Domina v1.1

Demo version:No
Last update: 2019-08-31

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Thirteen evil Demonesses are amassing their strength, planning to invade and conquer Earth for themselves. Like many before you, you were chosen by the Goddess of Light, Llavanya, to stop and prevent their devilish plans. But when you’re dealing with beings whose only purpose is the submission of those around them… Surrendering might prove a hard thing not to do.


Dark Souls-like femdom RPG. The game is divided into 13 different diverse realms, each housing its own Domina, united by a hub dreamworld. Enter each realm, defeat its Domina and obtain her magic Seal to save your world. Assuming your resolve holds and you don’t submit to them, that is.
1.0 includes the first world, the Realm of Dusk, fulld. Every update after this will include the next world and its new Domina.
DISCLAIMER: 1.0 and its bugfixes are free, the next updates will be patron only.

Last update: : 2019-08-23
Released: : 2019-08-22
Creator (developer): : Dekarous
Censored: No
Version: 1.1
OS: Windows
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Male protagonist, Multiple endings, Combat, BDSM, Blackmail, Corruption, Female domination, Femdom, Fantasy, Humiliation, Rape, Sexual harassment, Sissification, Slave, Teasing, Urination, RPG, Sandbox, Horror
Toilet Slavery, Whipping, Foot Worship

Install instructions: :

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

First version of the game.
-Fixed bug where you could exit the room after the cell escape and break the game
-Fixed a bunch of walk-through objects
-Added missing Enslaved scenes
-Added a 1sec pause after Katrina asks you how you want her to finish you off so you don’t press Pussy Worship accidentally as easily
-Added option to stay in the Keep after told by her to run away in the Wimpy Free ending, instead of being forced to actually run away all the way to the gateway
-Added save option before the final choice
-Added Fullscreen mode in Options
-Fixed typos


PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 49

Domina: screenshots

Domina screenshot 0Domina screenshot 1Domina screenshot 2Domina screenshot 3Domina screenshot 4Domina screenshot 5Domina screenshot 6Domina screenshot 7

Enter an world of meetings with your secret wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this porn game.

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One Comment on “Domina v1.1”

  1. Domina is a game for those who want to feel the difficulty of the game or for those who are masochist! It is a lot like Tower Of Trample except grabbing attacks are different but all of it is as infuriating as TOT. you simply begin as an unfortunate soul who could not die and is trapped in this damn dimension where you have to defeat 13 sadist demoness and sucuubi. You can easily buy the ultimate weapon from the Grim Reaper as well as healing potions and some new skills but all that matters is that how persistent you are and how you fight these damn sadists. There is no money in this game on the other hand by defeating the demoness and succubi you earn the shards of others’ souls; with them you can buy stuff from the Grim Reaper. Only the first level which leads to the first demoness is free, if you want to access other levels you have to pay 2$ so that you can probably defeat all these demonesses and succubi for good! After defeating each level’s boss, you get a seal that by breaking them you can access the next level. If you are looking for some sex scenes after defeating the boss, count it out.

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