranked battles for money
– removed some unnecessary stats for preferences (personality/Species/sizes)
– new unique character
– resource tab now shows actual changes from the last day rather than predicted changes for the current day, guaranteed changes still listed as tooltip
Balancing (bigger changes):
– many things are generally less extreme: easier to get to okay values, harder to get ridiculous values
– money is generally harder to get (brothel changes, items sell for less), but most daily things cost less
– levels for evolution special forms increase based on percentages instead of the base stats (hopefully prevents the ridiculous mid-lategame stats)
– bigger variance in portal hostility, average scales slower
– reduced overworld building costs (also possible to choose wood or stone for roads). roads reduce random encounters more
– high gene values don’t increase stats as much as slightly lower values (e.g. previously gene value of 10 would get almost double stats than 9)
– characters hired in brothel shows have better stats/genes (based on richness)
– resource buildings are cheaper/ weight of resources increased/ money weighs nothing
– only lose half your resources when fleeing
– can select more crystals for each egg
+ many bugfixes/smaller balance changes


– new Combat UI (full party visible, icons for effects etc…)
– basic Settings menu
– new Town character for portals location (relation increases by claiming portal rewards)
– different save types selectable (cheat “unlimited” to revert to the easiest option (counts as cheating though))
– brothel capacity limit (trying to make it less appealing to handle a boringly large amount of characters)
– shop prices decrease based on relation
– items are rarer and their value is increased
– master/god level sexSkills and prostitute profession reduce apCosts for fucking
– 2 new special hybrid
– some new skills
– possible to fuse (high morale) characters for 100% “breeding” chance and doubled rolls for stats (mostly testing how it plays like this, might restrict it to one mc or remove it).(Also a way to get rid of excess characters in a useful way)
– more things affect morale: combat wins, personalities, spending time with characters increases their morale based on your relation etc.
– forests decrease vision/ mountains increase it
– quicksaves/load hotkeys f5/f8
– Cycle through enemies with “ctrl” ,like allies with “tab” (now also centers camera)
– most unique characters have lower genes, because they start with maxlv 20
– some artChanges
– many other small changes/balancing/bugfixes etc.


Creation/Slime stuff:
– added 3 remaining summons for creation-mc
– added startingskill to creation-mc, switched always available “spawnSlime” skill with “SlimeTrail” for spawned characters
– slime is harder to move on /slime charaters walk slower on other tiles
– semi-slime movementtype (ambhibic for slimes)
– new slime related skills/passives
– each summon is unlocked by 2 core upgrades of base species (each basespecies used for one)
– slimegirls are unlocked by unlocking all other summons, they can copy allies now
– 2 new species
– new seedling evolution
– only 50% bonus dmg (instead of 100%) when lust is above 50%
– when breeding, rolling for maxlevel starts at 5, instead of 0
– genes cant get worse than half of the pairs max value
– some new small events
– some new potion items
– quick training for combat/sex exp with aila/flora
– free play mode
– small money/tavernpoint rewards for completing kingsquests
– art changes to a few species
– spiders have a net ability (same as the net item)
– balancing + bugfixes etc.


Only unlockables.sav is compatible
Mostly balancing etc.
– Prince can spawn seedlings which can be upgraded into different species
– Variable gamelength (final mission etc.), beating it = sandbox mode
– Kingsquests are always 7 days and you can fail an amount based on gamelength
– high reputation = free tavernpoints/day (50% buy bonus in tavern, if above 50)
– brothel gives exp in a random possible skill (also reveals preferences)
– you can send characters home if you stand on a portal, without needing to return
– Encounter info now also shows items if youre not a scout for neighbour tiles
– Sizes of characters are also shown
– Encounter generation changed (level and amount of characters doesnt increase at the same time or without limit)
– 3 types of basic encounters (normal,swarm and elite) with different level/amount ratio
– some changes to main events (still only basic summaries)
– fertility/virility of baseSpecies increased
– size only affects food consumption not also basic upkeep
– some UI stuff
– bugfixes


basic prince mc skills/upgrades “tree”
– selectable quessttypes as difficulty modifier
– selectable skills for mc if you have more than 4 (all unlocked skills/were options while transforming etc.)
– better ai
– disengage cost (Higher ap cost to move away from an enemy (if the enemy isnt at max lust))/some movement skills can’t be used when engaged
– powerful unique artifact items
– QuickInfo screen (Tab)
– Thing to write notes in
– very basic story event framework/goal/fighting against the other mcs etc. (mostly to test balance etc.)
– human equipment bonus removed (weird with the other human main characters that cant transform)
– buildings stop slime from spreading, fireball gives overworld skill to remove slime
– npc relation gain by greeting removed (didnt make sense, if moving to locations etc. doesnt use any time), instead it just increases each day up to a certain amount
– bugfixes/balancing


Only the unlockables.sav savefile will be compatible
– Beastgirl basespecies
– unstable portals(compact high risk/high reward with different maptype) (story events etc. will probably be done like this in next updates)
– kingsquest difficulty selection changes + can carry over up to 2 days from the last quest if you hand it in early
– Changes to some overworld skills (mostly ones targetting tiles)
– No controlvalue for portals any more-> replaced by tentacle “hive” things that creation will spawn (randomly generated if other mc)
They will spread slime over time, increasing creation movement and removing random encounters, opposite effects for other mcs (can be destroyed, will be tied to creations power in the final battles etc. eventually)
– basic boss battles on the overworld map with increased item rarities
– each day there is a chance crystal things spawn in worlds, which you can harvest or gain skillpoints from (rewarding stabilising/building roads and scouting portals (days since last visit is now listed))


Fixed another big bug: one type of quest can crash the game when created(possibility after completing any quest)
Fixed Bug: after an arena battle and some other things characters would get removed after reloading the townscreen at any point
Old saves are not compatible (except for the unlockables.sav)
– Kingsquests: get varying quests to fulfill (always 1 active), if you fail too many you lose (Replaces increasing rent and changes core gameplay a lot (still testing if it works better than rent))
– Many things scale with ingame days now (portals,shop,quests..)
– male Starting Character (mostly just a less complex basic character for now)
– Scenes for Evolution mc + lumira
– Basic clothing system for town npcs based on lewdity
– Sexskills now have an exp bar instead of leveling up randomly
– Mc sexskills increase all characters training-exp gained based on the action
– party stays formed, and automatic equipment removal can be toggled off
– magic and lustdamage dont scale with size
– possible to get to 4 in every gene through upgrades alone
– many other small changes, bugfixes + balancing


– all town npcs recruitable as playable characters
– new charactercreation (customizable characters + difficulty)
– unlockable starting genetictraits through basic achievements
– changed sexactions
– Unsuccessful breeding increases breeding chance for that pair by 20% each day
– charactermanagement (rename, use items etc.,mostly a basic framework for future stuff)
– new creation summon
– instantbreeding with points you get each day
– some new traits etc.
– many small changes/ balancing/ bugfixes


– Bugs below
– Non ranked arena battles caused characters to lose their rank and made them unable to ever join ranked battles again
Current Issues:
– Fertility is equal to virility
– cant gain resources while camping


Current Issues:
– Fertility is equal to virility
– Unique characters: i can now very easily add unique characters (alt. art/ new abilities etc.)
– new characters/ events/ skills/ traits /items
– items can be used in town (those that make sense)
– Camping rework (new actions based on learned skills, adjustable food amounts, adjustable time, more info on whats happening)
– Species now have an average attractiveness value/daily cum/milk amount/cock-/titsize in actual measurements which can be changed through breeding. (Everything is still grouped in small, large etc. so no need to know all the ranges). Character sizes now affect those
– Recruitment success is now also based on attraction of the seducer and level of the target.
– Fucking/masturbating in battle causes vulnerable (take 50% more dmg) for a turn. Also characters can only fuck enemies with 50%+ lust
– Morale is now simply either Low, Normal or High and affects virility/fertility/income and gives a debuff/buff at the start of each battle
– Arena battle availability now works like portals (open for certain amount of time + every day there is a chance new ones spawn).
– Characters have a battlerank now which increases their value. Can be increased by fighting ranked battles in the arena (just basic battles with certain difficulties).
– some changes to the maincharacter professions


– Couldnt open the menu for saving in the overworld screen
– geneenhancer made genes have a minimum value of 10
– An npc still had 0 fertility
– PortalRelays couldnt teleport to the starting portal
– breeding special maincharacter forms was possible
– unlocking tokencharacters as starting characters was possible
-in floating islands it was hard to keep track of explored areas (changed it so unscouted tiles arent just black versions of the biome but a generic black tile)
– visual errors (party stats didnt update after events/resting etc.)
– wrong heal values shown/regenerate didnt work
– armor was always ignored


– Fixed Loading Issues
– Fixed UI scaling
– fixed some other small bugs


– UI-changes (some things arent changed/updated as i will fullly change them anyway at some point(camp/character creation/battle UI))
– Tooltips for most things (traits,passives etc.)
– Skills to use on the overworld map (mostly based on actual skills, for example teleport to tp characters safely home, heals etc.)
– Main character starts with ow skill based on god selection( Creation: spawn permanent tentacles to refill party, Evolution: transfer mana to other characters)
-Party changes: (Strength value for harvesting/mining etc. based on total strength/ Stealth value based on sizes of characters that changes randomencounterchances)
– Some characters are rideable/flyable etc, changing slower and smaller characters movementspeed on the overworld.(you can now take aquatic characters without movement penalties if you have a bigger mount etc.)
– Centaur type characters also count as mounts
– many small changes


problems inheriting some skills, gender and size were switched,females were regarded as having a cock for some things (like opposing attraction and in the farmDescription),some problems with multiple mounts only counting the size of one at random instead of the biggest one, some ui stuff


– Characters have preferences and form very basic relations to other characters. They also have morale which will change based on their attraction/relation to paired characters. For now low morale makes it so you cant give orders and that character just stays home for a while. high morale increases brothelincome
-Characters have a type of look (Sexy,Beautiful etc.) and personality traits, which can be preferences for others. Certain combinations cause a higher brothelIncome
– Traits are now split into categories: genetic, personality,learned and special. Only genetic ones have a limit of 10 per character. Others dont take up any slots.
– You can pair your maincharacter in the farm. The connection will only break once you go through a portal or transform (or the other character leaves the farm).
– You can now focus breeding a lot, making it easier to get what you want:
– You can select a skill for each character, that is guaranteed to be inherited (if the resulting character doesnt already have too many guaranteeed skills).
– You can select trait focusses. The higher focussed they are the more likely the selected traits will be inherited
– You can select special behaviours for both characters, influencing the exhaustion/chance ratio etc
– Changed the way genes get inherited: Both characters roll x times from 0 to their value, where the highest one is taken.( x is determined by the focus you can set). If you combine both values it will always be the same outcome:
(If the difference is 1 or less => take the higher one +1)
(If the difference is 2 or more => take the lower one +2)
– all npcs have at least one gene stat that is very high
– there are some items you can select for each character in the farm (dont need to worry about stocks etc. they just add to the daily upkeep if used). Some items can be unlocked through skillpoints or upgrades at home. Items are stuff like “change fertility by 50%”, “give a chance to increase users genes if the partner has higher ones” etc.
– new Alchemist profession, with free farmPotion usage and higher potency/ and starts with all unlocked.
– added some stuff to some other professsions
– only the starting species’ will be unlocked at the beginning, to give a bit more meaning to the selection (there is now a trait to unlock all). Starting characters start with high relation to you and each other
– if you select a character that is already paired you will see another heart icon on the picture. If you press that you will immediately select the partner and all focus settings will be set to that pairings settings.
– some bugfixes + small UI changes


Just some more bugfixes:
– fixed problems claiming rewards
– fixed farm issues caused when connections broke automatically due to exhaustion
– loading reset events etc.
– some smaller bugs


– Fixed saving issues and expedition type


Overworld map now also uses isometric hex-tiles
– Varying sizes for maps (Overworld generally much smaller)
– not always a fixed amount of portals open (every day there is a chance a new one spawns)
– can now stabilize portals so they stay permanently
– Portals have modifiers (less exhaustion, better genes etc..)
– Added rewards for achieving milestones in exploration and battling in the same world, based on hostility
– 5 new inheritable traits for possible special characters rewards
– only one new hidden character (4 new skills). Hidden characters will have “recipes” of 4 baseSpecies that need to be in the genepool for them to occur
repeatable upgrades for all skillpoint pools
– very basic autosave (just keeps overwriting the same slot each day)
– Clicking on enemies shows the range based on the ap they will have next turn
– You can click on the hybrid in the transformation/creation screen to instantly select that species
– Summoned characters are now the same size as the summoner and their level is equal to the summoners magicStrength
– a lot of bugfixes


-Bugfixes (Breeding didnt work correctly + some smaller ones)


– Skills are now breedable.
– Species have certain skills guaranteed and others from an optional pool of skills. All visible in the library after submitting a character
– >10 new skills, often starting unique to one species
– New supportform for evolution, old one is used for godform
– 2 new special summons for creation
– a new creature
– some new small overworld events
– new upgrades to grant skills and stats for the creation character
– Events/battles etc on the overworld map change every day now (kinda unintentional, because of the control value on portals, but I think I like it)
– Infos about battle encounters are only revealed when you come close, or with the scout profession, because I thought it was kinda annoying to click through all visible tiles
– can see the maincharacters stats clearly now in the home screen by hovering over the bottom left avatar
– some updated art etc.
– a lot of bugfixes + balancing


– Ai now also uses seduction. Not sure if they should even be able to use skills/items.
– Basic particle effects to make it more obvious what the ai is doing
– New Character type for non humanoid creatures. Unaffected by seduction etc. Can be tamed with nets based on their curren thp +lv. They are unrelated to hybrid breeding etc. so I will probably just add a few with every bigger update.
– They can carry same sized characters to grant access to certain portals. They also have lower upkeep
– 3 new Creatures. One for each special portal access
– New profession Tamer
– Bugfixes


– A lot of bug fixes
– some balance changes
– Added choice of gods’ power: Evolution or Creation, granting different abilities to your maincharacter. Evolution is like previous versions. Creation allows you to create characters rather than transforming into them. Genes etc. in upgrades dont affect the maincharacter but all created ones. The maincharacter behaves like any other character regarding levelups. (No new unique special summons for creation yet, only Tentacles for now)(Some decriptions dont fit)
– earn baseSkillpoints for every species with Creation by leveling the maincharacter
– Both gain a starting skill. Creation has more mana
– leveling specialforms with evolution increases stats for all other forms
– Control over portals starts at 100% for evolution and slowly decreases
– Control affects chance of random encounters for creation and the kind of random encounters for evolution (chance of encounters with creations’ summons which dont drop anything and cant be recruited).
– Starting equipment based on profession
– some new homeupgrades (and repeatable structures’ cost increases slower)
– Size of summons scale with users magicstrength ( 0, 3, 5, 10)
– preferences/dislikes for sexaction are restricted to actually possible ones for that character


– A lot of bug fixes
– some balance changes
– Added choice of gods’ power: Evolution or Creation, granting different abilities to your maincharacter. Evolution is like previous versions. Creation allows you to create characters rather than transforming into them. Genes etc. in upgrades dont affect the maincharacter but all created ones. The maincharacter behaves like any other character regarding levelups. (No new unique special summons for creation yet, only Tentacles for now)(Some decriptions dont fit)
– earn baseSkillpoints for every species with Creation by leveling the maincharacter
– Both gain a starting skill. Creation has more mana
– leveling specialforms with evolution increases stats for all other forms
– Control over portals starts at 100% for evolution and slowly decreases
– Control affects chance of random encounters for creation and the kind of random encounters for evolution (chance of encounters with creations’ summons which dont drop anything and cant be recruited).
– Starting equipment based on profession
– some new homeupgrades (and repeatable structures’ cost increases slower)
– Size of summons scale with users magicstrength ( 0, 3, 5, 10)
– preferences/dislikes for sexaction are restricted to actually possible ones for that character


– Bugfixes
– a few updated sprites (noticed the old ones still kinda fit, so I’ll just slowly update them with lower priority)
For testing:
– Characters have small chances to spawn with different sizes
– Size is inheritable and characters upkeep is based on it (5, 15, 30, 50)
– Character sprites scale with size
– Portals arent size restricted

– maincharacters effects werent removed at the end of combat
– some ranges were calculated wrong
– npc relation didnt reset on new game
– while transforming, you only had access to the left baseCharacters skills
– some problems with required sexSkills for tavernrequests
– other small bugs
Also made it so you can use rightclick as altenative to esc in the town-screen
Should be playable with previous version’s saves


– Atleast a Futa or “Male” version for every species now
– Requests in Tavern are now split into two categories
Breeding: only genetic potentials/ inheritable traits important
Trainable: genetic values irrelevant; level and sexskills important
– TavernPoints as new Currency for completing tavern requests
– Can now hire new Characters with money and tavernPoints
– Requests and Offers last longer and you get a one new of each per day
– MaxLevel doesnt increase as easily and is capped at 20 for now
– changed the stat increases on levelups (fertility/virility increases faster, most other stats (especially strength) slower). Every lvUpType now regenerates a bit of something (hp,mana,ap) based on the type


Probably a bit generic designs (quite close to the base Species) but I think I have to, to not remove future design space for other baseSpecies
– added Lizard base Species + Hybrids (total of 8 new species) with some new skills etc. (currently only females)
– Bugfixes


– MovementCosts weren’t set correctly when loading Overworld save
– Time/ExpeditionType didnt load correctly for Overworld saves
– One of the bases for Hybrid mc-versions got doubled exp
– maincharacter didnt benefit from Seer-species scout increase
– Added some unique skills to the strengthform
– Transforming now slightly increases exhaustion and some time passes to not reward changing constantly for every tiny thing
– Rituals and fuckPussy actions are now more exhausting than others because they also have other purposes


– You can now select skills / passives to have when transforming (based on species and other unlocked stuff (You can use skillpoints to unlock certain skills for all species))
– You can now unlock 5 powerful special forms unique to the maincharacter (+ human form) with special abilities/skills
– Some new starting traits/professions
– You can now flee from battles
– all characters’ attacks cost 2 ap now
– double clicking on transformation tab sets transform to that species
– Bugfixes


– Cowgirl stuff (some scenes etc.)
– Can now refresh some stamina once a day in the tavern
– colored some more UI stuff to make it easier to read
– put Cheats in Townmenu (once used you cant unlock stuff in this save anymore to eventually reward not cheating(most important: “money”,”stone”,”wood”,”crystals” for specific ressoures; “ressources” for all; “relations” to max all relations)
– other small changes/ added stuff
– some bugfixes


Further bugfixes and added a very basic shop


– A lot of Bug fixes
– corrected/added to the infos in the library
– Replaced Angel baseSpecies with something more fitting to the hybrids
– a few new skills (10+) and general changes so baseCharacters have more of an own identity and hybrids have some unique skills
– most non-Damaging skills now also give exp (based on manaCost)
– now uses the sprite instead of avatar as playerIcon on the map
– small art changes
– Futas now have less fertility/virility than “males”/females so they arent just objectively better
– probably other stuff

Portals of Pheroeon

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 15

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