Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum] v0.4.12

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Dev patreon: penguins_cant_fly
Last update: 2024-01-26

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Course of Temptation is a detailed adult college life simulator. It’s text-based and runs right in your browser.
Featuring a detailed simulation with hundreds of possible events and erotic scenes, you can explore your exhibitionist, voyeuristic, and debauched fantasies through your character.
Play as male or female (with transgender options) or non-binary.​

Last update: 2024-01-26
Released: 2023-12-15
Creator (developer): Anthaum – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.4.12
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

Text-based, Simulator, Exhibitionist, Voyeuristic, Coercion, Mobile Game, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/trans Protagonist

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Sports signups open up the second week of classes! You can choose football, cheerleading, swimming, or esports. Each sport has its own unique set of events, including regular practices, games, and character events.Spectate games happening on campus for a relaxation boost.Talk with and tease your professors, either after class or during their office hours! Build favor with them by being a good student or, you know, other ways. Spend your favor to boost a poor grade or to get extra credit.Sometimes just being in your professor’s good graces isn’t enough to justify special treatment. You may get assigned special tasks around campus and suddenly find yourself a volunteer at the clinic, an art model, or the subject of a psychology experiment.Story Hints button added, giving you an idea of what to do to advance certain storylines or character relationships. This system directly tracks various game variables and will update as conditions change.The encounter system now supports multiple partners and there are several threesomes among the new events.Mechanics:
Integrated majou’s SugarCube mod, including its improved save system and a whole bunch of performance improvements. (Huge thanks to majou for helping out with this)Restart button moved to Options dialog.Fast travel is now the default and you can click anywhere on the map to go straight there, unless you’re streaking or noticeably messy.Base event chance slightly increased.Certain events can now become overdue, increasing their chances of firing day by day. For example, you should no longer go too long without seeing the Classroom Harasser.New event sets for four sports, including practice events, game events, and storyline events for each.New interactions with professors, both during and after class and during office hours on weekdays.New event set for helping out your professor around their office or classroom.Various thematic events like jocks causing trouble around campus and the rivalry trophy exchange.New Bully inclination and related events and event variations.New Free Use inclination unlocked through certain events and encounter types.New Chaste inclination. Mostly just makes some NPCs really hard nuts to crack, but the player can get it too if they’re abstaining for some reason.New Squirter inclination, unlocked through a certain event.Build Favor and Lust to change how your professor reacts to you.Spend Favor to boost a bad homework or exam grade, or gain extra credit. Extra credit can boost a class’s grade to A++, increasing your overall GPA and maybe making up for a class you’re not doing so well in.Three new event sets for special tasks around campus. Your professor may give you a special task as a condition of special treatment.New NPCs added to fill out sports teams and act as upperclassmen outside of the player’s usual cohort.Rival sports team (The Falcons) added and NPCs generated for it.Each professor now teaches just one course, doubling the number of professors.Added uniforms for each sport.Added the ability to buy sets of clothes, replacing only what you’re missing.Added a bunch of new clothes (with contributions from CadiaCreations, Falc,and MCMic).Added new styles for the player character and NPCs: hipster, scene, and conservative.You can now relieve yourself in the pool, you filthy animal. (Contributed by Z)Full implementation of watersports inclinations with new sex acts. (Contributed by Z)You can play video games in your dorm if you have a computer. (Contributed by Z)New, more diverse hairstyles added. (Contributed by Falc and Buttons)Storage system added, keeping track of whether you can carry your laptop, your textbooks, or even just your phone. Free backpack provided to every student. (Contributed by MCMic)More flexible clothing layers, allowing you to do strange and exotic things like wear leggings under a skirt. (Contributed by MCMic)New variation on quad party bathroom scene. (Contributed by Meat Glacier)Additional reduction in weekly loan amounts if you’re successful at sports.Streaming end time extended to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays.More indicators on the map and the fast travel screen, helping players find the quad party, planned dates, and more.Your roommate will now be up to different things in your room. (Contributed by Z)Your roommate will (usually) notice when you’re undressed and generate an exhibitionism memory.Trans and nonbinary characters will discuss their gender with you as you become closer, instead of only revealing it in an encounter.New possible events when retrieving your laundry.You can now choose to throw a lounge bet video game.During worldgen, the game will detect and correct if too few NPCs will be attracted to the player.You now have the option of attempting to hold back an orgasm. Success depends on Willpower.People dialog now has a tab for special characters.People dialog now has a tab for teammates if you’ve joined a sport.Phone’s existing Calendar app renamed to Reminders.New Calendar app added to show the entire month (as well as other months).New option to cheat during exams and some consequences for getting caught.You can do well in classes to help manage your Composure.Bus event set refactored to allow more variety in the future, and one new event for now.Bags can now hold snacks.You can now read books to learn things. Find out more at your local library! (Contributed by Falc)NPCs can notice your muscles if you’re in a skintight or sleeveless top.v0.3.9
Your clothes can now be made dirty from various fluids. Hooray! Wearing dirty clothes has a negative impact on the Hygiene need and affects Charisma checks.You can wash your clothes in the residence hall laundry room. Everything you’re not currently wearing goes in there, so make sure you’re already dressed if you need to go to class!Walking around “messy” following an encounter now garners reactions from others, with its own event set and additions to other event sets.Added some special world seeds that affect NPC generation: “velvetrope” for all submissive NPCs, “firmhand” for all dominant NPCs, and “dangerzone” for all dominant and forceful NPCs. No guarantees on how playable these worlds are, just have fun experimenting!Added a Cheat menu that you can enable in difficulty options. You can boost or zero your needs, change your money, alter skill levels, and alter NPC attitudes.Added a new event set that can fire as you leave a class.Added various new events that can result in encounters, mostly in the residence hall.Added at least one new event each to the quad party, streaming, Elkbook posts, QuickieBurger, walking around campus, nighttime streaking, showering, classroom, roommate’s partner challenges, residence hall, and dining hall sets, mostly with an eye to generating encounters, improving the rate of progress for storylines, sexing up the campus, or handling new mechanics.Polishing and bugfixes:
Dating the Classroom Admirer no longer artificially restricts your options, and what you choose to do will be integrated into their storyline as it moves forward in the future.NPC attitudes now generally change a little faster, particularly on hangouts and dates.The negative effect of turnoffs has been reduced and more NPCs will be physically attracted to you.The effect of innate dislike has been magnified and will be harder to overcome with high Charisma, which should result in rivals being a bit more common. NPCs within a normal range of likeability are unaffected.You can now name your own genitals within content options. Amaze your friends!You can now hide/ignore specific sex toys within your Inventory menu for less cluttered encounters. This also prevents NPCs from using them.You must now travel further to full the nighttime streaking challenge from the roommate’s partner.Fixed a couple of issues that caused some NPC contacts to not be in your phone when they should.Added a way to get a new QuickieBurger polo should you lose yours in some misadventure.Added restrooms to all academic buildings.Lots of other fixes and small changes.v0.3.1
Major features:
The streaming career: The game’s first new job since release. Streaming is a unique activity that you can do right in your dorm room, interacting with chat, earning tips, and upgrading your equipment to reach your full potential.Be a camgirl/boy: If streaming video games to a bunch of backseating nerds isn’t adventurous or lucrative enough for you, you can eventually venture into the adult world and show your fans what they really want to see.Social media: Introduced in the form of Elkbook, social media will now play a part in your story. Post updates or selfies daily to remind people you’re alive, gaining Attention and doing a little free socializing.Mechanics:
Revamped phone: Your phone’s functionality has expanded, with texting now being just one part of it. Important reminders can now be found in the Calendar app, and you can access the internet from anywhere here.Encounters 2.0: The encounter system has been refactored and expanded, and should now feel more reactive. Most NPCs will now stand down and let you direct the action if you start to take the lead.Toys: Expand your sex life and spice up your adult cam career by buying sex toys at the weird little shop near the industrial park in town. For some real fun, use a remote control egg or ring during a cam session and give control over to your viewers.You can purchase a computer from JT Ult in town to make studying a little bit easier. Desktops have to stay in your dorm room, but laptops can be used in the library or before class.Makeup: You can now purchase a range of cosmetics from JT Ult and apply them in your residence hall restroom.View memories: See what you’ve done with other people when you view them, or see a summary under your own Character display.Traits: You can now discover personality traits as friendship or romance increase, and discover sexual traits as lust increases (if they’re also a sex partner).Bugfixing and polishing:
Added a direct path between the university mall and the Thoreau building (where most classes are).Tight pants now figure into certain events, giving penis-bearers in particular more opportunity to be subtly exhibitionist. You also now have occasional morning wood to contend with! Will continue to work on this.Clothes now show which styles they’re associated with.Smoothed the rough edges off hot tub streams and fixed some streaming events that didn’t display chat correctly.Fixed some instances of stream chat messages failing to generate correctly.Dominant NPCs will no longer protest when you assume a bottom position that’s compatible with what they want to do.Fixed an issue where the striptease stream event could be available when it shouldn’t be, and would corrupt your current outfit if selected. Fixed the event prereqs and also added a failsafe to prevent the corruption issue. Affected saves will be automatically repaired.Fixed an edge case that led to no valid streaming events being found, causing errors.Certain toys are now available only online and must be picked up at the campus mail center.Added a visual indicator of skills that have hit the daily increase cap.Various other fixes and small additions.v0.2.22
– Added some tutorials to help a new player learn that studying, swimming, and the River Rat exist. These are all small BFF scenes. In an ongoing save, your BFF will be very enthusiastic about hanging out with you for a couple days, but in a new save these are spaced out more.
– Added bicycles for getting around campus exactly 1/3rd faster.
– There are now hints for hidden skillgated options with the skills you’d need to raise to see them. This can be toggled off in difficulty options.
– All NPCs with special narrative roles can now be customized mid-game, if you first toggle the option on in content options.
– Daily arcade side bets have been boosted by half and a couple other payouts have been boosted, including the one for selling your V-card.
Bugfixing and polishing:
– Professors should no longer relentlessly bully you in class except in the more traditional ways.
– Many other minor fixes.
Added a department store at Riverside Plaza where you can buy things like upgraded beds, a minifridge, and things to prepare food with.Implemented early levels of the Cooking skill, used to prepare food in your dorm (nothing fancy, think instant ramen and stir fry).Added difficulty options to let you adjust skill gain rate, need decay rate, and debt payments.Added a few more options in post-encounter events so you’re not always kicked straight out of the house.Added some useful indicators to the minimized sidebar, which should help mobile users a bit.Added the ability to customize your best friend’s appearance during character generation.Additional world generation options: student gender distribution, bits sizes.A few new events here and there.Bugfixing and polishing:
Rebalanced money and income, particularly from the arcade, since players were ending up with unspent thousands. Will reevaluate now that there are dorm things to buy.Boosted the attitude changes that occur at the end of a date or hangout.Eliminated duplicate items appearing in your wardrobe.Shop items with color options will now require you to make a selection instead of defaulting to indigo.As a failsafe, encounters that go on for a lot of rounds for whatever reason can now be aborted.Clothing is no longer immediately restored if you’re required to strip during an exhibitionist sneaking event.Fixed a loophole where if you passed out while sneaking around naked, you’d wake up in the clinic still naked and now able to walk around freely.Fixed an issue where NPCs could perform “top” actions from the bottom in several cases, making them appear to be extremely flexible.Lots of other misc things.

Developer Notes:

This game was first released in July 2023. It’s in active development and will be updated over time! You can find dev diaries and participate in development polls on my and . You can also check out the to see what’s coming up.
Suggestions, bug reports, or just want to discuss the game? Come on over to the !

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Thank you for sharing the game!

Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 86

Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum]: screenshots

Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum] screenshot 0Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum] screenshot 1Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum] screenshot 2Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum] screenshot 3Course of Temptation [v0.4.12] [Anthaum] screenshot 4

Welcome to the adult world with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings right now, unpack, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this interactive game.

Try to be a good man and get what you really want. And it will be you next second life, there will be a lot of interesting persons that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you abuse your power and authority? Try now!

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