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Last update: 2019-01-24

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Lust. It can consume you, devouring your soul as it corrupts you and those around you. Leading you on a journey of debauchery and immorality so perverse that “lust” has been labeled one of the seven deadly “sins.” But what is lust? Is it really that bad? Are the other six “sins” truly so bad as well? Find out as you take control of Dope as he becomes the champion of lust, where he is thrust into a plot in which the survival of the human species rests with his sack.​

Last update: : 2019-01-07
Released: : 2019-01-07
Creator (developer): : |
Censorship: None
Version: 0.11.8
Platform: PC / Windows, Mac
Language: English

Adventure RPG, 3DCG, Incest, Fantasy, Date Simulator, Corruption, Harem

Install instructions

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.


Dojo 3/4th’s operational.The track has been updated and now you can’t use the mouse while on the track.Agility and combat training work. Only Blaze and Fire available for combat training (3rd floor of the dojo).Massage and recovery rooms need to be finished.No adult content added yet. (I need to build the Dojo in Daz but that will be rectified soon)Armor & Weapon Systems Updated (Primary reason you have to restart).There are new Weapon and Armor types, mostly Armor and characters now have 2 different types of armor, “outfits” and “armor”.“Outfits” can be considered your traditional armor and consist of various clothing types.“Armor” is much weaker than “outfits” and consists of various undergarments. At a specific point in the game “armor” will replace “outfits” though, which is why “outfits” isn’t called “armor.”Weapons now have a proficiency rating. If you aren’t proficient enough with a weapon, your damage will be reduced and you may hurt yourself instead of the intended target.Both Armor and Weapons now require set S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats to equip. For example, a weapon may require a certain strength and/or agility to use or an armor may require a certain charisma to wear.Added a couple dozen armors and weapons.Tweaked stats for the player, armors, and weapons. An attempt at starting to balance the game.Added store to sell new armor types (PornStar Apparel in the mall. Oh, the mall is open, but not done, now too).Tweaked Enemy Combat and Drops.Tweaked enemy stats. Overall they’re a little weaker.Most non humanoid enemies no longer drop money.Added new loot to most enemies to counteract this. (Money is now harder to get in the sense that you have to fight/grind more to get it)Lowered xp enemies give. (At least you’ll be getting loot from fighting now!)Added store to buy new monster drops. Most is junk but some will have use. Store is outside the mall, NPC isn’t shady at all.Store TweaksI think I missed a few but stores will no longer buy items. There will be special NPC’s, generally right beside the store, where you can go to sell back items. However, you can only sell back the types of items you could buy from the store. For example, you can’t buy something from the Dojo then turn around and try to sell it at Van Nuts Studios.Class Tweaks.Made a few slight modifications to some classes and made it so that you maintain your level between class changes.Characters will also not be able to switch between sex subclasses due to how some of the subclasses are setup. (Not like it matters as that feature wasn’t in game yet anyway)I’m pretty sure other changes were made but I haven’t been keeping track so who knows. Game may be buggy…
Added Dope’s first meeting with Draco and the Zeal family.Updated a few maps.Updated autosave feature. Game autosaves before most map transitions now. Dungeons don’t have autosaves.Added visual cues for exits on some maps where the exits aren’t obvious.Added renders for Dope’s encounter with Schala.Fixed a few bugs.Maybe other stuff. I dunno.v0.11.6
Added renders for Emerald’s first sex sceneAdded renders for Zeal family introUpdated Arcade mapAdded Air Hockey minigame (fully functional)Added Tutorial for incubus perks and updated perk descriptions. (Tutorial autoruns after meeting lust, available anytime afterwards from main menu)Added interior for Flower Shop and Restaurant.Other stuff I probably forgotv0.11.5.7 Hotfix:
Fixes various issues of dialogue choices not displaying properly. Hopefully.Adds Fire back to the game while she’s in the party. *She shows up all the time Dope is home, even when she should be in class, since I just now thought about it and programed it that way. Will fix that later, it doesn’t affect anything.Fixed issue of Fire’s dialogue not working as well.Updated Chronic home maps. *You can walk over the new trash can in the mom’s bathroom and you shouldn’t be able to. I just fixed it, not a big deal but just so you know I know.v0.11.5.7:
Added first sex battle. Available through Emerald’s questline. (Includes 30 or so renders)Added perks to the game. Just the basic setup, no perk implementation yet. Layout needs a bit of tweaking as well. Perks probably won’t change, if anything, more will be added. Available after meeting Lust.Polished battle escape tactics. When you run from enemies in the maze you can’t be attacked for 5 or so seconds. I may create a perk that allows escape to stun the mob as well. We’ll see.Added/updated various bgm’s.Fixed lots of bugs. Maybe created more. They procreate…Updated Blaze’s home UI. Blaze now shows up around home no matter if she’s in the party or not. (It’s really fixed, I promise!) She now also moves on with her life when you sleep/nap. It’s a good way to force her to gtfo of the bathroom… women.v0.11.5.6 Whats new (last changes)
Added new enemy and boss AI.Implemented various plugins for enemies. Some will now chase the player.Added new, optional, vendor.Added new drop/currency system to accompany new vendor. (Kill monster, get drops, buy stuffs *Right now it also asks for g but it won’t in the future*)Added new spells and edited a few older ones. New dual techs and combo bonuses.Added new weapons/armors.Changed/updated weapon stats to add variability and distinction between weapon types.Daggers/Dildos are the fastest weapons, have +hit chance, and have a chance to hit the target twice.Swords/Dildoblades are slower than daggers but do more damage, have + crit chance, and have a chance to daze (lower attack) the target.Whips are slower than swords but a little stronger than dildo’s, have a higher +crit than dildo blades, and have a chance to paralyze the target.Crops are the same speed as swords, about equal in strength to daggers, and have a chance to interrupt the target.Dildostaves don’t have any bonus to speed, are a little stronger than daggers, have the highest +hit and have a chance to counterattack physical attacks.I plan to add maces/paddles as well and details are subject to change.I fixed bugs, numerous ones at the Hefna mansion.I implemented an autosave feature. Autosave takes up slot one and will save on screen transition.I added/modified dialogue for Dope/his family and Emerald. If you’ve already talked to Terra and gone to the Hefna mansion you’ve missed it.
Finished the masturbation stage of Blazes shower event. (Working on last stage now, will be available to public once finished)Updated the initial stalker events. You can now be attacked under certain conditions.Added moveset for the stalker (I’ll probably need to tweak this)Updated Map for Northern Forest EntranceOther minor prep for next update0.11.5.1
Public version fixed and the links have been updated.
Added the second floor (2 maps) to the Dojo.
Added greenhouse interior (9 maps).
Emerald’s quest updated.
Set students for Defense class.
Base dialogue for Defense class students.
Fixed class randomizer.
Dope Shop Greenhouse exterior mapped.
Chronic Tower (Dope’s family business headquarters) interior mapped.
Chronic Tower, Top Floor mapped.
Chronic Tower, Mom’s Office mapped.
Added 6 new NPCs.
Added chat, hugging, kissing, showing, and touching renders for Blaze.
Added all available scenes to the album.
Reworked Emerald’s character introduction. (Party at Hefna Mansion) Added 13 renders for Emerald.
Added intro for Emerald’s first quest.
Updated Emerald’s character info in game.
Added chat interactions for Mary Jane at work and home.
Updated Mary Jane’s character info in game.
Added new /edited some old starting classes and abilities
Starting after some initial main quests the Party no longer follows the player around at home and other key locations.*
Added intro dialogue to home events for Blaze.*
Added Yanfly Event Encounter Aid plugin.*
Tweaked/added variables for the day system.
Added partial continuation of Lust’s questline. Talk to the succubus in the forest before the entrance to the Temple of Lust, after meeting Lust, to continue the quest, which is still in progress. Text heavy.
Updated credits.
As I’ve said on my patreon, this update is primarily for mac users and new players in general. If you’ve played the most recent version for windows, excluding this obviously, there is minimal new content for you. The mac versions works this time, tested it on my mac. Enjoy.
Whats new (last changes)
Added students to Fitness class.
Tweaked the Fitness practical.
Temporarily closed off the Defense class until the next update.
Fixed a few minor bugs.
*Note, if you start a new game the starting dialogue in Dope’s room still says v.0.10.
V0.10.1 Hotfix
Whats new (last changes):
Fixed a bug where the player could skip past a part of the main quest, resulting in various glitches and the player being unable to advance the story.
Fixed bug causing the player to move slow after meeting Lust.
Corrected dialogue for the Agility minigame directing the player to run to counterclockwise.
Corrected dialogue for new games to accurately reflect game version.
v0.10 Whats new (last changes)
Added renders and new dialogue for Blaze & Fire Scene 1.
Various bugfixes.
v.08.7.2 hotfix:
Liberal application of bug spray
v.08.7.1 Hotfix Whats new (last changes):
Fixed an issue causing Blaze to stay sleep in her bed, preventing the player from being able to recruit her back into the party.
v. 08.7
Changed system windows.
Added “Nighttime Attack” minigame.
Added Van Nut Corner Club’s second floor. (Strip Club)
Opened Van Nut Studios second floor. (Reception/interview area)
Added 18 NPC class members, some may be recruitable.
Updated class pool from 11 to 15.
Updated/changed class rosters.
Added basic, but informative, dialogue to all Occult Science students. (One or two lines that hint to or outright tell the player something about the NPC)
Reworked Shopping District.
-Set place for 5 new shops. Arcade, cafe, salon, restaurant, and a
“weapons” shop.
Set place for the Van Nuts Mall & Gym in the unused building in Nut Street South.
Set Blaze and Fire to leave party at night.
Added sex/gender/do you have a penis or nah detection for Dope.
Added Dap/Handshake and Respect chat choices for male characters. (No interactions yet, just the menu choice)
Added extended message pack 1 yanfly plugin.
Set party limit to 4
Expanded Romance/Friendship Systems for Blaze and Fire
– Added 5 flirt interactions for Blaze and Fire
– Added kiss interactions for Blaze and Fire
– Added hug interaction for Blaze and Fire
– Added 5 random party chat interactions for Blaze
Added Van Nuts Dope Shop (item shop)
– Added shopkeeper for shop
Added a couple new items
– Dank Bud | Revive
– Hurban Poison | Poison cure
– Lem Haze | Paralysis cure
Added new stat “Bond”
– This is a hidden, probably, stat that measures the presence of your player in other characters lives. Bond passively decreases, exponentially, over time and it increases every time you interact with a character. It also goes up passively for party members. It caps so it can’t be stacked, the point is you have to interact with characters to maintain bond. If bond drops into the negatives it will begin affecting friendship and love by decreasing them over time, also exponentially like bond.
v.08.5.2 Hotfix
Fixed issue causing the player to be unable to talk to Elise during class
Fixed something else too but I seriously forgot what it was, but whatever it was, I fixed it.
Added subclasses to the game.
Fixed issue causing the player to get stuck on the 2nd floor at the museum when meeting new character. (v.08.5.1)
You have to restart. You have to restart. You have to restart. Sorry.
v.08.5.1 Hotfix
Fixed bug caused by talking to new NPC at museum.
Added a clock HUD Added party chat.
Hit “c” to interact with party members. Currently the player can choose from “Talk,” “Romance,” and “Spells”. Minimal interactions, just the basic system.
Added Romance options to the game. Currently the player can only flirt with Elise in OS class. Again, just the basic system.
Added spells.
Activating npc’s now brings up a menu (on all future npc’s, and eventually old npc/events, from this point on) like party chat, where the player can choose spells to use on said npc. Currently the player can only try two spells on Elise in OS class. To view the effects of spells, open the relationship menu “b”.
Locked Daemon/class menu for new games, unlocks during story.
Finished structure for OS class and added first class.
Added missable event with Elise for first class.
Setup game for subclasses (not implemented yet).
Fixed an issue where Blaze &/or Fire got bugged in part of the Temple of Lust quest.
Fixed an issue where the player gets stuck in Dope’s room when playing old saves.
v.08.4 changelog Added the positive renders for Elise’s first scene.
Started implementing Daemon system.
Started implementing corruption system.
Started implementing school system.
Started implementing “date sim” system.
Added the agility class practical lesson (mini game).
Updated relationship log Added brief char bios Changed starting variables of Dope’s known relationships. (You still have to “meet” the npc first in game) Reopened West Mountain Beach Plaza, place where Dope’s family dispensary is, but that’s not open yet. Corrected a typo telling the player to search the garage, to search the basement. Potential other stuffs.
Updated the quest log Added a few NPC’s on a random spawner to the museum. The game now tells the player the time after sleeping. Modified the main quest a bit. Other minor fixes/changes/updates. Due to request, Mac and Linux links for the first time. No idea if they work. Trying the mac one but I don’t have Linux so… I tried.
v0.07.2 Whats new (last changes)
Added a bit of story content.
Added 1st dungeon and story boss to the game.
Added first story related death to the game.
Updated time system so that the player can hit “c” to bring up the watch/clock.
Fixed bug in Dope’s room where sleeping didn’t advance time.
Updated sleeping as a whole so now the player can choose how long they want to sleep for (1-4, + 8 hours).
Tried to get the daylight system to display noon and midnight properly. We’ll see.
Tweaked combat and enemies a bit in order to prep for balancing (Ideally by the time you get the to the boss, on a new game, the player should bit at or a little above level 10).
Added some gear.
Introduced easter egg/cameo/secret character (missable).
Maybe more but that’s the important stuff.
v0.07.1 Whats new (last changes)
Added an Inrto to guide the player into the story
Modified the time system
Introduced timed events
Modified combat
Updated old quests with additional dialouge
Added “Allies” menu so the player can remove people from the party (not much use yet but will be important in the future)
Started new storyline quest with Laura (museum curator)
Updated skills
Overhauled the Secret Retreat and the Northern Forest Center
Added a dungeon. Kinda
Placed a clear indicator for the end of current content
Probably some other shit that I forget
v.07 update
Added renders for Jessica’s first scene.
Minor advances to main storyline.
v.06.7.1 update
Fixed issue with dialogue for Elise.
Looked over Jessica’s quest to make sure it was working as intended. The quest works for me but if you have problems, let me know.
v.06.7 update
Added face sets for Blaze and Fire
Fixed bug causing Jessica’s quest not to advance even when player had the items needed
Fixed bug with an enemy animation not loading properly.
v.06.6.2 Whats new (last changes):
Fixed an issue with an enemy not loading properly.
Added renders for Dope’s face in MV conversations. (Sisters are next)


The game is a mix between a traditional JRPG, heavily influenced by Chrono Trigger/Cross, and a visual novel games. The game will play as a standard rpg, but the player will also have “date sim” style content with party members and npc’s throughout the game. Choices matter, decisions can impact who can join your party and of who you can date, as well as affect the overall story in the game. The game will have at least three endings and support new game plus.


***Remember, whenever in party press “c” to interact with party members. Only Blaze has scenes(renders) available.***
After Intro, Dope’s House
In Dope’s room, move up and read the dialogue. No really, read it. It always has the most up to date changes made to the game AND gives the player some useful information on hotkeys. Go to the top left dresser and get Dope’s armor.
Go downstairs, talk to the mom, she leaves, go to the fridge and get the energy drinks. Go to the laundry room and get the whip from the laundry basket.
Go back upstairs and go to the Mom’s room, on her bed, upper left side, pick up the dildo. Get the two sets of lingerie hanging up.
Go and give Fire her gear.
Go to the upstairs bathroom and get the whip from the other laundry basket.
Go to Blaze’s room and give Blaze her gear.
Your initial party is now formed. Technically you can do this in any order, all that matters is that you get everybody’s weapons/armor and the drinks.
Go to the museum, there will be a chance that a special npc will spawn on the 2nd floor. If she’s not there you can either go out and come back until she spawns or just take the tour. She’s going to have a fairly major role in this chapter, just throwing that out there. (If you don’t see her and proceed with the story it won’t send you to a dead end or anything, it’ll just be a little harder to take a certain route later on in the game) Either way talk to Laura and take the tour. Choose to peep on Laura after the tour is over.
After Museum, Dope’s House
Go back home and talk to the mom while she’s at the piano, it has to be between 7PM and 11PM. Go to sleep in Dope’s bed to advance time if need be. When the mom goes upstairs, follow her and talk to her in her room, again, it has to be between 7PM and 11PM.
Go to the forest behind Dope’s house. Check out the tree between the statues. Then… Fight. Kill. Do PETA proud. You can check your progress by opening the quest log (“v” or open the menu and scroll to Quest Log) and clicking on the quest. Once you’ve murdered enough, go talk to Mom.
After Crittier Massacre, VNU Dorms-Meet Jessica
Go to the Dorms and talk to Jessica, choose to get the dust for her, or, don’t do shit for her and mind your business. You ain’t nobody’s bitch.
If you didn’t decide to help Jessica, skip down to the part where you’re told go to the beach. If you decided to help Jessica, go to the School Forest, kill fairies, collect dust. Optionally, you can go to the last zone in the School Forest and collect some honey at the tree surrounded by a fairy circle (circle of flowers). After you collect 10 fairy dust, a bear will appear in the forest entrance. Either use the honey, fight the bear, or try to run around it. Personally, I recommend you fight the damn bear. Fuck PETA. The bear drops a weapon. What’s PETA drop? Nothing. A.K.A, kill the fucking bear.
Go back to the Dorms and give Jessica the dust.
Exit to the Town map screen, if Jessica doesn’t call, enter any area then back out, eventually Jessica will call and tell you she’s ready to come over Dope’s house, accept.
Go home, if Jessica doesn’t walk up to the door, go upstairs then go back downstairs, she’ll show up eventually (90% chance so it won’t take long) Once Jessica is at the door, go to the door, look at the render, go outside and talk to her.
With Jessica in the party, go upstairs. Blaze and Fire will leave, Jessica will ask if you have some bud. Of course you do. This is also a good time to hit “c” and check out how the party chat menu works. No real content in it yet tho.
Go to Dope’s room, get the bud, watch the scene. Go to sleep after Jessica’s event.
Go get Blaze and Fire.
After Critter Massacre, Beach-Meet Billy
Go to the beach and talk to Billy. Pick any option to deal with Elise. Friendship wise, it’s best to choose “I don’t really know her.” Comedy wise, fuck that bitch.
Go to the Van Nut Corner Club, play Old Man Roshee’s mini game and get the whisky.
Go to Nut Hills Drive. Tell the kid to fuck off. Talk to Little Timmy then talk to Billy. Go in Hef’s mansion.
Once in Hef’s mansion, if you decided to be nice to Elise, Blaze and Fire will leave the party. You can either mingle at the party (no point right now really as no renders are there but there is story info to find out) or you can head straight to Elise. If you said fuck Elise, pretty much follow the same script except Blaze and Fire will not leave the party.
Once you decide to talk to Elise, any option you pick is fine, so long as you don’t tell her “We aren’t” because then she leaves. If you didn’t piss her off and she joins your party, head out the door on the left, go up to the pool around to the right and to the secluded area. Once in the secluded area you can’t leave until you finish Elise’s event. Walk to the barrel and click on it. Watch the event. Head back into Hef’s mansion and pick up the sisters. Leave and go home. If you decided to be a naughty boy, take Elise over to Billy and Timmy, shenanigans, go home.
After Mansion Party
At home, take a nap. After you sleep, go talk to the mom in her room, 7PM-11PM. She gives you a key to the book shelves downstairs.
Leave her room, during the event outside the door, hug both Blaze and Fire.
Go downstairs and look at the bookshelves. You have to see Van Nuts History, Gemology For Idiots, The Chronicles of Lust, and the Compendium OF Mythical Creatures in order for the quest to advance. You do not have to take the books, just have seen them. Take the photography book and the compendium though.
If after you click no to look at something else, Dope tells you they have enough. Head to the museum.
Go upstairs and go to the office. Tell her “It’s a me” then when she asks about you peeking, tell her it wasn’t you. Laura joins the party and tells you to go get better gear. You don’t really have to the enemies are way too easy.
After Meeting Laura
Go to the Northern Forest, head to the Forest Center, talk to the goblin, kill it, the ugly bastard. Click on the shards, read the dialogue and head to the forest behind Dope’s house.
In the forest, go to the statue in the lower right corner. Click on it, add the shards. turn to the left, click on the rock, take some, add the rock to the statue. Go back to the Forest Center of the Northern Forest.
At the Forest Center, click on the magic circle, on the other side of the map, click on the green orb. When the temple appears, go click on the gate in front, the gate opens. Go inside.
1st Dungeon
Once inside, explore, there are some treasure chests to find, but stay out of the purple shit. If you get poisoned there is a pool that will restore health in the upper left of the map. Look for the hole in the wall, middle room far right bottom corner, go through it, path closes, head up and over towards the top of the map then take the path leading to the left. Climb up the vine, go down and around and up to the other side then climb down another vine to collect some green rock. Go back up the vine then climb down the broken vine, can’t go back up so look around all you want before going back down, take the rock to the upper right room and use it on the statue to open the way.
Go into the room, walk up, event auto starts. Save before fighting boss. Boss comes in three flavors:
Easy. You were nice to both Jessica and Elise. I recommend being at level 10+ to fight the boss.
Less Easy. You were nice to one of the two. I recommend being at level 15+ to fight the boss.
You gon die, literally (in the game at least). You said fuck both those hoes! Doesn’t matter what level you are, you’re about to die.
Kick bosses ass, or die, talk, leave dungeon. Leave Forest. Laura leaves party.
After Dungeon, Forest Behind Dope’s House
Go back to forest behind Dope’s house. Check out the tree, wut happened, head to the basement to get an axe to cut the tree down.
Go into the grove, event starts. Look at the statue. Talk to the sisters. Bring each sister to the crystal they are closest to and talk to them. Find the right order and put them in a trance. Click on the orb, not the statue. Way to the Temple of Lust opens. Get your sisters and go.
In the temple make your way to Lust. Talk to her. Plot. You are now an incubus. You have access to level 1 incubus spells. You also have perks. Joy. The status menu now has a section for Daemon stats and the Perk and Daemon menu (class menu) is now unlocked in the main menu. Go talk to mom, she tells you it’s time for school. Well, there goes the summer.
After Meeting Lust, VNU
Go to the college when it’s open and register for classes. Do whatever but you need to sleep to advance the story. When you sleep it advances to the next day. Fire leaves the party and goes to high school, this will occur mon-fri if she’s in the party during school time. Go to college.
At this point you have a few options. A few of the classes are available with limited functionality.
OS Class/Elise
You can go to the OS studies class and try that out. There you have a chance to talk to Elise and progress her relationship/story somewhat. Before talking with her, use the debase spell on her to maximise your choices. Still doesn’t have a visual indicator. End of current Elise content and OS class stuff.
Agility Class/Jessica
You can also try out the agility class, which apparently has some bugs right now so I won’t update this part yet. Go to it if you want but the game is under dev, it may or may not work right…
Defense Class/Emerald/Sex Battle
The area with the most fleshed out content is the defense class and Emerald story. If playing from my included save, start by going to talk to Mary Jane either at work or at home, preferably while at work. Talk with her until she tells you that she needs a new grower, I recommend saving before talking with her just to make it easier. Once she’s talked with you about needing a grower, look at/activate one of the plants in her room then head to the university and take the defense class. Try and get a class where an empty seat is next to emerald and sit through the class. After class talk to her about the job then take her to talk with your mom AFTER 12pm/noon at work.
Mary Jane will send you and Emerald to the greenhouse. Head to the smoke shop and give Emerald the tour, when in the rooms with the different kinds of “weed” just click on 1 of each kind. Talk with Mary Jane again either at work or at home, then talk with Emerald again after the next class. Emerald will go with you to her house, located in north westside, northernmost house. Find her mom, she’ll either be in the main room, the greenhouse to the left of it, or directly upstairs. Don’t tell her about Ludt but tell her you trust her, then go talk to Hef at the mansion. Go through the plot then run out and talk to Lily in the maid’s room, mottom right room when exiting Hef’s office. After talking to Lily go back and talk to Terra, Emerald’s mom. Now you can go pick Emerald up at the dorms during the day and head off on the Northern Forest.
In the forest, take the lower left exit in the first room and head into the trees in the next room to get to the maze. I recommend being a decent level AND having some supplies on hand before going. (Urban Poison, Dank Bud, Energy Drink) Once you head in, click on the stone steel then click on the blue flower below it. Head up, talk, exit. Head up on over to the next area then down and around back into the trees. Head all the way up then over to the left, touch the second blue flower and swing back out. Head to the left and up to touch the yellow flower, then back down around and all the way to the north left of the map. Click on the blue flower beside the gate to open it then walk in. Remember this area, you’ll have to leave through the exit, not the portal you just took, to proceed to the final boss/event.
Walking out the gate, head over to the left and head down to touch the pink flower. Head up the vine to the exit then leave to the right. Make sure you’re healed up then head down the vine. Kill all the enemies then head through the gate. Deal with those enemies then head up the vine and leave to the right. Head down the vine then to the left and down a bit to find the second yellow flower then head back up and out. Walk over and jump to the second walkway then go down the vine and walk into the trees. Head up and to the left then down to find the second pink flower. You can go up and open the yellow gate but there is no point right now, head out and back up the vine.
Jump over and either go down the vine and open up the pink gate in the room, or take the path you originally came, whichever method you take, get back to the room I told you to remember then walk out. Both are about the same distance so it doesn’t matter which. Walk up and touch the flower to open the path, you should’ve touched 6 total. Proceed, fight boss. Proceed, pick up a bottle to the right and click on the orb. Brief chats then sex battle. For best results, cum inside her then finger her until she squirts. Leave. If you’ve done everything else, that’s the end of current content. Emerald is also stalking you now.
Dope’s Lustful Adventures

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 85

Dope’s Lustful Adventures: screenshots

Dope's Lustful Adventures screenshot 0Dope's Lustful Adventures screenshot 1Dope's Lustful Adventures screenshot 2Dope's Lustful Adventures screenshot 3Dope's Lustful Adventures screenshot 4

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