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Last update: 2020-11-18

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Captivity is an adult, erotic action game in which you need to fight waves of sexually driven enemies.
In Captivity you will: run, dodge, climb, shoot, kill, find and buy guns, inject yourself with drugs and expose yourself to hostile enemies to survive and full challenges. There are 5 levels with 20 enemies in total that will provide a though challenge for you! Every enemy has in-game H-animations for you to discover. There are over 20 guns to choose from: find your favorites and explode some heads! Worried you might get defeated (among other things?): inject yourself with some drugs to save your skin! Try to reach higher waves to get new highscores. Try to full over 75 interesting challenges (experiments) to unlock new clothes, and to regain your freedom!​

Last update: 2020-11-18
Released: 2020-11-18
Creator (developer): Perveloper –
Censored: No
Version: 1.0.0
OS: Windows
Language: English

2d game, adventure, animated, combat, creampie, fantasy, female protagonist, horror, monster, oral sex, platformer, rape, vaginal sex, sci-fi, shooter, drugs

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Initial Release
If this game is played and liked enough, I’m planning to add at least 2 new stages with 4 new enemies each. Perhaps I will add new weapons and drugs as well.

Developer Notes:

Succeeding can prove to be difficult, however. You are a sensitive character… the exploits of hostile enemies may make you ‘unable’ to continue to fight for your freedom. Get attacked and fucked too much and you might not be able to escape their clutches… get attacked and fucked even more and they might break your mind. Some enemies may take it even further… especially if you are fertile enough.
You need to watch your Strength, Pleasure and Libido meters:
Got punched and slapped around too much? Your Strength might drain to the point of not being able to resist an enemy’s sexual advances.Got fucked too much? Your Libido might increase to the point where an
enemy’s fingering and thrusting will make your Pleasure go up rapidly. Some Anaphrodisiac will solve this nicely, if you got the money.Enjoying the sex too much? Your Pleasure might reach the point of climax, making you lose a Heart.Losing your last Heart will cause you to break your mind. Everyone can exploit you and your body as they please… Go ahead and watch as your hero is getting defiled, or: escape the scene and wake up in your room to try it all over again.
You can’t defend yourself with your tender bare knuckles, can you? That’s why you need some firepower. Find Weapon Cases and Weapon Vendors to buy guns and ammo. Vendors open at the end of each wave and close again at the start of a new wave.
Experiment with all the distinct weapons to see which ones fit you the best. Shooting certain bodyparts, like heads, will cause your enemies to take more damage. Watch your ammo though, you don’t want to get caught with your pants down.
Enemies start coming at the start of each wave. Each consecutive wave will make the enemies stronger and higher in numbers.
Most enemies try to rush you down and hit you as much as they can. Getting hit by attacks will decrease your Health. When your Health meter reaches 0, you will faint and be unable to do anything and become fullly exposed: you don’t want that to happen (do you?). Some enemies are more clever and like to, for example, catch you off-guard or lay traps. Enemies will try to grab you and start fucking you as often as they can. Watch your back, and don’t get overwhelmed!
Hmm… an experiment is asking you to have sexual intercourse with someone? How terrible!.. Press ‘S’ to Expose yourself to immediately start getting fucked by that special someone, without the need of getting beat down first.
Oh no, you’ve gotten yourself cornered? No worries, you are pretty nimble! Dash through enemies to evade attacks and quickly cover ground to get yourself in a more desirable position. Watch your Stamina though, you can’t Dash if you are too tired!
Sometimes the floor you are on is too densely packed with drooling, horny monsters. Escape the danger by climbing on ledges to reach higher floors.
Tired? Weak? Horny? We got you covered! Different kinds of drugs can be purchased at the Drug Vendor. Regenerate your Health with some Morphine, or lower your Libido with some Anaphrodisiac.
Experiments and rewards
Just killing is not enough. You are asked to perform over 75 Experiments (challenges) that involve you killing, surviving and fucking. You will receive Clothes as rewards for every Experiment you full. Head over to your Wardrobe to proudly equip and show-off the new bikini you just unlocked! You can also change your skin color and eye color.
After completing all Experiments, you will receive the code to the keypad that unlocks the door that had once restricted you from leaving. Embrace your freedom once more…
Win: – – –

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 33

Captivity: screenshots

Captivity screenshot 0Captivity screenshot 1Captivity screenshot 2Captivity screenshot 3Captivity screenshot 4Captivity screenshot 5Captivity screenshot 6Captivity screenshot 7Captivity screenshot 8Captivity screenshot 9Captivity screenshot 10

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