Cloptopia v1.22b

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Last update: 2019-09-27

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Cloptopia is a city-builder strategy game with ponies and animated scenes. Changelings are trying to expand and wipe out pony-kind and you must impede their advancements by warding them off with a powerful magic. By creating small towns that are healthy and thriving enough to cause ponies to engage in the act of creating ‘Love’ Magic, you are able to fuel your strongest form of defense.​

Last update: : 2019-09-24
Released: : 2016-04-01
Creator (developer): : Mittsies – –
Censored: No
Version: 1.22b
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

2DCG, 2D game, Animated, Fantasy, Furry, Male protagonist, Parody, Anal sex, Vaginal sex, Management, Strategy

Install instructions: :

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

: v1.22b

ALPHA 1.22b
• Technologies no longer persist after ascending
• Fixed food-consumption calculations
: v1.22

ALPHA 1.22 (Major Update)
• Reworked Technology Upgrades
– Rather than researching technologies in a linear fashion, each tech is a standalone upgrade
– Technologies must be randomly ‘Discovered’ before they can be purchased (researched) with Tech Points
– Each Technology will take longer to discover than the last
– Discovery speed is determined by Insight Stat and number of houses within a Library’s Radius
– A maximum of 12 Technologies can be Discovered / Researched, unwanted Techs can be discarded
– Researched Techs cannot be discarded, so choose carefully
– Discarding a Technology will refund 50% of Discovery Progress
– Like before, Technologies are reset on Ascension
– Currently 25 Technologies available, icons are place-holders
– You will start the game with 1 Technology already Discovered
• Reworked obtaining tiles
– A 3-wide ring of unowned tiles now encircle the city
– You now obtain tiles one at a time, choosing any tile you want
– The first tile cost 20 Bits and will gradually increase in cost with each one obtained
– Free Tiles (obtained from Traits and Perks) don’t increase the cost of additional tiles
– The Demolish Tool can be used to rapidly buy tiles (while holding down SHIFT)
– Due to these new changes, the Mayor’s Office is no longer required to purchase Tiles
• Character Attributes now have icons
• Alchemy Lab experiments have a sound effect
• Cleaned up the player statistics interface
• Happiness Source menu now also shows Maximum Happiness
• Visual update to structures: Library, Keep
• Characters names are now less stupid
– Purple Smart is now known as “Twilight”
– Yellow Timid is now known as “Flutters”
– Apple Horse is now known as “Applejay”
– Diamond Unicorn is now known as “Rara”
– Ponka Pastry is now known as “Pinky”
– Multi-Color Quick is now known “Rainbow”
General Balance:
• Happiness system reworked
– As long as Happiness Rating is greater than zero, Happiness will increase at a fixed rate of 5% per day
– If Happiness Rating is below zero, Happiness will decrease at rate of up to 20% per day (-1% per -1 Rating)
– Similar to before, Mana Regeneration will be 10% of Happiness Rating multiplied by current Happiness percentage
– Unhappy Ponies will move out more gradually than before (and without warning)
• Ponies will no longer move out from lack of Food
• Newly created Aggressive Encounters will wait at least 5 days before attacking, regardless of how strong they are
• Libraries Reworked
– Libraries no longer have a global effect
– The Library’s radius effect is now different for each mode:
– Mode 1: Generates additional income for nearby houses
– Mode 2: Generates Tech Points for nearby houses (Same as before)
– Mode 3: Increased Arrival Rate and Happiness for nearby houses
– Much like Town Squares, each house can only be affected by one type of Library at a time
• Controlling Taxes and Food portions is now a feature of the Mayor’s Office
• Deep Drill cost reduced to 1175 Bits, from 1600
• Happiness from Party Stores reduced slightly
• Prism Trade Quantity reduced by 2
• Stores can now be used to buy an emergency surplus of food
• Alchemist Lab Obsidian Creation Tech Cost from 75 to 100
• You now start with 1 Skill Point
• (Insight) “-1% Love-Magic needed to Level up” replaced with “+10% Technology Discovery Rate”
• (Curiosity) “+1 Trade Quantity for Bits and Food” replaced with “Start with 3 Basic Discovered Techs”
• (Charisma) Town Square Efficiency per Rank no longer requires Rank 7. Effect decreased to +4% per Rank, down from +5%
• (Charisma) Rank 7: -10% Cost of purchasing new Tiles
• (Knowledge) Now also increases Discovery Rate by 5% per Rank
• (Tradecraft) Additional Trader Frequency increased to +8% per rank, from 5%
Traits and Perks:
• [Versatile] Extra Skill Points increased from +3 to +4
• [Cloistered] Now also automatically upgrades Houses into Manors for free
• [Prospector] reworked: +5% Quarry Bonus per nearby house and -90% penalty, but -2 Quarry Radius, +50% Cost, and No Gardens*
• [Explorer] reworked: Instead of randomly finding new tiles, the first 5 tiles are free to Obtain
• [Expansive (Perk)] reworked: Instead of starting with a plot of land, the first 5 tiles are free to Obtain (stacks with Explorer)
* = Note: You can still place a pile of rubble simply for the purpose of meeting your Adviser. Will be changed eventually.
• Edict Fatigue reworked for simplification purposes
– Fatigue gain (per day) from 1 active Edict changed from +((27-(Will*2))/7) to a flat +3
– Fatigue recovery (per day) changed from a flat 3 to (1 + (0.5 * Willpower))
– This means at 4 Willpower, one edict can permanently be enabled without fatigue, and at 10 Willpower, two edicts
• Prodigal Research Edict reworked: +25% Discovery Rate and -2 Eco-Score per Library
• (Twilight) 33% Library Cost reduction removed
• (Twilight) Now has +1 Library Range
• (Twilight) AP Power Fortify mana cost increased from 25 to 30, increased Max Defense from +1 to +2
• (Derpy) AP Muffin changed: chance of getting a special bonus are significantly reduced, but the bonuses are much greater
• (Derpy) AP Muffin mana cost increased from 1 to 3
• (Derpy) “-25% Tech Point Generation” replaced with “-50% Technology Discovery Rate”
• (Applejay) AP Cider Press Happiness gain decreased from +35 to +25
• Cleaned up some code that may help prevent data corruption, especially when Ascending
• More tweaks to help prevent calculation errors during loading and low frame-rate
• Fixed a couple of issues involving Food Rations
• Fixed Versatile Trait’s skill cap, and fixed a bug involving the trait when ascending
• Fixed the Eco-Score source menu displaying certain values incorrectly
• Fixed an extremely rare bug involving Flutters’ AP Regeneration
• Fixed Twilight’s AP Power Fortify not immediately updating the Defense stat
• Fixed Gardens only giving a 50% boost to love magic, rather than 100%
• Twilight’s AP Tech-Boost now shows “*” as it’s mana cost so that new players are not confused by it’s cost
• Updated the Prodigal Research tool-tip to clarify that it only affects Libraries in Mode 2
• Keep no longer displays “0 Gems” in it’s cost
• Drill no longer displays “0 Prism” in it’s cost
• Derpy now has wings by default in the primary adult scenes (she had them before they were just tucked in! :3)
• Fixed a bug involving zooming in and out with the mouse wheel
• Invasions screens no longer appear after you’ve been defeated (just a visual bug)
• Audio Quality slightly lowered, shouldn’t be noticeable, but will decrease file-size significantly
• Fixed some tooltips
: v1.21

ALPHA v1.21
• Added a menu to see sources of Eco-Score.
• Total Edict Fatigue for 1 week changed from (17 – Willpower) to (27 – (Willpower * 2))
• Derpy can no longer overcharge Defense Rating
• Completely reworked how “Days” are handled in the game’s code*
• Save files now consider the position of the current day*
• Game will auto-save even while paused now
• Fixed Factories and Drills not properly reducing Eco-Score
• Fixed Taxes fullly breaking happiness per day calculations
• Fixed some minor errors with happiness per day calculations
• Fixed some minor typos
• Fixed a diplomacy bug involving Heroic Trait
* = This should help prevent weird behavior that occur when the game is saved/loaded or experiences a lot of lag.
: v1.20b

ALPHA 1.20b
• Increased Drill’s obsidian generation speed by 100%
• Fixed Wings in adult scene resetting to default position
• Fixed Specialist avatar glitch
• Fixed a bug with AP Regenerate
• Fixed some typos/tooltips
• Visiting an adult scene from the title screen will no longer corrupt save files
: v1.20

ALPHA 1.20 (Major Update)
• Complete rework of Invasions, Specialists and Defense
• New Adviser: Derpy
• Several new Traits and Perks
• Interface facelift
• Major balance changes
• Lots of convenience tweaks
• Recoded many areas of the game to improve performance
• Defense Rating is now similar to mana, with a current and maximum amount (Starts at Max)
• Mana now regenerates at a rate of +0.5 + 2% of Maximum Mana per day (other sources of mana unaffected)
• Random Invasions have been replaced by a new Wilderness Map system
• Encounters will spawn in the wild and can be dealt with by spending Defense Points
• Diplomatic options are now apart of the Wilderness encounters
• Specialists reworked:
– Start with 1 Specialist
– Additional Specialists can only be obtained through Traits, Stats, etc.
– Keep Specialists when Ascending
– Prepare now restores Defense Points instead of permanently producing more maximum defense rating
– Scouting now searches for non-aggressive encounters in the wilderness
– Raiding now actively seeks out and weakens aggressive encounters in the wilderness
– Idle Specialists currently do nothing
– Now have random portraits
• It’s now possible to increase how much food Ponies consume each day (In the Statistics Menu, next to Tax options)
• Updated many parts of the interface
• Added cool icons to Adviser Powers
• It’s now possible to see exactly how much Love Magic you’ve received, and from what sources, by clicking on the love meter
• When creating a New Map, you can click and drag outside the +/- stat buttons to quickly add/remove all available stats
• When creating a New Map, a preview of starting gold will be displayed based on currently selected Stats/Traits
• When creating a New Map, it’s now possible to select a new tight-distribution tree generation Algorithm
• Updated some of the Edict Icons to be less vague
• Cheats now only work in the Town Name field
• Hard Mode no longer disables pausing
• Removed all rewards from Tavern Prize Room except the permanent Trait Unlocks
• Removed the one of the Cloud building areas
• Added a warning message if you have any idle specialists
• New Structure: Alchemist Lab (Pegasus)
• Tier III Structures can be unlocked with a Prism Forge
• Trees now provide 1 Defense each, up from 0.6
• 3 Less Trees spawned per Map, but Karma gives more trees now
• Gem Quarries can now be Upgraded (Costs 1 Obsidian)
• Gem Quarry happiness penalty increased
• Armories and Keeps no longer generate Defense over time
• Armories passively give +5 Defense per nearby house
• Keeps passively give +20 Defense, divided by the number of keeps within it’s radius (self-included)
• Academy Mode 3 now generates Tech Points by draining mana, rather than vice versa
• Tech Labs generate twice as much Tech Points
• Store cost increased from 15 to 30 Bits
• Town Square cost increased from 75 to 100 Bits
• Deep Drill cost from 1200B/50P to 1600B, has a much smaller penalty radius (same as Factory now)
• Factory cost reduced from 800B/50G to 600B/50G
• Keep cost reduced from 325B/40G to 325B, Radius increased (same as Quarry now)
• Cloud Cottage renamed to “Sky Lounge”, cost reduced from 100B/15G to 70B/5G
• Prism Forge reworked: now costs 450B/75G (from 150B/50G), Happiness effect is doubled, Prism generation rate tripled, Radius increased
• Build Times increased for House, Town Square, Quarry, Keep and Drill
• Flower Farm food generation is now determined by environmental condition (100% Environment = 100% Production)
• New Edict: Outsourced Labor (+100% Build Speed, but +50% Aggressive Encounter Frequency)
• Garrison Drills reworked: Armories regenerate +5 Defense per day
• Edict Fatigue now gradually occurs over the duration of the Edict, instead of all at once upon activation
• Emergency Lockdown removed
• New Trait: Commando
• New Trait: Underdog
• New Trait: Versatile
• New Trait: Capitalist (locked by default)
• New Trait: Empyrean (locked by default)
• New Trait: Cloistered (locked by default)
• New Trait: Heroic (locked by default)
• New Perk: Blacksmith
• New Perk: Persuasive
• Traits renamed:
– Genghis Pony –> Vigilante
– Curse of the Forest God –> Cursed
– Vigilant (Perk) –> Adamant
• [Prepared] Only affects starting Bits rather than of all resources
• [Superstitious] Mana regeneration from +4 to +5, and now increases Max Mana by 25
• [Cheapskate] no longer increases Build Speed
• [Socialist] Quarry/Factory cost now includes Drills and has been increased to 30%
• [Prospector] “Gardens don’t improve Eco Score” changed to “Gardens have no effect”
• [Venetian] Starting Defense Bonus improved from 20 to 50
• [Veteran] Specialists train 50% slower instead of 1 Max Specialist
• [Tyrant] Max Happiness penalty improved from -50 to -40
• [Alcoholic] Tavern effect improved from 30% to 100%
• [Carefree] No longer sets Max Mana to 0, Max Happiness bonus reduced from 50 to 30
• [Explorer] “Scouting is 50% less effective” instead of “Scouting coverage cannot exceed 50%”
• [Vigilante] Now gives +1 Specialist and +50% Raid Efficiency, but +100% Aggressive Encounter Frequency
• [Wizard] All Skills reduced from +2 to +1, Max Mana reduced from +100 to +50
• [Harmonious] Bonus is now partially based on Population Size, scaling linearly from 0% at 0 Pop to 100% at 100 Pop
• [Harmonious] Bonus changed to +1 per 5 Defense, Maximum Bonus increased to +64 from +32
• [Environmentalist] Bonus is now partially based on Population Size, scaling linearly from 0% at 0 Pop to 100% at 100 Pop
• [Environmentalist] Threshold improved from 15 to 12, Maximum Bonus is now +64
• [Natural Defense (Perk)] Bonus Defense from Trees reduced from +400% to +200%
• [Adamant (Perk)] Now gives +50 Starting Defense and +5 Defense Regeneration
• [Paranoid (Perk)] Scouting is 50% more effective and 30% fewer Aggressive encounters
• [Industrious (Perk)] Defense Generation from 2/day to 1/day
• [Mystical (Perk)] Generates Gems equal to 5% of Max Mana (down from 10%) and requires a minimum of 10 mana to be spent
• [Tranquil (Perk)] Maximum Happiness increases to +15 from +10
• [Skycrafter] Removed
• Following Traits are now unlocked by default: Well-Fed, Socialist, Carefree
• Unlock conditions have changed slightly for: Alcoholic, Vigilante, Veteran
• The pop-up for unlocking a trait will now explain exactly what unlocked it
• Base Starting gold increased from 170 to 200
• The amount of Love Magic required to Level up reduced by 50%
• Love Magic gain is reduced by 1% per 8 Ponies (penalty caps out at -90%)
• Starting Defense Rating changed from 2.5+(Willpower*0.5) to 0+(Willpower*5)
• Defense will regenerate at a rate of 5+(Willpower) per Day
• Base Environmental Condition reduced from 85% to 80%
• Unspent Stat Points no longer give starting Bits
• (Curiosity) +15 Bits per Rank instead of +10
• (Curiosity) Rank 3: No longer gives additional starting Bits
• (Curiosity) +5% Specialist Scouting Efficiency per Rank
• (Curiosity) Rank 10: Price Reduction for Stores/Town Squares increased to 40% from 33%
• (Willpower) Rank 3: -25% Aggressive Encounter Frequency
• (Willpower) Rank 7: +15 Max Happiness
• (Willpower) Rank 10: Specialists train 25% faster
• (Karma) +1 Trees per Rank from +0.66
• (Karma) Rank 3: +25% Neutral Encounter frequency
• (Karma) Rank 10: Avoid defeat once per ascension
• (Charisma) Rank 10: Trading +10% Sell Price, -10% Buy Price
• (Diplomacy) Decreases Unhappiness (2% per Rank) rather than decreasing negative effects of structures specifically
• (Diplomacy) Specialists are 2% better at Scouting, Raiding and Preparing per Rank
• New Adviser: Derpy
• Purple Smart
– Power Fortify Power Mana cost increased from 10 to 25, effect decreased from +2 to +1
– Elemental Balance Power increased from 2% to 5% and if condition is below 100%, it restores it by an additional 5%
– Bonus starting Bits increased from 50 to 100
– Now Starts out with Max Mana
– Library Cost reduction increased to 33% from 25%
– No Library Penalty reduced by 50%
– Added Penalty: -15% Pony Arrival Rate
• Yellow Timid
– Bonus Eco-Score from +3 to +5
– Start with +35% Environmental Condition
– Penalty reworked: Raiding is 50% less effective (instead of 50% less frequent)
– Added Penalty: +10% Aggressive Encounters
• Apple Horse
– Quick Harvest Power now costs 10 Mana, but gives 500 Food per Farm (instead of 400)
– Starts with +1 Obsidian
– Added Penalty: +10% Unhappiness from Population Count
• Edict Fatigue will now properly start at 0% for new towns
• Edict Fatigue now only affects towns of over 100 population (rather than giving a happiness bonus for those below 100)
• Certain stats, such as Eco-score, will now display at map load rather than appear as “?” until the first game cycle
• Completely reworked how the game places and keeps track of structure sprites; should improve performance significantly
• Lots of tool-tips and descriptions reworded for clarity and
• To prevent confusion, the Selection Arrow above buildings will now point at the tile itself, rather than at the building
• To prevent confusion, “Too Many Stores” penalty renamed to “Crowded by Stores”
• To prevent confusion, “No Store” penalty renamed to “No Food-Stores”
• To prevent confusion, “Clear Cache” button on the main menu renamed to “Reset Data”
• Fixed a bunch of grammatical errors
• Can no longer have a negative number of Specialists
• Decreases frequency of destroyed environment message by 90%
• Perks can no longer be re-rolled with an exploit
: v1.10c

ALPHA 1.10c
• Toned down Changeling growth formula
• Fixed Keeps’ effects not stacking when affected by the same Armory
: v1.10b

ALPHA 1.10b
• Added a button to the Invasion screen which thoroughly explains how Invasions work
• Can no longer select Tech Lab via hotkeys without it being unlocked first
• Adviser hints will recognize upgraded houses
• When accessing the Garden Scene through dialogue, it will use your current adviser
• Defense tab will no longer display negative threat ratings
• Defense Rating Tavern Prize bonus reduced from 15 to 5
: v1.10

ALPHA 1.10
Adult Features:
• New Mini Scene: Zecora & Diamond Dog (Quarry)
• Characters have more relaxed eye positions
• Added a couple more neck items
Gameplay Features:
• Different Advisers – Can select a different Adviser when starting a new map, each with their own abilities and passive benefits.
• Pegasus Structures – Including Cloud Tiles to build on
• New Trait: Skycrafter
• New Structures: Cloud Cottage, Prism Forge, Deep Drill, Ballpit
• New Resources: Prism and Obsidian
• Added Hotkeys for most buildings
• Taxes can now be increased three stages further
• Days no longer reset when Ascending
• Resource display for Tech, Gems, Prism and Obsidian will now include a decimal point for a more accurate read on how quickly each resource is being obtained
• Start with +100 Bits
• Quarry cost increased from 225 Bits to 350 Bits
• Quarries gather Gems 20% faster
• Town Square increased cost from 45 Bits to 75 Bits
• Town Squares can be placed on Cloud Tiles
• Town Squares can buy and sell Prism
• Factory cost decreased from 1200 Bits to 800 Bits
• Academy cost decreased from 1600 Bits to 500 Bits
• Tavern cost decreased from 50 Gems to 40 Gems-
• Fatigue from activating an edict changed from 14 to 17-Willpower (Tyrant Trait is 1/7th of this, rounded up)
• Hedonist Trait reworked: Houses generate +100% Love Magic, but
Houses generate -50% Bits
• Food Storage from Houses, Stores and Tree-Houses increased significantly
• Price reduction bonus from Cheapskate Trait and Tycoon Perk will now apply after flat bonuses, rather than before
• Trade quantity bonus from Investor Trait will now apply after flat bonuses, rather than before
• Shield Generator’s cost now includes Obsidian instead of Gems
• Tokens earned from the Tavern can now be turned back into Bits
• Insight Rank 7 Bonus improved from +25 Tech to +30 Tech
• Unlocking Multicolor Quick now requires Ascension before day 75 (was previously before day 50)
• Libraries won’t give any income if you have the Mercentile Trait
• Taxes will no longer affect non-residential structures such as Libraries
• Fixed an issue in which houses sometimes gave no income
• Bug related to Environmentalist Trait fixed
• Random Events for Quarries and Taverns will no longer trigger at 0 population
: v1.09b

ALPHA 1.09b
Adult Features:
• All 6 characters have bounce animations for Crotchboobs and Futanari parts now
• Fixed Happiness modifiers from Taxes
: v1.09

ALPHA 1.09
Adult Features:
• Characters will now randomly change facial expressions (WIP)
• New Option: Wings (enabled by default for pegasus, but can be added to any character)
• Added cumshots to some of the Mini Scenes (Tavern ones are being worked on)
• Happy Merchants Tavern mini game now has some silly pictures for the cards
Gameplay Features:
• New Structure: Keep
• New Resource: Fatigue. Activating Edicts will increase Fatigue by 14% (2% with Tyrant Trait). Fatigue naturally restores over time (3% Per day). When Fatigue is 50% and higher, ponies will become unhappy.
• Residental Taxes can now be tweaked to gain more bits at the cost of happiness or vice versa
• Tweaked the interface for a cleaner, less cluttered look
• Toggle the resource menu interface by clicking on the current day button
• It’s now much more obvious when the game is paused – this often confused newer players since the game is paused by default
• Getting to Ascension 2 will now unlock all tavern-scene characters (if you haven’t already unlocked them by other means)
• Specialists train significantly faster (About 50% faster)
• Garrison Drills Edict reworked. Now increases productivity of Armories by 25% for decreased happiness.
• Power Station cost from 200 Bits, 100 Gems –> 150 Bits, 50 Gems
• Flower Farm cost changed from 280 Bits –> 120 Bits, 800 Food
• Shield Generator, Factory and Tavern build times increased
• Mini Scenes will now play the ‘bedroom music’ also
• The appropriate game music will be played when exiting an adult scene
• Specialists that recieve experience from an Academy no longer need to manually train in order to level up
• Fixed selection names for Blank Tiles and Trees
• Adviser Power buttons will no longer be greyed out erroneously
• Auto-saving should be more reliable now, but downloading the game and playing from disk is still the most reliable way to ensure you don’t lose your data
: v1.08

ALPHA 1.08
Adult Features:
• Crotchboobs, Futa Dick and Futa Balls now have bounce animations
(Currently available to Purple Smart only)
• 2 New Options: Corset, Blindfold
• Additional animation speed: Deep
• Adult scenes can now be accessed from the title screen.
For those with older computers, note that Mini Scenes will be significantly less laggy when viewed this way instead of watching them in-game.
Mini Scenes:
• New Mini Scene: Pinkie Hoofjob (Manor)
• Mini Scene (Farm): Additional animation speeds
• Mini Scene (Farm): Added facial expression animations
• Mini Scene (Store): Added blinking animation
Gameplay Features:
• New Trait: Explorer
• New Structure: Academy
• Invasion System reworked:
Players will now be able to make a diplomatic act when changelings arrive, such as Negotiate or Intimidate. This allows players to have more control over the invasion’s outcome rather than simply hoping your DR exceeds their force.
• You can now purchase up to 27 new plots of land with the mayor’s house (the old limit was 9). This is primarily for people who prefer to play the game ‘Sandbox’ style, rather than trying to quickly ascend.
• New random events for the Tavern
• Music playlist can be toggled to stay on one track indefinitely or cycle through each song as they finish
• Love Magic generated by houses will be influenced by Happiness per day in addition to current Happiness
• Buildings can now be upgraded with the hotkey “U”
• Equality trait will no longer give extra Bits for unspent stat points
• Tech Lab upgrades no longer persist when Ascending
• Fixed some bugs related to ponies moving out from lack of food or happiness
• Fixed some miscelanious text bugs (i.e. houses displaying wrong name on reload)
• Buttons will no longer malfunction if released too slowly (i.e. you’re trying to upgrade your libraries and the button doesn’t register)
: v1.07b

ALPHA 1.07b
• Equality trait no longer stops ponies from moving in.
• Unhappiness is no longer incorrectly influenced by the current day.
: v1.07

ALPHA 1.07
Gameplay Features:
• New Trait: Equality. Unlocked by default.
• Twilight’s Adviser Powers have been fullly reworked
• Tech Labs now have upgrades
• Store and Library Upgrades reworked
• Libraries now start with a radius, houses in the radius grant free tech points each day.
• Community Research technology upgrade increases the radius and effect even further
• Population Count Unhappiness formula changed from Pop/6 +1% to (Pop-100)/4.
• During Weakened Environmental states, warnings will only be displayed when Eco-Score is below 0.
• House-based random events (i.e. donations or love magic bonuses) are less frequent and less potent
• Specialists prepare task is overall better, less random, and scales much better with Willpower
• Mercentile Trait now gives the correct happiness bonus.
• Updated a few trait descriptions for clarity.
• Expansive Perk no longer bugs out the ability to purchase new tiles.
: v1.06

ALPHA 1.06
Adult Features:
• New Character in Tavern: Multicolor Quick (Unlock Hint: GOTTA GO FAST)
Gameplay Features:
• At 100% Shield your town will become fullly impervious to Invasions but cannot gain Love Magic, Skill Points, etc.
• You can now see what perks you’ve picked in the character menu (Can display up to 6 Perks)
• Hedonist Trait reworded for clarity, effect unchanged
• Clicking the Whats new (last changes) button in-game will now always link to the google document
• If you pick Venetian and Mercantile traits together, your name will have “Doge” added before it when you make a new map
• This may be upsetting for most of you but due to an engine limitation I was forced to remove Chipper the Squirrel
• Quarries no longer cause ponies to move out (Unhappiness penalty unchanged)
• Scouting coverage gained per day is significantly less random
• Days remaining until the next Invasion is now determined in a single calculation
–This means scouting will now always tell you the exact arrival time of the next attack, regardless of environmental status, traits, stats, etc.
• Fixed different types of overlapping Town Square auras stacking with each other
(Globals still stack)
• Unlocked Mini Scenes will no longer occasionally reset
: v1.05

ALPHA 1.05
• Rebalanced Changeling Force growth after day 100
Their force won’t suddenly jump into the thousands
• Base Love Magic from Houses increased
• Charm Boost Power nerfed from 5% –> 4%
• Alcoholic Trait now gives +1 Radius, +30% Effect in addition to its other effects
• Venetian Trait now gives significantly more Happiness per trade
• Venetian Trait Defense Bonus improved from 15 –> 20
• Architecture Skill now makes the Shield Generator operate 10% faster per rank
: v1.04b

ALPHA 1.04b
• Ascensions no longer start you with 0 resources
• Cheapskate Trait now correctly displays population cap.
• Gems stolen from Invasions will now properly show how many gems were lost
• When Specialists are removed they will no longer invisibly perform their duties
: v1.04

ALPHA 1.04
• Added Chipper the Squirrel
• Mayor’s House cost reduced from 400 –> 150
• Changeling’s Force Bonus from Ascensions increased by about 25%
• Armory no longer give a passive defense bonus (They still generate Defense over time)
• Armory cost reduced from 300 –> 250
: v1.03b

ALPHA 1.03b
• Ponka’s Butt isn’t as colorful anymore
• Mystic Perk is now working properly
: v1.03

ALPHA 1.03
Adult Features:
• New Character in Tavern: Ponka Pastry (Unlock Hint: Something to do with Stores)
Gameplay Features:
• Added Challenge Mode
• Reworked Changling Force growth formula to be far less sporadic
• Willpower and Environment have a significantly lessened effect at delaying Invasions
• Changling Force will increase dramatically after Day 100
• Tavern Price changed from 150 Bits, 75 Gems –> 250 Bits, 50 Gems
• Tweaked the extra supplies that Twilight gives you in the garden Scene
• Bonuses to Changeling’s force from Ascensions drastically reduced
• Emergency Lockdown Edict defense increased from 50% –> 100%
• Garrison Drills Edict defense per day increased from 3 –> 5
• Income Tax Edict bonus income increased from 10% –> 20%
• Prodigal Research Edict reworked. Now gives +25% Tech Generation, but -2 Eco-Score per Library
• Population Growth Edict income penalty reduced from 40% –> 20%
• Rock Candy Perk: Pony gem consumption reduced significantly
• Venetian Trait now works properly
• Industrious Perk will no longer make ponies unhappy when your Environment is positive
• Nomadic Perk now properly displays your food per day
• Pausing the game with spacebar will no longer cause the message box to jump upward
• Emergency Lockdown Edict no longer displays as undefined
• Buildings will no longer have an undefined description during construction
• Socialist Trait, fixed prices of quarries and factories
: v1.02

ALPHA 1.02
• Fixed description displaying the wrong mode after saving and reloading
• Party Stores no longer give happiness to Houses without a source of Food
• Party-Tech Research bonus reduced from 50% to 20%
• Significantly increased penalty for having no stores OR too many stores near a house
• Party Stores are never considered in the too many stores check
• Environmental condition will no longer endlessly degrade once it’s gone negative
• Decreased the amount of permanent Defense generated by Armories
• Significantly increased amount of Love Magic required to rank up
• Significantly increased the Love Magic bonus for being at higher Ascensions
• Unhappiness from population count increased from Pop/10 –> Pop/6 +1% per Day
: v1.01

ALPHA 1.01
• Fixed an issue causing resources to become undefined
• Various typo fixes
: v1.00

ALPHA 1.00
• First official public release of the game.


PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 73

Cloptopia: screenshots

Cloptopia screenshot 0Cloptopia screenshot 1Cloptopia screenshot 2Cloptopia screenshot 3Cloptopia screenshot 4

Enter an world of meetings with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this porn game.

Be a good man and get what you really want. It will be you next second life, there will be a lot of interesting persons that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good man? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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