Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy]

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: squishygames
Last update: 2024-01-13

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Play Thing is brought to you by xGames in a list of adult games download. Direct download of this sex game is served with just a few clicks. Games like Play Thing are are always available for you on xGames.

Play Things is a Male-To-Female TGTF toyification-focused CYOA made in Ink. You play as a college student who, along with your room-mate, begins receiving daily packages full of strange sex toys from a mysterious ‘DOCTOR SHINE’.
For seven days, you are given one choice per day of which sex toy to use, and then have to deal with the consequences of how that toy has changed your body and mind.
NOTE: This means you will have increasingly limited autonomy as the game goes on – you are being turned into a living sex-toy and people will treat you as such. While you always get to choose which toy you want to take, you will not be able to choose what happens on a scene-by-scene basis.​

Last update: 2024-01-14
Released: 2023-07-10
Creator (developer): – –
Version: 0.3.4.u
Language: English
Length: 275000 words

Text Based, 2DCG, Multiple Endings, Transformation, Male-to-Female Gender Transformation, Being Turned Into A Sextoy, Sparse Choices, Major Loss Of Autonomy, Mind control, Lactation, Temporary Intelligence Loss, Very Large Boobs, Gender Change, Dubious Consent, Pet Play, Bondage, Prostitution, Female domination, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Group Sex, Sex With Strangers, Extreme Size Differences, Sex With Men, Sex With Women

Install instructions:

1. Extract and open index.html in a browser. If you are on your phone, you may need to run an HTTP server depending on your OS for the scripts and images to load properly.

Whats new (last changes):

adding the ‘Get in the chamber with Riley’ DOCTOR SHINE special for Choice
fixed spelling and grammar errors galore!moving and adding a check to the ‘reset’ button to prevent you from resetting by accident when you try to save0.3.3.p
choice 5 for the DITZY / SUCKHOLE route0.3.2.1.p
MORE spelling correctionsfixing the art link for Day 5, which was incorrectly displaying Day 60.3.2.p
spelling correctionsadding two DOCTOR SHINE SPECIAL routes to choice 1adding one DOCTOR SHINE SPECIAL routes to choice 20.3.1.p
spelling correctionsfixing a bug where the flag for choice 5 was not being set properly, resulting in random results throughout the day, you can now properly experience the cow/lips route for choice 5adding visual options to modify how the game is displayedre-adding the missing choice_1_b image0.3.0.p
first content update, updates game to the end of Choice 4first patron update, updates game to the end of Choice 5 for the cow / suckhole route0.2.2
fixing a lot of spelling and formatting errorsadding alternate themesadding the ability to save and load to json0.2.1
Fixing tag encoding for italics.Several spelling fixes.Fixes an issue with your character name not being set properly if you skip forward.Decreases text display delay.0.2
Initial release.Direct port of Discord bot version.

Developer Notes

Future Plans
I’m in the process of creating a version of the game that will include a player avatar.

Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 55

Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy]: screenshots

Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy] screenshot 0Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy] screenshot 1Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy] screenshot 2Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy] screenshot 3Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy] screenshot 4Play Thing [0.3.4.p] [Squishy] screenshot 5

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