Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs!

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Last update: 2023-01-18

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Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! is available here in our large porn games collection. Free access to this adult game is served with just a few clicks. All new games and different updates are delivered to you on xGames.

During an enrollment exam at Sword Arts Academy,
Shimojou Kazuma’s special ability suddenly activated towards one of the female examiners, leaving her stark naked.
Kazuma, who developed special abilities that could only be used by women,
was instead forced to enroll at [Toaru Girls Academy], a place where the huge breasted elite of society attended.
At Toaru, the level of a students’ skills is determined by their bust size, those skills are also called [Paikokinesis].

On the other side, during that time, he had a fight with his sister which ended up with his smartphone breaking.
In order to repair it, he went to a cellphone shop that caught his attention a day before.
Instead of repairing his smartphone, he ended up getting a strange new one
Upon trying it out, an app immediately caught his attention.
Tapping the app’s start icon, a blinding light spread in front of him.
When the light faded, there was a dreamlike scene before him: a plethora of girls
— including his childhood friend Rio — were bathing in Toaru Academy’s public bath.
Now, as if it was his destiny, with this otherworldly Super Erotic Smartphone and its Super Erotic Apps,
Kazuma’s life at Toaru Academy begins as he aims to conquer all of its students.

Last update: 2023-01-18
Released: 2021-01-29
Creator (developer): Milk factory –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English(MTL)
Voiced: Japanese
Translator: SugoiVisualNovel

2dcg, anal sex, animated, big ass, big tits, censored, cosplay, creampie, dating sim, exhibitionism, groping, group sex, handjob, harem, internal view, japanese game, lactation, male protagonist, oral sex, pregnancy, romance, school setting, sci-fi, sex toys, teasing, titfuck, vaginal sex, virgin, voiced,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:


[Cool, versatile, smart love
Ponkosundere childhood friend] Rion Jogasaki (CV: Mei Gyoen)
Main character: A childhood friend who lives next door to Enjuuma. She is a second-year student at Tokiru Jogakuen.
She is good-looking, smart, cool, perfect, and jealous of her winning spirit, but in front of Enjuuma, who she likes, she often shows her stupidity.
Her special ability (her pyrokinesis) is gravity control (gravity control), which allows her to levitate herself, act in high-G environments, and use gravity control to punish Enjuma? to do
However, if she uses her ability too much, there are many cases where sexual side effects such as “breast milk”, “wanting to kiss”, and “wanting to be spoiled” occur. She (she holds it down in front of Enjuuma, but usually seems to be restrained by masturbation)

[A spoiled childhood boob idol from Hokkaido] -Rinoka
Misaki (CV: Sakura Hanazawa)
Like Rion, a new idol childhood friend who lives next door to Enjuma’s house.
She has just debuted as an idol, but it seems that her popularity is rising rapidly due to the size of her breasts that contradicts her lovely smile. She (currently appearing in a variety show that subjects idols to lewd trials, mainly for online distribution)
. It changes.
In most cases, either the angel part or the devil part of the person himself appears as an alter ego.
Up to one person can have the ability to alter themselves at the same time, but depending on the situation, up to two alter egos may appear. She (She seems to be a counselor when she’s depressed)

[In the past, the childhood friend I thought was a boy was a dark elf girl with huge breasts]
Akira Kuromori Hime (CV: Sakura Yamato)
From another world, Yuridrasil, who always thought he was a boy until Enjuma met again, A dark elf girl.
She is boyish, hates to lose, and has a bright, ultra-energetic and positive personality.
She belongs to the extreme wrestling club at Tokiru Jogakuen, and she uses her special ability to strengthen muscles (power assist) to win consecutive tournaments.
However, if she uses her skills too much, she will go into heat, and her body will show the tan pattern of her school swimsuit and bikini.
She also has a breast milk constitution, so if her breasts are swollen with breast milk, she may ejaculate during masturbation. She is (she is on the verge of climax, it seems that a crest appears on her lower abdomen when it is close to the day of ovulation)

[Licking for health management, sucking for embarrassment! ? A shy T-cup health committee]
●Nanako Saionji (CV: Rion Ayano)
The only daughter of the Saionji family, who run general hospitals all over the country. She is a freshman and serves as a health committee member.
She is timid, shy, and extremely shy, but she is a serious, kind-hearted girl full of affection.
The special ability of Nanako, who is a healthy member of the health committee, is that she can scan the physical condition of the other person when she touches or licks them (licking is much more accurate than touching)
. He also has a cure heal skill that can be used. (Colds and injuries that are not serious illnesses can be cured by using the skill several times.)
If the skill is used too much, it seems that the de M emotion will increase and it will be in estrus, and in that case it is often suppressed by masturbation.

[I will protect the morals and order of the school]
Maya Minase (CV: Natsu Asaka)
A disciplinary committee member who locks onto the protagonist day and night in order to protect the school rules and morals.
She is a classmate who likes the main character so much that she involuntarily takes the inside out attitude of her love.
Her special ability is clairvoyance, and she uses it for “belonging inspection”. She (even though she is, so far she has only used it for Enjuma)
Also, she wears a special suit to amplify her skill ability, but her design is too It seems that there are many scenes where she refuses to wear it because it is shameful.
Her nipples are inverted nipples and she seems to be quite concerned about herself.
As her pleasure heightens, the crest of her kin, inherited from her distant ancestors, seems to emerge on her underbelly.

[My parents’ house is a public bath! Friendly de M cup sunken nipple girl]
Hinata Yutani (CV: Toa Yukimura)
A first-year student who belongs to the extreme swimming club at Tomura Girls’ School.
Her parents’ house runs a public bath, and she has been swimming in the bathtub since she was little, so she is good at swimming.
Contrary to her bright and energetic face, she has a high sensitivity to her depressed nipples, and her breasts are quite M specifications.
Hinata’s special ability is “liquid control”, which allows her to collect and manipulate water.
If she just uses her skills too much, she runs the risk of getting an erection from her nipples.

[I still don’t have enough training… Outstanding style! A senior kunoichi with a weak butt is coming] –
Kaede Mido (CV: Honoka Yuki)
A bright and serious third-year senior who is loved by not only her classmates but also her juniors.
In front of Enjuuma, she always tries her best to get her sister mount, but she often fails as if a flag is raised.
Her special ability is not only good at fire starter (psychic ability), but also has skills such as visual obstruction, state acceleration, and psychic transfer.
Her family is a kunoichi family, and Kaede inherited that blood, and she has upgraded her ninjutsu by combining it with her own special ability.
However, overuse often causes a high-level side effect of wanting strong stimulation (sexual) in the buttocks.
Perhaps because of that, she masturbates more often with her anus than with her vagina, and is worried that she may be a pervert, with her maiden circuit fully open.

[Kissing is 1000 times more sensitive! ? Fabulous senior lady is a temptation type that kisses]
Yukari Sonomiya (CV: Mao Enokizu)
The daughter of the huge conglomerate “Sonomiya Group” with a total asset of 101 trillion yen. is a wonderful third-year senior.
Even though she is full of temptation pheromones, she has a pure constitution that “gets orgasm with a kiss”, and recently she is in secret special training with Enjuma to overcome kissing.
Her special abilities include “Accel Boost”, “Air Master (airflow control)”, and “Electric Thunder (thunder)”.
I thought her club activities would be fencing and horseback riding, but she belongs to the extreme beach volleyball club.
However, if she uses her special ability too much, she will feel the shamefulness of wanting to massage her breasts.

[The girl in the game who gave Enjuma “mysterious smartphone (sexual)”]
Lilia Iizuki (CV: Nanami Mizuno)
A girl who appeared from the world of Soshage that Enjuma is addicted to. .
She is also the person responsible for handing Enjuuma a “mysterious smartphone (sexual)”, who came to the smartphone shop “Pineapple Store” that exists in a dimensional distortion.
She came to this world because Lilia’s desire to meet Enjuma, who always cares about her in the game, was synchronized with Enjuuma’s desire, so she was able to appear.
Her specialty is teleportation, but when she uses it, her panties are always exchanged for her ability, so she usually puts a bandage on her local area. (Her plasters aren’t panties, so they won’t disappear
, she says). have the ability to move back and forth between

[Z cup limit breakthrough bust]
Lise Charlo von Koenig (CV: Ichika Kano)
A princess who studied abroad from the Neue Germanic principality in Europe.
She has a smart, dignified personality and hates to lose. She has a spirit that helps the weak and overthrows the strong.
Perhaps because she exudes a majestic aura, she often asks Enjuma about things she doesn’t understand because she doesn’t have many same-sex friends at Jukuru Jogakuen.
She also has a lot of naive parts, she seems to go too far because she was a princess until she came to study abroad, so she was boxed.
Her specialty is linear control (magnetic force control) and eagle eye (remote grasping ability).
Her side effect of overusing her abilities is that her bust size goes from U cup to Z cup.

Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs!

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 55

Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs!: screenshots

Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 1Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 3Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 5Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 6Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 7Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 8Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 9Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 10Knock Me Up! A Super Ero-App Academy of Fiery Boobs! screenshot 12

Enter an virtual world with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this adult game.

Try to be a good player and take what you want. It will be you next second life, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you’re totally gonna like.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Start now!

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