Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] v0.0.22 Bugfix 1

Version:0.0.22 Bugfix 1
Demo version:No
Last update: 2023-05-04

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Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] poster

Broken Dreams Correctional Center is available here in a collection of porn games. Direct download of this porn game is available via few clicks. All new games are are always available for you on xGames.

Broken Dreams Correctional Center (BDCC) is an erotic text based game about being a prisoner in a space prison with a lot of adult themes.
It’s obviously a game that involves a lot of bdsm and d/s. The content in this game ranges from vanilla sex to some very dark and sometimes violent stuff. But there are no deaths or guro. It’s also a furry game but you can choose to play as a human or a human-furry hybrid.
The game’s story will explore many dark topics like legal slavery, forced breeding and others. There is content for both subby and dominant players but obviously switches will get to experience everything.
This game is influenced a lot by other erotic text rpg games like Trials in the Tainted Space and Lilith’s Throne. The idea of a scifi space prison setting came from a place inside second life called RRDC.​

Last update: 2023-05-04
Released: 2023-04-19
Creator (developer): RahiMew – – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.0.22 Bugfix 1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2DCG, Adventure, Anal sex, Animated, BDSM, Big ass, Big tits, Character creation, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Female protagonist, Furry, Futa/trans, Futa/trans protagonist, Gay, Lactation, Lesbian, Male domination, Male protagonist, Masturbation, Mobile game, Monster girl, Oral sex, Pregnancy, RPG, Sci-fi, Sex toys, Teasing, Text based, Turn based combat, Urination, Vaginal sex

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

0.0.22bugfix1 – Bugfix update

A few petplay scenes with RahiTranslator can now translate buttons and their descriptionsFixed
The issue that made Tavi’s main quest stuck after getting the drugs/door codeNpc’s status effects are now being processed too. Fixes Rahi’s sore nipples not going away

0.0.22 – Rahi story update part 1

Rahi’s content got expanded into a full little story line. At least 200 pages/70k words of scenes (a novel worth of text) all about the brown kitty. It’s fully completable from start to the end but the middle part is still missing some content. Since the part 1. This took all the time4 ‘intro’ story scenes and 8 main story scenes that will reveal why Rahi is the way she is. 2 endingsGive Rahi tasks, reward or punish her, train Rahi’s skills to make her better at various lewd activities. For now I consider the dominance and anal skills to be mostly full but the others have some fun things to do too. This will be the focus of part 2Built-in auto translator. A very experimental feature. Don’t expect to work well or work at all. Doesn’t translate the buttons. Doesn’t work in web buildsComputer hacking minigame now has a built-in tutorial that explains you what to do. It will also spoil you the command if you’re really stuck. Debug menu now has the option to skip this minigameYou can now use strapons if you have a chastity cage. The cage will be hidden because of how the skeleton works.Fixed
Crash when you pick the drink options during chastity content

0.0.21 – More story + Cum economy + Mod manager update

Tavi’s route is extended. ~100 pages of text. Help her try to contact the syndicate, find out more about her backstory. And more.A semi-realistic computer hacking minigame that can be encountered during Tavi’s content.Get an ability to experience wooden horse torture during Tavi’s contentA little encounter with a nurse android named Nur-ACum economy update! The way fluids are handled got heavily refactored. Collect fluids using a plastic bottle, a breast pump or by keeping used condoms. You can drink them or throw at your enemies using condoms. All of the interactions will have different effects depending on the fluids involved.The selling price of a plastic bottle depends on the fluids inside it.Breast pump. Allows you to milk your breasts. Breast pump mk2, the advanced version, milks you passively when worn.A perk that allows you to keep used condoms after procedural sex or written scenes if they were involved.All strapons now can be supplied with fluids. They will automatically ‘cum’ using these fluids when the sub cums.The strapons that npcs put on can have cum lube in it. Or real cum with a very small chanceHorsecock dildo toy that can bought from The Announcer or by finding it during Tavi’s content. Can be supplied with fluids that will be automatically ‘injected’ inside you when you ride itProcedural sex now supports stocks. Added a few encounters into the stocks punishment that triggers them.Npcs that like bodywritings might add a tallymark on you after each load. The lust damage from the perk got capped at 50%Built-in Mod manager. Can be enabled in the options. Allows you to manage your mods.Mod browser. Can be opened from the mod manager. Allows you to download mods straight from the game. I curate the mod list personallyThe BDCC.pck file now automatically gets generated and updated on Android when needed. First-time launch might be slower because of thatA few new perks. Melee weapons damage, instant restraint escape, fluid experimenterThe struggling minigame is different if you’re blindfolded.Scene converter got a major overhaul. You can now write branching, add code that runs when picking an action and more without leaving google docs. Scene converter can now ‘preview’ scenes. You can even pick which savefile you wanna preview the scene on.Kait got her portraitSkills button only gets ‘highlighted’ with [!] if you can unlock new perks in that skill tree

0.0.20 – Sex animations update

Sex animations! Almost every lewd scene now includes an animation for the dolls. Procedural sex includedStruggling out of restraints is now animatedForced male chastity content. Experience what it’s like to wear permanent chastity cage over 7 lewd scenes (28k words/76 pages) with Eliza and optional cameos of 5 other characters. You will have a huge choice at the end of this little storyline. Scenes trigger every 5 daysStrapons. Strapons can now be used inside the procedural sex by you or npcs. Strapons can be bought from The AnnouncerProcedural npcs now drop loot (oops, I forgot that when coding them)Encounter settings have been greately expanded. You can now choose the distribution of genders, species and restrict sertain activities from happening to you during procedural sexYou can get wounded or have your holes painfull stretched during rough activities inside the procedural sex. These status effects won’t go away until you get yourself healed by Eliza or by sleeping (sleeping won’t help if you got wounded twice in a row)Can ask Eliza to heal you inside the cryopodBuffs tab inside the skills menu. Shows what buffs your character currently has and their source (equipped item, status effect or perk). Useful to see if the perks are actually workingYou can choose to keep the restraints on the procedural npc if you won the fightMods can extend the game’s core functions with GameExtenders. GameExtenders can subscribe to some events like player’s updates and run code. Should lessen the need to override the core files of the game inside mods. Still an experimental featureChanged
The function that updates player’s status effects shouldn’t run multiple times in a row anymore. General optimization

0.0.19 – Random encounters update

Random encounters overhaul! Old encounters with a few generic predefined npcs got replaced with new ones that use procedurally generated npcs. New encounters change depending on the npc’s procedurally generated personalitySex engine! An initial implementation of it but already has too many features to list everything. All the important sex scenes will still be fully hand-written, only the random encounters with procedural npcs use the sex engine currentlySex engine supports vaginal/anal/oral sex, tribadism, drug use, condoms, bodywritings, bondage, violence. Player can be the dom that fully controls where the scene goes or a sub that is on a receiveing end and has to endure what the npc has in store for them or try to fight their decisions. Relatively easy to expand with more activitiesProcedural npcs. Guards, inmates, Nurses. Random name, gender, species, stats, attacks, equipment, personality, fetishes, likes/dislikes, etc. Should work with modded species out of the boxProcedural npcs have a dynamic personality that will change after sex depending on many factors. An npc might become more subby or more mean for exampleNew encounters menu where you can ‘forget’ procedural npcs and change some settings.’Look for trouble’ button in the ‘Me’ menu button. Forces an encounter if the current room has any that are possibleMale chastity. Sometimes the guards will force a chastity cage on you. All the sex scenes got changed a bit to account for the chastity cage (Cage sprites by Max-Maxou)Forced permanent chastity cage. You choose this option during the character creator. Eliza will then force a chastity cage on you during the intro scene that you can never take off. Might be expanded in the futureCaptain, nurses and guards received their uniforms. Technically noone is nude anymoreMods can now specify a default portrait art for a modded character without creating an entire new imagepackChanged
Penises look flacid when the characters have less than 50 lust. (Sprites by Max-Maxou)Skills are now grouped into a single ‘Skills’ tab instead of having one tab per skill, less clutter, easier to select on touch devices.Huge optimization of how npcs are processed. If the npc is not currently participating in any scene they are no longer being processed every tick. Unless they are pregnant. This should allow for pretty much unlimited amount of important/generated npcs without any lagScrollbars are now more wide on androidCheat menu to spawn an item got changed to a better and easier to use one. Should be usable on android too

0.0.18 – Story update

Main quest extended with new events/scenes. Help Tavi on her mission to escape the prison while getting into lots of kinky situations. This was the focus of this update ^^Jacki Northstar added as one of a characters with her permission ^^. Jacki’s content will be focused around hard noncon stuff and corrupting her. For now there are 2 scenes + 1 encounter with her.Ability to force restraints onto NPCs! A radically new way to approach combat. Get ‘Rigger’ perk in bdsm skill tree to get this ability. Tie the npc up and exhaust them until they can’t struggle anymore to win or just use gear to prevent them from using their most powerful attacksNew minigame for struggling out of restraints, much simplier than the old one but less forgivingCum stealing. Optional feature that allows you to exchange cum during tribbing, potentially allowing you to impregnate others as a dickless girl. Only one scene has tribbing option for nowNew perks in every skill treeDemon species. Based on a human but has horns and a special tail. Good for making hybrids withNew debug panel that shows info about currently running scenesMap icons can change now, used for when you meet a character on that tileMods can add new options to existing scenesCan steal drugs from the medical wing storageExperimental rollback feature. Can be enabled in the options. Allows you to undo any choice without making lots of quicksavesLoot tables expandedChanged
Removed the check that prevented self-impregnationThe way damage is displayed in fighting is changed. Now also shows how much damage was blockedFixed
Uniform/underwear shouldn’t clip anymore when the pc has very big breastsScrolling on touch devices should be less jerky

0.0.17 – Modding update

Modding support! Mods can add pretty much anything, from a new item to a new quest. It’s even possible to replace the game’s files with modded ones, allowing for global modifications if someone dares to try that. Same mods should work both on desktop and android.A new quest that involves testing prototype panties that apparently have portals in them. Quest can be started in the mineshafts4 sex scenes (+2 little intro ones) that are triggered when you get spotted during masturbation in public spots. They involve public use3 new scenes in mental ward that explore a strange new drug that makes you ‘partically-blind’Straitjacket, inmate uniforms and underwear are now visible on the player doll.Debug/cheat menu added. Enable it in the settings if you want, there is no punishment for using it.Added panel that displays the npc’s artwork. 8 characters have portraits added with the ability to add more through mods. Artwork panel can be switched back to the old list in the options.Added a fox tail. (Sprite by Max-Maxou, first community addition ^^)Cum inflation. Character’s belly will start looking bigger the more stuffed they are. Can be disabled in optionsCum/milk particles. If a character has full breasts or their holes are stuffed with cum, their doll will sometimes visible leak. Just a visual effectGles2/Gles3 renderer and ‘forced software skinning’ options added to the settings. It’s generally recomended to use Gles3 on desktop and Gles2 on mobile/web. Tinker with these settings if your game doesn’t work or doesn’t display the player doll correctly.Little messages for when others spot you masturbatingBeing leashed is now a separate scene. Can skip it or watch your character being pulled somewhere one room at a time.Can make the option buttons bigger in the settings. Should be handy for touch devices.Changed
Android now exports saves into the documents folder, allowing to actually backup your saves if you so desireRefactored the event system, it uses way cleaner code under the hood and should have less bugsGame flags are now grouped by module. An automatic save converter will upgrade old saves to use these new flags without losing progressFixed
Status effects from yoga/lifting weights now save/load correctly

0.0.15 – Arena update

20+ new lewd scenes with all sorts of kinks, at least 100+ pages of text addedLust combat was fullly overhauled, teasing got expanded a lot. Now you can gradually strip before the enemy and touch yourself in many different ways. The same system is now used for masturbation sceneNpcs will sometimes react to your teases with unique dialogueMelee weapons. So far there is a stun baton and shiv. Stun baton can be used for damage or to stun enemies, shiv does high damage and causes bleeding. Melee weapons have very limited durability and are illegal, meaning they will be stripped during any searchSome sliders change player’s shape. Thickness slider makes the doll look more thick. Breasts/dick sliders work too. Belly will increases in size during pregnancy.Most of the restraints are now visible on the player. Cuffs will move the hands behind the back or make the player do hobble animation. The only restraints that aren’t visible yet are buttplugs and the straitjacketSubscribestar subscribers are now displayed in the main menu, current list is fetched from githubIn most talking scenes you will see npc’s doll standing near your dollMasturbation in public can cause you to be spotted. (no scenes for that yet, will be added in next update but the system is there)Player doll will be shown stuck in stocks during the stocks punishment sceneKeyboard controls are added, they -should- work the same on any layout. Visibility of the keys on the buttons can be disabled in the optionsGym content. Ability to lift weights and do yoga. Both give temporary bonuses.Rahi gym eventRisha gym eventBully gang gym eventSome strange dude is standing near gym. Convince him to get access to new areaUnderground club arena added. Climb the ranks and beat up others to earn credits/experience/have fun with them8 fighters for the arena, each with unique scenes for when you lose/win against themAdded ability to have buff arms in character creatorAdded bulldog head and ears in character creatorAdded horse species in character creatorAdded feline and horse dicksAdded lots of new hairAdded ability to change your hair in bathroomsDev tool to quickly create character dollsYour crime is displayed on the ‘me’ screenOption to show names of characters before their speechMemories. Some scenes will attach little temporary memories to locations that are visible when you visit them later3 new perksAn option to show lengths in inches or cm+inchesAn option to make it so the first tap only shows the description of an action and second one actually does it. Only works on touch devicesChanged
Player doll is fullly redone, now using rigged flat 3d models under the hood.Cum lover experience is added automatically when you receive a creampie or cum inside others. Or when you walk around with cum on youButtons in the struggling minigame give more leeway on easier difficultiesFixed
Tooltips when hovering over the bodyparts are fixed and working againMain text panel shouldn’t scroll anymore when you pan the player doll panel on touch devices

0.0.14 – The pregnancy update

This is the first major update of the game, adding a feature that I kinda liked in other games ^^. Realistic pregnancy.
Pregnancy! You can get pregnant and give birth in the nursery. There you can also track all your kids. Can’t interact with them (and will never be able to, is an adult game). Other characters give birth automatically when the time is right (you will be notified)Menstrual cycle simulation for you and non-playable female characters. You can go into heat and ovulate (if you have a pussy ofc). Each eggcell/ovum inside your womb is simulated and tracked. This allows to be pregnant from two differnet people at the same time for example. NPCs use the same systems for impregnation calculations.Birth control pills, breeder pills, heat pills, pregnancy testersPregnancy settings were added to the options screen where you can adjust how long the menstrual cycle and pregnancy areAbility to pick starting perks. So far they’re all pregnancy related. If you have an old save file a button to pick them is added to your “Me” menuCondoms. You will be able to use them in certain scenes. They will alter the scene slightly unless I’m lazy. Condoms can break unless disabled in optionsSome Rahi content. To start it give her an apple, sleep and meet her.Rahi shower event, first sex scenes with Rahi are addedSemen inside other characters/heat/pregnancy are now tracked and shown as a status effect, same as player.Lots of new icons for status effects and perksTavi shower single-time random event, watersports related (fully optional)Added a scene of fucking with Nova if you beat her at greenhousesAdded scenes for Rahi and Nova of them reacting to getting pregnantNova can now be found in the yard. Added a petplay scene with NovaAdded 2 scenes of non-con sex in stocks. One female-only, one universalLate stages of pregnancy cause lactation
Pink inmates are now called lilacs because I like the nameVendomats now use item tags rather than a hardcoded list of items.Mentioned Mekyro on the credits screen
Tallymarks and bodywritings should now save/load correctly. No more Error:Badzone1

Developer Notes:

The game is currently in development and is fullly open source.
There will be 3 routes but for now I focus on 1 that is oriented towards subby people. There is a few hours of gameplay
bdsm, bondage, d/s, femdom, maledomcon/dubcon/noncon scenesbreeding, pregnancy, heatmedical play, drug uselactation, milking, cum/prostate milkingcondoms, condom failurepetplayexhibitionism, public use, public sexsexual torture, rough sexgangbangs, spitroastoptional waterports scenesportal pantiesMale chastity, forced chastityPlanned kinks:
No new ones, focus is on expanding current onesFeatures:
Player customisation. Any gender, any pronouns. You can pick one species and customize it or create a hybrid that mixes two. Little animated preview window shows how your character looks.Turn based combat that be approached in 3 different ways or a mix between themBDSM gear that has effect on you during combat. Being gagged means you can’t bite and your speech is garbled for example.RPG elements with stats, skills and perks. Stats can give you access to new options and perks can change the way you fight drasticallyPregnancy. Get bred or breed others. Some characters will have extra content when pregnant but that’s not a priority at the momentSoft bad ends. Player can get locked into stocks or get forced into mental ward where the player will be a test subject. Both of these are escapable.Mod support. Mods can add new species/clothing or new events/characters. Pretty much any type of content can be added through modsSave at any point in any scene. Experimental rollback feature avaiable

Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 10

Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew]: screenshots

Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 0Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 1Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 2Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 3Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 4Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 5Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 6Broken Dreams Correctional Center [v0.0.22 Bugfix 1] [RahiMew] screenshot 7

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