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Last update: 2020-05-03

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Lady Marion of Glastonbury is going to have to figure that out, and fast. Removed from her position of power and thrust into an unwanted arranged marriage, she finds herself careening through Sherwood Forest toward the troubled town of Nottingham.
Released from the confines of her previous life, who will Marion become? A freedom fighter? A knight-at-arms? A reluctant spy? Will she help create peace in Nottingham or hasten the coming confrontation between the strict Sheriff and the rebel Robin Hood?
And will a woman who resisted marriage end up finding love where she least expects it?
Find out when you’re… Made Marion.

The tales of Robin Hood have inspired generations of authors and filmmakers. Now it’s time for an otome spin on the legends! Play as Lady Marion, a proud and courageous young noblewoman whose mistakes land her in an arranged marriage far from home. Discover a magical alternate world where the Robin Hood story co-exists with powerful druids, mysterious fae folk, and dark conspiracies. Enjoy a more traditional, swashbuckling adventure with Robin Hood and his gang or try something new as a spy amidst the political turmoil of Nottingham.

Our Hero
Lady Marion of Dunstable is a proud, opinionated (some might say “mouthy”) young noblewoman. Thrust into an unexpected adventure, she’ll need to decide how to react to the colorful characters she meets. Make role-playing choices for two different kinds of romantic adventures with each love interest!
The Love Interests
Made Marion features seven love interests, three among Robin’s band in Sherwood and four found in Nottingham. We are currently featuring the Sherwood love interests, with a focus on Nottingham coming in our second demo. Learn more about them on !
Sherwood LIs:
Robin Hood:
Master archer, charming devil, and leader of the Sherwood rebels.
Will, the Scarlet Blade: Master swordsman, daredevil, and resentful youth.
Little John: A gentle giant of a man with inhuman strength.
Nottingham LIs:
A kindhearted fortune-teller from an enemy land.
Lord Geoffrey: The infamous Sheriff of Nottingham himself.
Gui la Londe: An idealistic chevalier in Lord Geoffrey’s court.
Alanna Dale: A cheerful bard with a fistful of secrets.

Last update: 2020-05-01
Released: 2020-05-01
Creator (developer): Velvet Cupcake Games – – –
Censored: No
Version: Demo
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2dcg, Female protagonist, Adventure, Dating sim, Fantasy, Romance

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

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Developer Notes:

Velvet Cupcake Games is a small game studio with international flair. We create otome visual novels – romance stories starring female protagonists. Currently, we’re producing Made Marion, a medieval fantasy adventure based on the legends of Robin Hood.
Have you played our Sherwood demo? We hope you’ve enjoyed meeting our first three love interests, Robin, John, and Will. Over the summer we’ll be putting together our Nottingham demo, featuring love interests Meissa, Geoffrey, Gui, and Alanna. The Nottingham demo will be released along with our main crowdfunding campaign in the fall.
We’d like to invite Made Marion fans to come along with us on this journey and get a front seat to the development process!
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Mac: – – –
Made Marion

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 27

Made Marion: screenshots

Made Marion screenshot 0Made Marion screenshot 1Made Marion screenshot 2Made Marion screenshot 3Made Marion screenshot 4Made Marion screenshot 5Made Marion screenshot 6

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