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MissionCode:COCO poster

Lab of Dark science has been found! We MUST demolish them once and for all.
What is this.. What are they making here? Surprised. Didn’t thought we have company here.
Fufufu, for a prize, I’ll present… inescapable pleasure of woman!! ?? Where am I?
Kekekekek Female!! Wh, What is this disgusting creature?!?

: Features

+Game Overview
This is a side-scrolling action game which includes erotic scenes.
You can enjoy exciting action packed battles against a myriad of monsters.
There are heroine violation animations for every monster that appears in game.

Updated: 27/10/2017
Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: 1.5
OS: Windows
Language: English

Vaginal Sex, Oral Sex, Monster, Rape, Side-Scroller, Ryona, Anal Sex, Big Tits, Female Protagonist, Animated, 2DCG

Install instructions: :

1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.


1. Game difficulty correction.
2. Game optimization.
3. Add 2:1 Ingame H_Scene / Gallery (Monster Soldier + Ninja)
1. Modified the bug that occurred in the title simulation scene.
2. Game difficulty correction.
3. Game optimization.
4. Add 2:1 Ingame H_Scene / Gallery (Monster RatGiant + Eye)

Extra information:

Like the title says, this is the version 1.4. I believe it’s the full game since the “demo” is just an .mp4 file and not the actual game – the onlt thing that it’s different.. is the archive size. On DLSite is 169 MB, this one is 140. Probably are just the animations that is missing, added in the 1.5. Also everything seems in english. If not, tell me right away. And last thing, If someone have the 1.5, feel free to share it here!


PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 36

MissionCode:COCO: screenshots

MissionCode:COCO screenshot 0MissionCode:COCO screenshot 1MissionCode:COCO screenshot 2

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