Figures of Happiness [COMPLETED]

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Last update: 2018-02-11

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Minamo is a pure and romantic girl who can be quite clumsy at times, and she’s in love with the handsome Satoru, a boy in her class. While working at her part-time job, Minamo spies Ryo and his girlfriend Mio as they eat together, their love for each other clearly visible in their eyes. She wishes she could sit like that with Satoru, but she knows she’s too shy to ever come out and confess her feelings to him.
Soon after, Minamo is killed in an accident. Filled with remorse at not seizing her chance for love while she was alive, she visits Ryo and asks for his help. If he’ll lend her his own life force, she’ll be able to tell her feelings to Satoru. Ryo doesn’t know until it’s too late that lending Minamo his life energy will turn him into a lifeless spirit!
And so the wheels of fate turn, winding the destinies of everyone together: dead Minamo and her reluctant helper Ryo; the pure Mio and her carefree twin sister Mao; the competitive Kokoro, who won’t give up Satoru without a fight; the lonely spirit Izumi; and the perplexing Soul Collector. What twists and turns await this cast of characters before the final act is played?​

Original title: しあわせのかたち
Length Long: (30 – 50 hours)
Updated: 2005-03-28
Developer/Publisher: –
Censorship: No
Version: Complete
OS: Windows
Language: English

Indecisive Protagonist, Romance, Protagonist in Relationship, Male Protagonist, Life and Death Drama, Multiple Endings, Airhead Heroine, Girlfriend Heroine, ADV, Protagonist with a Face, Nakige, Comedy, Central Heroine, Shinigami Heroine, Dramatic Love Triangle,

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Mount img.
3- Click on setup.exe and install. (idk if you really need to install vmate launcher.
4- Get the files listed below an copy them in to your game folder then play.
Fix for Vmate: just copy the crack on the 2nd disk
Fix for GGD: Copy the GGD file from the 1st disk

Figures of Happiness

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 9

Figures of Happiness: screenshots

Figures of Happiness screenshot 0Figures of Happiness screenshot 1Figures of Happiness screenshot 2Figures of Happiness screenshot 3Figures of Happiness screenshot 4Figures of Happiness screenshot 5Figures of Happiness screenshot 6Figures of Happiness screenshot 7Figures of Happiness screenshot 8Figures of Happiness screenshot 9Figures of Happiness screenshot 10Figures of Happiness screenshot 11

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