Mazex v0.47a

Demo version:No
Engine:Unreal Engine
Dev patreon: mazex
Last update: 2023-01-09

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In the game we play as a young warrior adventurer named Leonid.
The action takes place in the magic-filled ancient Greece on the island of Crete.
Leonid arrives on the island in order to solve the mystery of the missing villagers,
in order to do this he goes through the depths of the maze.​

Last update: 2023-01-11
Released: 2023-01-09
Creator (developer): Drabel – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.47a
OS: Windows
Language: English

3d game, adventure, animated, big tits, combat, creampie, fantasy, handjob, male protagonist, monster, oral sex, rape, sandbox, vaginal sex

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Mazex 0.47a:
– Added a new character: Larysa (draft model).
– New enemy: treeman, can be found in new regions.
– New enemy: mały goblin, can be found in new regions.
– New enemy: skeleton, can be found in new regions.
– New enemy: skeleton archer, has a ranged attack, can be found in new regions.
– New enemy: skeleton warrior, more damage, longer range than normal skeleton, can be found in new regions.
– Life bars over enemies now appear more smoothly.
– The bow now shoots more straight (it still has a spread so it won’t be very accurate).
– The system of item drop by mobs after their death has been changed.
– New sounds for zombies has been added.
– Added different colored flowers.
– Added butterflies.
– New item added: Stick.
– New item added: Small stone
– New item added: Branch
– New item added: Raw monster meat
– New item added: Monster meat steak
– New item added: Raw meat
– New item added: Steak
– New item added: Herbs
– New item added: Brown mushroom
– New item added: White mushroom
– New item added: Violet mushroom
– New item added: Bone
– New item added: Water
– New item added: Purified water
– New item added: Big health potion
– Added loose items to pick up inside and outside the village (new regions).
– Larysa can craft items.
– Added campfire.
– You can craft items in the campfire after add 1 branch.
– Added recipe: Arrow.
– Added recipe: Stick.
– Added recipe: Health potion.
– Added recipe: Big health potion.
– Added recipe: Purified water.
– Added recipe: Steak.
– Added recipe: Monster meat steak.
– Ateniada is now looking at the player.
– Rhea is now looking at the player.
– Elpidia is now looking at the player.
– Added falling leaves under some trees.
– Bug has been fixed, after dropping the spool it was gigantic.
– Slightly changed the background in the main menu.
– Added ambient sound.
– Added noise for active waypoint.
– New part of the map:
– Second part of the village.
– Fields.
– Lake
– Mine.
– Small ruins.
– Added possibility to skip the storyline when starting the game. (free mode)
– The visual bug of floating beads in the village has been fixed.
– Minor changes I didn’t mention.
Mazex 0.46a:
– Fixing a bug that caused equipment not to load properly after meeting Ateniada.
– Elpidia now has bigger boobs.
– Elpidia’s face has been changed a bit.
– Added beads for Elpidia
– Default fpsmax changed to 60.
Mazex 0.45a:
– Removed old and added new inventory system.
– Under the ‘i’ or ‘caps lock’ key you can open the inventory (‘tab’ only works when opening eq).
– Added quick slots under keys 3, 4, 5.
– A bug causing a continuous decrease of stamina after a hit has been fixed.
– Information about healthpotions, arrows and threads has been removed from hud.
– Now when you hover over an interactive item, information appears under the cursor.
– The background in the mainmenu has been changed a bit.
– Added fps limit of 120 frames.
– Added the ability to enter a custom limit or disable it in the options.
– The player’s camera position has been slightly changed.
– Using potions now has a cooldown.
– Added descriptions to some items.
– Default cursor in the game has been changed.
– The volume of levelup sound has been reduced.
– The volume of Elpidia sound has been reduced.

Mazex 0.44a:
– Corrected grass in the maze at the spawn points of the key and gate.
– Added source of magic as a model.
– Model of source of magic have been added in locations: village, endplace_1.
– Renamed the source of magic and the general concept to waypoints.
– Dialogue with Areniada has been changed a bit.
– Dialogue with Rhea has been changed a bit.
– Dialogue with Elpidia has been changed a bit.
– HP’s system has been changed, is no longer a percentage.
– HP bar has been changed.
– Experience system has been added.
– Added experience bar to hud.
– Added camera drop during player death.
– Added a slowdown during attacks, when using up stamina fullly you now have to take a short rest.
– The bar above the head for the warrior has been corrected.
– The bar above the head for the zombie has been corrected.
– Added stars overhead during warrior stun.
– Warrior during stun now slowly regenerates hp and comes out of stun after some time.
Mazex 0.43a:
– removed old assets so that the game will not weigh more than it should.
– shadows have been improved, they are now slightly brighter
Mazex 0.42a:
– Added a chest that can be opened and random items are dropped out of it.
– added a system for lifting items, some items can now be dragged using the interaction key ‘F’.
– Work on the second part of the map has been started. It will be open world part. (not yet added)
– The arrangement of the village’s buildings has been changed slightly.
– Improved the wood material, it is no longer so dark. (was almost black)
– Visually changed the first level, added more details, stones, houses, etc.
– Changed the design to a stylized one in the first level.
– Visually changed the village, more details as above.
– The design was changed to a stylized one in the village.
– Visual change in the main menu.
– Change the link in the mainmenu from patron to subscribestar.
– Fixed a bug of no item spawn in the maze.
– The grass in the maze has been changed to stylized one.
– Changed design to stylized one in endplace_1.
– Auto exposure has been turned off and set manually at all maps.
Mazex 0.41a:
– Characters are now blinking.
– New H scene with Mazewarrior, 50:50 chances after interact.
– Bug when Mazewarrior run after player when she is stunned shouln not appear anymore.
– Fixed bug where mazewarrior attack animation was interrupted.
– Improved spear hitbox a bit, at close range it should be more accurate.
– Improved hand model, now looks less ugly.
– Hitboxes of sword have been improved a bit,
they still need some work but skiping shields or enemy should happens less often.
– Corrected a little dummy zombie, it inflicts less damage.
– There is no longer a health potion in the inventory from the beginning, it is now available to pick up after defeating a zombie dummy.
Mazex 0.40a:
– Fixed a bug that caused the music volume reset when changing locations
– Mazes should no longer be repeated in a row.
– Mazewarrior now has a bit more hp.
– Hscene with Mazewarrior heals some hp.
– Fixed a bug where the music state did not change during interaction with maze warrior
– Bow is available from the beginning of the game (but this will be changed later)
– The basic volume of a killed zombie sound has been decreased.
Mazex 0.39a:
– Added a new type of attack for zombies, stone throwing, zombies can throw stones from further distances.
– New enemy, maze warrior.
– New h scene with maze warrior, available after stunning her and using the interaction button ‘f’.
– A new enemy (maze warrior) has been added to respawn mobs in the maze.
– New side quest available from Atheniada.
– New 3 quest items
– New h scene with Ateniada
– Atheniada is now visible in the village after being rescued
– Elpidia is now visible in the village after rescuing Atheniada
– Added some dialogue for Atheniada and Elpidia
– Improved saving and loading settings
– Added difficulty level settings, the available levels are: easy, normal, hard
the difficulty level changes the damage inflicted by enemies and their attack speed a bit.
– Improved display of the death screen
– Improved interactions, items dropped from opponents are no longer automatically picked up.
– Added options to reset key bindings.
– The scenery in the main menu has been changed slightly, shields and spears has been added
– Added some new low level mazes.
– Removed 1 low level maze that was a bit too difficult
– Plus a few minor changes that I didn’t list here.
Mazex 0.38a:
– Added new item, “spool of thread”, if you have it in your inventory you can use it by pressing
“Q” key, it is used to mark places in the maze where you’ ve already been.
– Rhea gives us 6 pieces of thread after we full first talk.
– Added the possibility for dead enemies to drop a new item.
– Added music in the menu and in the game, volume can be changed in the options or fullly turned off by moving the slider to the left.
– More graphic options have been added (cannot be saved yet)
– Added key configuration settings (cannot be saved yet)
– Added some additional audio options, subtitles display speed, ability to turn off voice acting simulation,
volume of voice acting simulation.
– Changed hard writing for keys 1 and 2 to dynamic (maybe this will eliminate the bug related to not drawing a sword)
– Tthe options window has been extended and 2 new tabs ‘game’, ‘other’ have been added.
– Disabled options for directx 12, they were not used anyway so the game should now run normally on Windows 7 x64
– Plus a few minor changes that I didn’t list here.
Mazex 0.37a
– First public release.

Developer Notes:

Keep in mind that it’s still in the early development.


PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 54

Mazex: screenshots

Mazex screenshot 1Mazex screenshot 2Mazex screenshot 3Mazex screenshot 4Mazex screenshot 5Mazex screenshot 6Mazex screenshot 7

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