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Ikusa Megami VERITA poster
The wandering God-Slayer Serika, who’s still searching for his purpose. The half-demon king of Menfill, Loui, who just won the war, but lost his wife in it. This is the story of two infamous heroes and how their paths in life inevitably cross each other, and the conflict that it brings. While on the backdrop of the setting, various ancient forces rear their head and the temple of Marsterrie starts moving.​

Last update: 2020-01-15
Released: 2010-04-23
Original Title: 戦女神VERITA
Aliases: Battle Goddess Episode 4, IMV
Creator (developer): Eushully – –
Censored: Yes
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English (MTL)
Length: Very long (> 50 hours)
Voices: Japanese

2DCG, Male protagonist, RPG, Fantasy, Monster, Monster girl, Harem, Multiple endings, Japanese game, Censored, Combat, Turn based combat, Group sex, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Lesbian, Multiple penetration, Prostitution, Masturbation, Voiced, Rape, Twins, Handjob

Install instructions

Your Computer must be set to Japanese locale
Install gameInstall append 1,2 & 3Install the 2.0 updateExtract the Zap interface patch and copy the contents to your Ikusa Megami Verita directoryRun age.exeFor english machine translated dialogue:
After you have installed the zap interface patch

Extract the NekoHen (machine tl) dialogue patch (verita-dia-v100) and copy the contents to your Ikusa Megami Verita directory.

Zap TL Notes:

Zap Interface Translation Patch v1.01
May 15, 2017
Whats new (last changes):
Replaced original SO012.AGF file with translated one.
Everything except dialog and fishing instructions is translated to English.
The game takes place some time after Ikusa Megami ZERO and immediately before Ikusa Megami MEMORIA.
If you find any game-breaking bugs, leave a Patreon to let us know.
Due to extreme lack of space, character information and terminology may sound a little strange and may not have punctuation at the end of sentences.
Patch was made for game with Appends 1, 2 and 3 and 2.0 patch but should work for any combination.
If you are not running version 2.0, dont place SO018.AGF and place SO017-1.0.AGF instead of SO017.AGF and rename it SO017.AGF.
Some dialog choices are also translated, these are the files beginning with SC or SP.
The bar at the top of the window isn’t translated but all those options are accessible via in-game menus.
How to Install:
After installing the base game, Append Disks 1-3 and/or 2.0 patch, backup all .AGF and .BIN files in the game’s folder.
Unzip the contents of the interface patch to the game’s folder.
That’s it!
Asmodean & SaintLouisX: Tools
zoltanar, alinelrene, essenial: Translation
zoltanar, alinelrene: Image Editing

NekoHen TL Notes:

Machine translated Scripts (QUALITY NOT RECOMMENDED)
Text hooker friendly
English interface (RECOMMENDED) can be downloaded separately (see below)
All items, names locations and all text translated
This is not a manual translation but will allow to play the game full screen without a text hooker
Its pretty much the same quality as what you get from Atlas
If you still want to use a text hooker for conversations then DO NOT DOWNLOAD the conversations patch.
What is a machine translation? Is it better than a magical Japanese fairy translating the whole game?
It’s pretty much like browsing a website with google translate. For the most part it translates right but a lot of times you will find yourself reading something ridiculous. It will make you laugh even during a serious scene but it will be easier and faster to play the game
Append1 + Append 2 + Update v1.07,
How to Use:
1.Backup any BIN files on the games folder (just in case)
2.Unpack all files to the games folder
I only used the machine translation as base. the names, locations, attacks, and items are from the wiki so I went back and changed most of them as per the wiki I still need to do a lot of cleanup like i did on my BG0 translation because a lot of item names are long for example I changed things like “Bison’s Hoof Inn” from like a 6 words translation all the SC****.BIN and SP****.BIN are scripts, everything else is names, items, menus, etc in case you still want to use a text hooker.
Battle Goddess Verita – Eng Interface v1.01
Battle Goddess Verita – Eng Names and Descriptions by er0gamr
Battle Goddess Verita – Eng Character Conversations v1.0 by er0gamr

Linux Instructions:

# start uxterm with japanese language support:LANG=ja_JP.UTF8 uxterm&mkdir /tmp/iso# I have to be root to mount the isosu -c “mount -o loop,ro VERITA.iso /tmp/iso”# if you do above differently, make sure you’re not root anymore hereaftercd /tmp/isowine setup.exe# don’t change anything the default directory, follow instructions from:https://f95zone.to/threads/ikusa-megami-verita-final-eushully.43850/post-2897814# andhttps://f95zone.to/threads/ikusa-megami-verita-final-eushully.43850/post-2899754# similar other updates/upgrades need to be run with wine# When you move the files from the zap-ikusa-megami-verita-interface patch, make the extensions capitals (or you do not replace the files)cd zap-ikusa-megami-verita-interface-v101/ls -1 *.* | while read f; do [ “$f” != “${f^^}” ] && mv “$f” “${f^^}”; donemv * “$HOME/.wine/drive_c/Program Files (x86)/Eushully/”*VERITA/# others seem to have no issues

Win: – – – – –
Patched (3.92GB)
Win: – – – –
Part 1: – – – – – –
Part 2: – – – – – –
Part 3: – – – – – –
Update Patches
Appends 1 & 2: – – – – – –
Append 3: – – – – – –
2.0 Update Patch: – – – – – –
Translation Patches
Interface Patch by Zap: – – – – – –
NekoHen Machine TL Patches: – – – – – –
Manual (JP): – – – – – –
DC Fix: – – – – – –
Wall Map: – – – – – –
BGTrilogy (JP): – – – – – –
A huge THANK YOU to for sharing!
Ikusa Megami VERITA

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 96

Ikusa Megami VERITA: screenshots

Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 0Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 1Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 2Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 3Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 4Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 5Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 6Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 7Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 8Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 9Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 10Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 11Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 12Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 13Ikusa Megami VERITA screenshot 14

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  1. Thanks for the upload. Having some trouble though, the game keeps popping up some kind of weird warning screen in Japanese every few minutes, it makes the game unplayable. Any idea how to fix?

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