Non Monstrum v0.05.6

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Last update: 2019-01-10

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On the continent island of Etrus on the world of Ealia, join Lily Blossom, the last slimegirl, on her quest to discover her past and find her future as she follows her heart down a pure path. Help blossom her from nothing to a legend, the legend of the Pure Empress. Witness the birth of the age order, and you play the girl who started it all.​

Last update: : 2019-01-03
Released: : 2018-12-31
Censorship: None
Version: 0.05.6
OS: Win, Mac, Linux
Language: English

futa, orgies, slime sex, clone based sex, gangbang, unbirth, cum/slime inflation, lesbian, incest, happy sex, pregnancy, furries, monstergirls, childlike characters, lactation, huge futa cocks, pervert Slimegirl, romance, tentacle

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.


Final Main Quest added

– The Final Main Quest for chapter 1, before the finale
– Two new sex scenes for Ava and Quinn.
– Moved the dungeon bosses to Pirate and Tribes
– Started my redesign on Zhuvine maps
– Restored Fourth Main Date which was missing
– Fixed Bugs
Quinn & Grace Update

– Quinn’s and Grace’s Final Predate and Date, finishing them for chapter 1
– Two new sex scenes for Quinn and Sophia.
V0.05.3 Quinn Update
– New predate and date for Quinn
– The two more sex scenes(Grace & Sophia)
– The fourth main quest
– New predate and date for Ava
– Four sex scenes
– The first of the images to the prologue
– Reworked and balanced the game up to Ava’s first date
– Grace’s fourth date and pre-date
– Added a backlog text plugin from yanfly, click “Tab” while in text to see it
– Fixed a missing scene for Sophia
– New Sex Scene for Sophia
– New Date for Ava
– Aliss first and only date, gotta do the final thing when she is freed later
– A threesome scene between Ava, Lily and Scribe
– Sophia finished with her unbirth scene, go to her door at late night.
-New anal scene for Aliss, at last right?
-New Intro for the game, check it out
-Spelling mistakes corrections for all the game from intro up to the oasis. More coming, got an editor.
– Two more Sophia Dates
-Added Second Sophia’s Date
-Added one sex scenes for her
-New cheat for Scribe: SophiaLove
-Added Firth Scribe’s Date
-Added one sex scene for Scribe
-Added one sex scene for Grace
An early public release for new years!
-Added Fourth Scribe’s Date
-Added two sex scenes for her
An early public release for christmas!

Quest System:

Put the code “QuestFix” into the yellow smoke at the city gate to update it.
Non Monstrum

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 97

Non Monstrum: screenshots

Non Monstrum screenshot 0Non Monstrum screenshot 1Non Monstrum screenshot 2Non Monstrum screenshot 3Non Monstrum screenshot 4Non Monstrum screenshot 5

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One Comment on “Non Monstrum v0.05.6”

  1. This game is awesome, the beginning is kind of sad though. You begin as an overpowered hero in a world that slime are not the weakest monsters but quite the opposite, they are really strong. After hero finds the slime breeding den, she fights with the slime queen she manages to win the battle but loses the war! Because of a simple mistake she becomes a breeding slut for the slimes but somehow, she doesn’t lose her sense of self, and when a baby slime is in her one the adventures that are fighting the queen accidentally fires a healing magic toward her and she becomes the slime girl, that’s where the story begins. As a slime girl she needs to sleep in a dark and warm place, and the place is in a woman’s pussy! Because of that she meets new women and sleeps in them while she is searching for her past in order to understand who she was and how she ended up a slime girl. In this story there is a mother of all thing name Ether she helps you to find your way both to your forgotten past and to women’s pussies. Although it is developing and there is not so much stuff in it but it is definitely worth playing.

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