In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] v1.16

Demo version:No
Last update: 2023-05-08

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The sealed cave
This is the cave where the heroes used to push in demons and seal them up so that they could not come out.
In recent years, adventurers have been actively sent to the cave because there may still be something of value inside.​

Last update: 2023-05-07
Released: Japanese 2023-04-09, English 2023-04-30
Creator (developer): Dasaku Laboratory –
Censored: Yes
Version: 1.16
OS: Windows
Language: English (Edited MTL)

2DCG, 2D game, Censored, Animated, Japanese game, Tentacles, Monster, Vaginal sex, Internal view, Female protagonist, Side-scroller, Combat, Big tits, Rape, Spanking, Platformer, Titfuck, Creampie

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Added an item that warps to a specific map
Unequip function
Other adjustments
Added a function to adjust the progress of animation in gallery mode to some extent
Adjustment of movement on lifts, etc.
Added functions such as camera zoom in prison mode
Other adjustments
Added UI at the top of the screen
When a player is stuck, it will return to the previous area.
Other adjustments
Fixed a bug in boss battles
Bug fixes for PAD operation
Skip steps by pressing “x” key when letting go of consciousness
Other adjustments
Fixed a bug in boss battles.
Implemented auto-save function when switching areas.
Other adjustments

Developer Notes:

Characters: They who aim to get rich quick in The Cave.
Protagonist. Marie, the Magician, asked her to explore the cave. Although she was a chosen hero, she has little combat experience and does not know the horrors of monsters.
【Marie the Magician】 She asked Nirvana for alchemy materials in the cave.
【Demon Seller of Tools】 They sell things in the cave
[The old man who found the cave] It seems that he makes money by taking admission fees from adventurers.
Enemy Monsters: Attack adventurers who search the cave. Hungry monsters trapped in a sealed cave for a long time. Destroys Nirvana’s shield, gropes her body, and tries to steal her energy. We learn that the energy that humans ♀ drip while feeling ecstasy is delicious.
【Octopus Demon】 Attack by throwing or stabbing spears from a distance. He sucks on the nipples of immobilized adventurers while whispering a curse.
【Faceless Demon】 Attacks with a big mouth, pushes adventurers down and sniffs rubbing sucking organs.
【Neburi Demon】 Strangles the adventurer and weakens them, and licking with his long tongue.
【Orc Demon】 Good at powerful attacks and powerful pistons.
[Other lewd monsters]
Slime: entangled and milked. Rarely parasitizes, interferes with Nirvana’s ability to fight.
Tentacles: entangled.
Examination Table Demon: Sexual harassment in the name of massage.
Chair Demon: Inserts tentacles with warts while draining energy.

Translator Notes:

Notes and Changes:
Changed Marie sprite to the unused(?) sprite.
Added unused(?) shopkeep illustration.
Added exposure.
Added F7 for exposure.
Added Shopkeep reaction to exposure.
Huge thanks to for the globaltext and Modified GDRE Tools!

In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 72

In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory]: screenshots

In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 0In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 1In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 2In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 3In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 4In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 5In the Nest of Dominator [v1.16] [Dasaku Laboratory] screenshot 6

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