Miss Kyoko wants to get done! v1.0 [COMPLETED]

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-07-01

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Kyoko “What? Are you serious?….My wallet is fullly empty…I thought I had some money in there, but…
Tanned girl bitch “Kyoko Adachi” is short of funds and in a pickle.
If she keeps going this way, she won’t be able to pay for her smartphone, or go to the tanning salon which she loves!
Because of this, the original “bitch” Kyoko decides to go on her prozzy debut!​

Last update: 2020-06-30
Released: Japanese 2020-05-09, English 2020-06-30
Creator (developer): Hurricane Dot Com –
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.0
OS: Windows
Language: English
Voices: Japanese

2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Female protagonist, Titfuck, Big tits, Vaginal sex, Creampie, Oral sex, Anal sex, Masturbation, Groping, Group sex, Japanese game, Censored, Voiced, Handjob, Footjob, Prostitution

Install instructions:

* Japanese locale is required *
1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:

— Erotic dot work
The characters, of course, and animation are all dots!
Including these differences, there are close to 1000 dots.
There are 160 patterns of animations including eye patches and sweat!
You can enjoy dots by a real craftsman!
“Three-way” are also possible!!
— Various
When the rumor of the bitch gets around, the number of people she can sleep with increases. At first, there were 10 people.
If the lewdness level reaches the MAX, you can start playing with yourself anytime…
Further, if the rumor level reaches 100, you can repeatedly go out into the downtown area.
Of course, the erotic scenes change, and you can have old guys as counterparts as well.
If you can trap these older guys, then the amount of money you can make increases!
And when the rumor spreads to the school as well as the downtown area, of course the number of men increases.
When you make them spunk up, the number of used condoms increases on the status screen. (This resets after you move the stage).
There is also “gatcha” (repeatedly clicking)
If you collect money and do “gatcha”, you can collect the dot cards.
It is also possible for you to change costume.
— Others
(1)This is made by Unity.
(2)Screen size 1200*800
(3) Full voice: Pako Shirakawa
(4) If you leave Kyoko alone, she will look at her phone and her lewdness level will decrease.
(5) There is also recollection mode. (if rumor level is 100 at school or downtown)
(6) There may be upgrades (upgraded to version 2!”)
*Cards go from 12 to 16
*Displays progress bar as NOW LOADING
*4-way (orgy) has increased! (Downtown/rumor level needs to be 100)
(7) Fellatio, tit fondling, hand job, foot job, arse job, kiss, sex (missionary, horse-riding, doggie etc.), face fuck (old guy version), double-hand job, orgy…includes all types of sex.
(8) Also depicts inside the crotch
(9) Only uses mouse operations! Possible to play with one hand.*Leaves your important left hand free.
— Explanation of operation
Mouse can be used for all operations
You can move Kyoko just in arrow directions (left click of mouse)
You can walk quickly by press and hold in arrow directions (left click of mouse)
If you press right click on the movement screen, the status window appears.
If you hover the cursor over the icon on the top left of the movement screen, you can choose to buy cards or pull out cards.
You can specify multiple cards to purchase when buying.
You need a ticket to pull out cards, and you can turn over as many cards as you have bought (which ones get turned over is random).
If you hover the cursor over the icon appearing slightly to the left on the status screen, “change clothes”, “options”, and “save” appear.
If you choose to change clothes, you can change clothes on the status screen (if you want to get “change clothes cards”).
If you match the arrows to the boys, these will become hearts, and when you want to talk, left-click and select “Talk”.
After finishing the conversation, and you want to talk again “Lure” will appear. If you choose “Lure”, it will become an erotic scene.
If you left-click during the erotic scenes, you can pause it temporarily. (The increase of the meter will stop)

Win: – – – –
Thank you for sharing the game.
Miss Kyoko wants to get done!

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 51

Miss Kyoko wants to get done!: screenshots

Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 0Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 1Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 2Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 3Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 4Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 5Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 6Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 7Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 8Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 9Miss Kyoko wants to get done! screenshot 10

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