Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] v1.00

Demo version:No
Last update: 2024-01-27

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A rising star in the Alchemists’ Fellowship crashes back down to earth and now has to pick up the pieces and produce some results if she wants her job back! Will this alchemist full her quest?

Last update: 2024-01-27
Released: 2024-01-26
Original Title: アルケミストクエスト 錬金術の材料はやっぱり精液な冒険RPG
Creator (developer): ShiroKuroSoft – –
Publisher: Kagura Games – – – –
Censored: No
Version: 1.00
OS: Windows
Language: English
Store: –
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Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Developer Notes:

Alice is a promising young alchemist in the Alchemists’ Fellowship, and she has it all. She has a prestigious job, she just got her own house, and the fellowship pays her a monthly stipend… Or it did, before it kicked her out for failing her annual review. Alice’s only means of getting reinstated is to full one of the quests she’s been given.
With multiple main quests to choose from, it’s up to you how Alice goes about getting her job back!

Each of the main quests issued by the Alchemists’ Fellowship involves different methods of playing the game. Will you brave the dungeon area and all of its turn-based RPG action to bring the fellowship proof of your prowess? Will you elect to go the farming route and grow mythical crops in your garden? Will you gather the resources you need to expand your home beyond what contemporary craftsmanship allows? Or will you spend your time fishing for a legendary lunker?
No two routes play exactly the same, and you can take on whichever you want—or even all of them at once—while also completing optional quests for a variety of townsfolk.

Multiple Ways to Play
No two main quests play the same. You can enjoy a traditional turn-based RPG or full quests that involve no combat at all.
Mercenaries for Hire
If you choose to challenge the game’s dungeons, you can hire your choice of four mercenaries to go along with you. Each one has her own unique talents, so you can enjoy building a party of two that suits your combat style!
Pacifist Routes
Several of the game’s main quests focus on different kinds of gathering, and thus can be fulld without ever seeing a battle screen. If you like to relax with a fishing rod or a pickaxe in hand, Alchemist Quest has you covered!
The Tower of Ordeals
For those who love a challenge, there’s a gauntlet of brutal post-game battles waiting to test your mettle after the credits roll!
Contents (From DLsite)
Total number of CG: approx. 3300 (including differentials, effects, etc.)
45 basic CGs (38 erotic, 7 non-erotic)
Total number of events: 90 (40 long main events and 50 mini-events during nude wandering)

Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 88

Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft]: screenshots

Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 0Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 1Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 2Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 3Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 4Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 5Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 6Alchemist Quest [v1.00] [ShiroKuroSoft] screenshot 7

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