GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] v0.308

Demo version:No
Last update: 2024-04-30

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“Groveâ is an M/M focused NSFW RPG following the journey of an adventurer as he attempts to venture into the far north of an unexplored land. You play as Grove, a skilled dragon explorer and cartographer assisting in the main island colonisation.As parties disperse, individuals begin to disappear further towards the cusp of the north. Soon, rumours of curses and monstrous entities encroaching from the northern expanse begin to spread among your ranks. As you near the end of your allocated survey areas, you are given a strange contraption with a marked map, the only guide to its function. Your interest piqued, you set off and begin your journey into the northern expanse. Contains M/M focused intercourse, dubcon / noncon sexual encounters, tentacles, hypnosis, slimes and some latex.​

Last update: 2024-05-01
Released: 2024-04-30
Creator (developer): GroveDev – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.308
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

2DCG, Male Protagonist, Anal Sex, Oral Sex, Gay, Furry, Bdsm, Monster, Male Domination, Rpg, 2D Game, Turn based combat, Tentacles, Group sex, Multiple Penetration, Rape, Fantasy, Adventure, Big Ass,

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):


– Added mouse-over tooltips for most states when in battle.
– Increased base m.attack scaling of Azure Bolt.
– Increased buff duration of Sigil Concentration state by one turn.
– Sigil Infusion proc chance increased from 33% to 50%
– Sigil Infusion – Azure Bolt defense debuff increased.
– Sigil band m.attack buff reduced.
– Jellicap m.def reduced.
– Triple Blitz damage scaling increased
– Weapons (except for the starting dagger) can now be sold.
– Added additional text to the pile of timber in the Slime Cavern – Underworld area.

– Added a switch to disable the bat from ending the fight when the sleep event is activated.
– Fixed instance of description text clipping.
– Staggering dash buff removed after battle.
– Lightweight Dyed Armour description adjusted.
– TS_Bookmark plugin updated.
– Fixed issue that caused 50 points of the player’s HP to be removed upon game load when the Regulation Knight set is equipped.
– Blasting Powder will now be correctly removed from the player’s inventory when interacting with the empty barrel during the Mine side quest.
– Added ‘worn’ and ‘un-worn’ options to the Undergarment Lab scene when in the gallery.
– Added a moat around the slug island to prevent players from getting captured by the Primal Slug before unlocking the Jump Sigil.
– Fixed incorrect pathing when taking a seat during the Bandit Leader’s proposal section.
– Removed instances of gallery post battle eventing causing the pet function to be reenabled.
– Fixed instance of Mercenary hall hub interior warping Grove to an older variant of the Mercenary Camp map.
– Removed instance of transition flash in the Deep Husk area post quest completion.
– Added a conditional skip to the drake trap QTE garment rip text to prevent dialogue repeats.
– Fixed some instances of Upper Jungle jump pathing.
– Prevented players from jumping down the well when the 0.3 tutorial segment is active.
– Cooke’s movement will be skipped if Grove occupies a tile.
– Blocked player from exiting the Dusty Mines via the secret passage when the Umerite chunk is in inventory.
– Upon completion of the Desert Temple map, the player will be transferred to the Mercenary Camp map.
– Fixed bug that prevented players from leaving the mill if the shimmering powder bomb was crafted, but no excess dust is present in one’s inventory before the completion of the fourth side quest.
– Fixed instances of inconsistent collision with the slug nest plants.
– Fixed bug that allowed the invader scene trigger to be repeated over and over.
– Fixed erroneous slug encounter that allowed pets to participate in battle.
– Various grammatical fixes.
– Resolved an issue associated with the engine’s version of NW.JS and the ‘Bookmarks’ plugin, preventing the latter from operating. (Thanks Qazm!)
– Build released for MacOS (tested on Monterey)

-Added an additional store for Wizz post Quest 4 that includes a HOT coffee bean.
– Added a plugin that should resolve frame freezing and hitching issues that had cause the screen to freeze, but still allow players to move around.
– Fixed another instance of Mercenary Hub transition inconsistency.
– Added a skip to Rinnal’s pathing in the Quiet Meadow camp, ensuring players don’t get stuck
– Case of the mystery invisible cooke solved.
– Added redundancy OFF switches to disable the fire glow effect when deactivated in the red slime core area. Documents case teleport removes fire upon usage.
– Added an off switch to Tuon’s Bat scene, preventing a lockout when players are attempting to access the slime-slab scene.
– Ensured Shock bombs and Oil Bottles are a guaranteed hit.
– Added Tuon slap to the gallery.
– Shifted coffee bean event down to the chair.
– Fixed Dreams being stuck on the Carrot dream.
– Fixed an issue where the evening mill may lock players out if six quests are fulld in a certain order.
– Various grammatical fixes.
– Path inconsistency to Mercenary camp fixed.
– Fixed Orb not being removed from the team

– Added Kuno and Tuon variants of the slime game overs to the gallery.
– Added a HOT! coffee bean to the Wizard’s shop inventory
– Enthralled Explorer’s base defense has been reduced.
– Skimpy garments strip counter now damages the opponent instead of healing. 15% HP reduction from Maximum HP
– Fixed STM not regenerating to above 120 when resting.
– Forced a player teleport when interacting with Tuon to begin SQ4.
– Prevented players from nicking Bosc’s equipment.
– Highlighted camp locations during briefing scenes for clarity.
– Fixed player level cap stuck at the original level 15 value to 20.
– Additional Wizz dialogue implemented.
– Removed food from the beach during a rainy evening.
– Added additional switch checks to ensure the Mercenary Hub transition no longer transfers Grove to an older location.
– Removed shadow effects when teleporting.
– Slug TP-Disable issue should be resolved, otherwise cleanse yourself at a cleansing pool in the Jungle to remove any redundant effects.
– Removed ‘nested’ status post slug 1&2 capture scenes. This should resolve the issue of continually receiving the ‘corruption add’ dialogue within the slug nest.
– Bizz’s appraisal mechanic now properly rewards GOLD.
– Fixed an instance of the player being able to ‘double-recover’ their gear post Abductor fight, causing a crash.
– Fixed performance issues within the final room of the lower slime core area.
– Fixed Dervish Blade attack doubler not lasting the intended actionable 3 turns.
– Fixed Quiet Meadow title staying in place when visiting the mill
– Cleared all redundant images during Jelli game over.
– Added game over redundancy switch to Draconic Slime Mimic area to stop event processing in case of game over and existing event running parallel to each other.


New areas.
New enemies.
New NPCs.
New lewd events.
New ‘friends’.
New overworld and battle mechanics.
New accessories.
Additional effects for higher corruption states.
Grove’s level has been capped to level 20.
Updated lighting for introductory west cliffside forest 1.
Updated lighting for introductory west cliffside forest 2.
Updated tiles for base quiet meadow.
Updated lighting for quiet meadow.
Updated lighting for second half of Jungle area.
Updated slime tiles.
Remade CGs for ‘Slimy Black Undergarments’ scenes.
Gallery general changes.
Desert area scripting optimised, improving performance.
Significant performance improvements for desert virtual area puzzle.
Item purchase caps introduced to healing items. Pickups unchanged.
Various skill rebalances.
New effects implemented for the Skimpy garbs.
Desert hut has been reconfigured to instantly replenish all of Grove’s exposure in the desert.
Fixed missing respawn triggers for the second half of ‘SYS_CONTROL’ area.
Significant performance improvements for ‘SYS_CONTROL’ area.
Prevented black undergarments from being worn at the campsite.
various text clipping instances resolved
Fixed players from being able to TP after the bridge switch was activated.
Text wrapping and continuity issues fixed for Water Grappler capture scene.
Southern Jungle top intro scene continuity fixed.
Text wrapping issues fixed for Cock Latcher removal event.
Jungle Clearing pod interaction now correctly removes the ‘Converted Drake Essence’ item.
Fixed Jungle campsite fire continuity dialogue.
Fixed second Jungle Cleansing pool area from repeating twice when interacted with.
General text fixes for Rinnal pod event.
Text wrapping issues fixed for Hollow Amalgamation grapple / game over text.
Fixed banana touch interaction triggering incorrectly with mouse.
Fixed clipping issue with a crack in a desert hut.
Fixed clipping issues in the Desert Temple entrance.
Fixed Pulsating Wraps potentially locking the player behind an invisible bridge due to tile collision.
Fixed pulsating binds not showing up on Grove during Consumed Mass boss fight.
Fixed bug where getting wrapped would prevent armour repair for the duration of the area, even when the wrappings are removed.
Fixed incorrect map transfer between the Meadow Farm and the Cliffside forest.
Recovery Herb now correctly replenishes STM by 20.

– Experimental Linux and macOS builds released.
– “Apple Finder” event removed.
– Christmas flair stored away.
– Armour entwine now correctly activates.
– Both Kuno rescue dialogue instances no longer play when first reaching the ‘Periphery Jungle – Waterfall’ area.
– Fixed several wall clipping issues
– Fixed several instances of text clipping
Decreased variance of ‘Twin strike’ from 30% to 20%
Fixed several text overruns.
Fixed bandit hideout incorrect map case teleport.
Fixed expanded cliffside forest entrance erroneous screen tint.
Fixed northern bridge screen tint from cutscene.
Fixed instances of tinted white screens on several gallery chests.
Fixed cliffside attempted escape map not refreshing.
Fixed erroneous 30% text buff on the enhanced undergarments. The description and unlock text should now display 15%
Removed iron dagger duplication bug when skipping the grapple tutorial.
Fixed clipping issues in bandit hideout.
Bunch of grammatical fixes.
Gallery unlocks are now universal across all saves. YOU WILL NEED TO RE UNLOCK ALL SCENES AGAIN! (Use older saves that are closer to the event to speed up the process)
Added in the ability to toggle messages on and off. Press H, or right click!
Several new lighting effects.
Using potions will no longer repeat the ‘posture recovered’ message, and will immediately send you back to the item menu.
New sprites for NPCs.
Added a Breathing Focus grapple skill, exchanging 30 STM for 30 TP.
Added a corruption point for “staying longer” in the bandit capture event.
Sped up the ” . . . “ text boxes in the bandit request area.
Tiny bit of new flavour text.
Food pics
Low Blow damage reduced. TP requirement reduced from 75 to 60
Added 30% variance to twin strike.
Reckless barrage attack increased and TP cost reduced from 70 to 60.
Moaning facade now increases grapple attack damage further.
Reduced cost of ranger stance from 100 TP to 85.
Desperate hold reduced to 2 turns.
Changed Artery Stab from a high damage skill, to a low damage bleed ability with a small chance to stun.
Staunch Strike is now a hard hitting attack that strips one piece of armour from Grove (or removes 15% of Grove’s max HP), stunning the opponent. 50 TP
Triple Blitz has been buffed. 50 TP
Removed 50 STM penalty from the enhanced undergarments. Buff reduced from 30 to 15%
Increased early bird ring starting TP from 15 to 20.
Increased hit chance of player skills.
Increased chance of garments being ripped.
“Pink stimulant” item has been reworked, granting a boost to standard attack damage for 2 turns, but reducing grapple attack damage for 5 turns.
Several typos.
Northern bridge fence clipping issues.
Fixed slime core hole softlocking players when attempting to enter.
Fixed player stuck on encountering slime enemy while in attempted escape event.
Fixed repeatable Veteran relationship gain bug.
Moaning facade skill defense reduction increased to 55%
Slime mimic will now correctly check if you have 0 STM remaining at the end of the event.
Umber bandit in the gallery will no longer give exp and gold
Bandit leader in the gallery will no longer force a game over upon re-entering the hideout.
Reinforce plate description now correctly displays 60 STM
Gallery Green and Umber Bandits no longer trigger the syringe scene upon re-entering the hideout.
Intro fire now correctly displays dialogue, and doesn’t when facing away.
Fixed broken armoury room crystal visuals.
Fixed HP decimals appearing when certain skills were used.

GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 25

GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev]: screenshots

GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 0GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 1GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 2GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 3GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 4GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 5GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 6GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 7GROVE "Dark Places" [v0.308] [GroveDev] screenshot 8

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