LonaRPG v0.3.7.0

Demo version:No
Last update: 2020-05-31

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LonaRPG poster
Cold… Grim… Unforgiving… Deadly… This is the world of LonaRPG.
Play the story of a young woman named Lona, who must survive in this gothic and cruel world.
Explore a grimdark, twisted, and open world where one little mistake can cost Lona her life…
Can you help Lona survive? (And protect her smile?)​

Last update: 2020-05-27
Released: 2020-04-05
Creator (developer): EccmA417 – –
Censored: Yes
OS: Windows
Language: English, Chinese

2DCG, 2D game, Female protagonist, Fantasy, RPG, Adventure, Sandbox, Animated, Virgin, Oral sex, Vaginal sex, Anal sex, Rape, Bestiality, Monsters, Pregnancy, Urination, Scat, Combat, Graphic violence, Ryona

Install instructions:

1- Extract & Run Game.exe.
Read readme.txt before you play!!!

Whats new (last changes):

LonaRPG.Beta. -*repack because shitty crash*-
-*fixed, huge nerf chance of leaveing map encounter check.
-*fixed, Crash when wnter BanditCamp1(wow…. i m so sux…)
LonaRPG.Beta. ****** edit AutoHotkey.ahk for key binding if u know what is it **********
-*fixed, nerf prostitution damage output again, from 60% to 10%.
-*fixed, crashed when u killed teller, and her monster from.
-*added, new companion UniqueDavidBorn. in BanditCamp1, defeat him to recruit.(if u already killed him, u need a new save)
-*added, a debug trigger when player stucked in overmap.
-*fixed, prostituting reward bugged(never gets items but TP).
-*fixed, WakeUpOverEvent fertish option reverse issue.
-*fixed, Weird logic when cooking, offer more soup than what u offered.
-*fixed, Pirate’s Bane Inn, no more cheap instant noodles.
-*fixed, NoerSewer, removed Morality decrease effect when marked by Mother and her son.
-*added, Mystic Meat recipes to Cooking. samilar to human meat recipes.
-*fixed, food change.
ItemSmokedMeat > +food from 32 to 24.
ItemSopPlant,SopMeat > +food from 32 to 26.
ItemCheese > +food from 24 to 32.
-*fixed, added a basic time pass when leaving map.(test)
will cause a encounter check and time pass after leaveing region map.
this will increase gameplay diffcult, but this is a necessary desgin.

Do NOT using gitgud version texts for English translation. Doing so may cause the game to crash.
Win: – – –

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 70

LonaRPG: screenshots

LonaRPG screenshot 0LonaRPG screenshot 1LonaRPG screenshot 2LonaRPG screenshot 3LonaRPG screenshot 4LonaRPG screenshot 5

Welcome to the adult virtual world with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings right now, unzip, easy install and play this interactive game.

Be a good player and take what you want. It will be you next second life, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Start now!

2 Comments on “LonaRPG v0.3.7.0”

  1. El juego está muy bueno, está bien implementado y es super adictivo. Pero es demasiado dificil y el hecho de que no tenga una versión en español hace que uno no se entere de mucho a menos que hable inglés. (De cualquier manera, las 2 estrellas son por su tan alta complejidad, no por la traducción)

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