MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.0.9] [Subjunctive Games] v0.0.9

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: SubjunctiveGames
Last update: 2024-04-27

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In MindWare: Infected Identity, you play as a former freelance hacker who is trying to get by in a neon-soaked city where pleasure is the ultimate goal for many.
Your life takes an unexpected turn when a seemingly routine dive into the cyberspace ends with you becoming infected with a gender-altering mindware, a cutting-edge strain of malware that targets the human brain.
Your choices become pivotal in shaping not only your identity but also the path of your story. Will you embrace your new identity and the allure and thrill it brings? Or will you seek to control or reverse the mindware’s effects, fighting to maintain your former self?​

Last update: 2024-04-27
Released: 2024-04-12
Creator (developer): Subjunctive Games –
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.9
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

AI CG, Animated, Big Ass, Big Tits, Male Protagonist, Masturbation, Mind Control, Puzzle, Real Porn, Sci-Fi, Sissification, Text Based, Transformation, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Added top bar to display player stats.
Added play stat location setting to optionally display the information in the left sidebar.
UI is now partially visible during linear sections.
The Synapse Steady VX implant is now functional.
Added a character screen and a corresponding shortcut button.
Added a computer shortcut.
Added a right sidebar customization tip.
Added a Start button hover effect.
Added a Quick Start button.
Added an option to skip the Prologue.
Added an option to fullly disable right sidebar.
Fixed a web browser 404 page back button bug.
The SIMS watched variable now resets as it should when the player goes to sleep.
Added a resist minigame.
Added sidebar settings (visible only when the right sidebar is visible).
Successful bruteforce now reveals the correct password.
Added anoptional hacking job. Becomes available on the second day of Chapter 1.
Added mobile compatibility warning.
Added S.I.M.S. pods in EroSphere.
Fixed empty space at the bottom of passages.
Added a main story mission: GitGud Synapse Steady VX installation.
Tweaked dialog boxes.
Implemented right sidebar.
Slight changes to certain dialogs for better consistency.
Fixed a lot of minor bugs found using SugarValidator.
Added Panacea Clinic as a new location.
Added a main story mission: hospital visit.
Added a photosensitivity warning.
Notifications change color based on their number (1 = yellow, 2 = orange, 3+ = red).
Improved email client design to make read and unread emails more distinct.
Added the ability to change the first name, last name, and nickname in the Extra Options menu.
Added the option to enable “Skip Minigame” buttons in the Extra Options menu.
Adjusted coding minigame reward.
Adjusted starting money.
Added a rent mechanic.
Added a Hive Properties website.
Added a Hive Properties email.
Added expenses tracking.
Added a bug report form.
Fixed a bunch of typos.
Fixed the Download Wiper Tool / Save Target button order issue.
Fixed the long black tunnel animation delay by implementing a preload function and optimizing the animation itself.
Added EroSphere location.
Added EroSphere pole dancing.
Added EroSphere dishwashing minigame.
Added quick access buttons tooltips.
Adjusted Project XX text.
Improved Prologue pacing.
Improved email messages.
Added EroSphere promo email.
Added an urgent request from Cipher (triggered automatically when you work at BrainFry more than 7 times and then go to sleep).
Added a chapter transition screen.
Landlord mission is now time-sensitive.
Improved email client.
Improved job descriptions.
Tweaked introduction.
Added inventory mechanics.
Added a BrainFry mission.
Added a chat with Cipher about the BrainFry mission.
Added contextual narrative messages with quick links.
Added OmniPedia.
Added OmniNet page in OmniPedia.
Removed the player sexuality variable.
Removed a warning about sleep not working.
Adjusted the difficulty of the hacking minigame.
Adjusted the sleep delay duration.
Added minigame difficulty setting.
Added text increase/decrease buttons in the settings menu.
Added a notification system.
Added an instant messenger app.
Added two chat conversations with Cipher.
Added a BrainFry work introduction.
Added three work conversations.
Added a BrainFry work minigame.
Added a quick access menu for apps.
Added a player sexuality variable.[/list]
Added a week cycle.
Added an image lightbox (used in the instant messenger app).
Fixed several bugs.
Tweaked many things.
Initial release.

Developer Notes:

MindWare: Infected Identity is a free-to-play, work-in-progress adult interactive fiction game set in a cyberpunk world where even the human mind isn’t safe from malware.
Explore a cyberpunk city where pleasure is the ultimate currency.Forge meaningful relationships with characters.Hack into computer systems and devices.Decide whether to resist or embrace the mind-altering virus.Influence the narrative through your choices.I want MindWare to give players an experience that combines a tight, well-paced main storyline with the freedom to explore expansive side content. The goal is to offer players a sense of autonomy in how they experience the game while replicating the narrative intensity found in games like Mass Effect.
The game will feature a variety of mini-games that will hopefully add fun layers of interactivity to the gameplay. Among these, I’m particularly excited to integrate hacking mini-games inspired by Uplink, which will be integrated into the storyline and impact the progression and outcomes based on player skill and choices.

: – – – –

MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.0.9] [Subjunctive Games]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 39

MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.0.9] [Subjunctive Games]: screenshots

MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.0.9] [Subjunctive Games] screenshot 0MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.0.9] [Subjunctive Games] screenshot 1MindWare: Infected Identity [v0.0.9] [Subjunctive Games] screenshot 2

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