After Colony 250 v0.10b

Demo version:No
Dev patreon: AfterColony
Last update: 2021-10-10

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It is the dawn of the second age of mankind, taking the first steps into living off world and become a truly multi-planet species. The global resource wars of the mid-21st Century, limited nuclear exchanges, border skirmishes, coups at the highest levels of government. The dwindling, declining population of Earth was at breaking point. From the break of destruction, arose a planetary government that took drastic measures, putting the last of the resources of humanity into a moon shot, literally, to mine and harvest the resources. The petty interest of despots fell to the side, as . It was a bloody period, disaster after disaster, tragedy after tragedy.

But humanity prevailed, Luna became a thriving colony, with an abundance of helium-3 allowing the small colonies to thrive, while providing Earth with the energy needed. Mars, though further away, overcame the hardships of the environment, becoming a center for innovation and technical development. From the brink, to a interplanetary species within two decades. But humans were always humans, and the greed over resources and power became all too apparent, the people of Mars demanding independence from Earth, the people living within the resource rich asteroid belts, feeling oppressed by both. It was a powder keg that blew over into a full blown inter-space war. Despite this, the past one hundred years have been relatively peaceful, but something threatens to upset the balance soon.
You play Kayla Sheridan, a bright young student with an equally bright young future ahead of her. You’ll face dangerous situations, assassination attempts, mind control, transformations and all sorts of horrors during your adventures, leading to choices that’ll having lasting consequences for Earth and the entire human race for millennia.

Last update: 2021-10-10
Released: 2021-10-10
Creator (developer): After Colony Games –
Version: v0.10b
OS: Windows, Mac, Linux
Language: English

Female Protagonist, Female Domination, Lesbian, Real Porn, BDSM, Video, Science Fiction, Rape, Prostitution, Transformation, Female Domination, Slave, Mind Control, Corruption, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, Anal Sex, Humiliation, Sci-Fi

Install instructions

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

First three traits introduced. Science. Explosives. Domination.
ADDED Bedroom
ADDED Shower
ADDED CommuNet. Five options.
ADDED Main Hall
Jeffrey added
Bad End 1 introduced.
Score introduced.
Redesign of the three starting traits. Science. Military. Speech. Simply more in line with what I was going for.
ADDED Bad End 2 for misuse of government communications.
NEW AREA – Kitchen.
NEW AREA – Studio.
NEW AREA – Lounge. Television has four channels. Two channels you can “keep watching”.
NEW AREA – Library and two quest related sub rooms.
Sidebar tweak.
[SPEECH] trait can now be used to convince Jeffrey to leave. Two methods.
[SCIENCE] trait can be used to unlock some of your father’s secrets in library.
[MILITARY] trait can be used to aid Jeffrey in his last stand. Critical failure can lead to a bad end.
ALICE added.
Various UI tweaks.
NEW FEATURE – Mental state. Several states, as displayed in the portrait in the UI bar. With a maximum 30, if it drops dangeroulsy low, can lead to a game over if you reach certain parts of the story with a low mental state.
NEW FEATURE – Karma. Starting at 50. You will get good karma for helping people and avoiding sexual situations. Bad karma for thievery, murder of innocents, using sex to get your way etc. Can modify certain situations. Score removed.
UI tweaked with a DIALOGUE OVERHAUL – Changed character dialogue to a text box system, instead of being closer to a novel. So it is simply easier to read. Colour coordinated system tells you mood and relation of character, example greenish is friend, red is someone hostile.
NEW AREA – Hitchhike. Four scenarios. Can lead to bad end and some sexual scenes if you have the right skill.
NEW AREA – Spaceport Hub. Huge area. Has a mall where you can play some video games, sell some of the stuff you have picked up and do some work in a certain little area.
NEW AREA – Spaceport Freight. Shipping area. Several bad ends and a lot of content here.
Removed the mental health effects in this area for now.
NEW AREA – Spacedock desks and pre-flight area. Not a lot of content here, but a nice place to relax?
NEW AREA – The ship itself! There is quite a bit to do here, depending on your .
Finished off the sniping scenario, changed the pictures so you have to click on the area in time.
Went back and change a hell of a lot of dialogue, as well as fixing the pathing issues and missing passages deciding to go NaN (thank you TWINE)
Beta release candidate. Still need to do some reworking and balancing of the mental health system. Still no triggers, though several are planned and designed, it doesn’t do much yet apart from change pictures. Being able to view the inventory also needs implementing.
No new content, added a few new pieces of music.
Bug fixes.
– Fixed the help page, unclosed macro fudged it.
– Fixed the trip with the Admiral not having a link.
– Status menu does not display until game starts.
– Coloured some of the text when people are speaking, missed a few.
Quality of Life
– Added more text to make it clear when you can’t do something in a particular path.
– Adjusted the timers in the timed texts to give more time to read. Sniper texts you now have about 15 seconds, up from 5 seconds. The transport hub, you now have 60 seconds, up from 30.
– Added a new passage for the opening, so if you change your mind on your path, you don’t have to scroll through the text again.
– Removed restart button and replaced it with “Help”. The restart button was kind of redundant and just led back to the main menu, which could be achieved through merely just re-opening the game. Help page is now accessible through out game and has more information.
– Optional file which re-enables the back button, find in the optional folder. This is untested and unsupported, as I did not design the game with the back button in mind.
– Music and ambience added to most areas.
– Sound effects added through out the game.
– Missing text about the “Ceres Meeting” has now been added.
– Walkthroughs added with game rar. Not perfect, but gives a general idea.
Quality of Life
– WEBMs have been muted. You can still turn the sound on if you right click on the WEBM.
– Fixed a few typos and misaligned boxes.
– Patreon page added. Click Patreon button on main menu.

Developer Notes:

Hello folks, this is my first attempt at a game and it has been ready for a while, I have been polishing it and after some feedback on another forum, I’ve finally decided to post it here.
This game is focused primarily on playing a female lead, with choices being important to the end, though a lot of choices won’t pay off until later chapters. The game is heavily inspired by a lot of different science fiction franchises, as well as old RAG games, particularly Drunken Cowboy, with a focus on a realistic, well built world but still enough kinkiness and lewdness to entertain. I would also give a shout out to Lilith Device, which was also an inspiration when it came to bad ends as content, a path I hope to follow. It has three choices, which lead down many different paths and to both sex scenes and bad ends. The three choices, as explained in game, lead to different play styles. The military leads to more violence, the science leads to mind control/transformation/general scifi stuff (I recommend you take ALICE along with you before leaving the mansion, a lot of content is there) and the speech option will lead to you being able to use speech and sex to get your way.
Please find in the game files in the “optional files” a html, which allows you to reactive the back button if you desire. Though this is not supported or tested, it’ll be there. You will also find the changelog and walkthroughs in the download.
Any feedback on anything, from bugs, to spelling, to lore, is very welcome.

– – – –

After Colony 250

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 95

After Colony 250: screenshots

After Colony 250 screenshot 0After Colony 250 screenshot 1

Enter an world of meetings with your secret wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings right now, unzip, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this adult game.

Be a smart man and get what you want. It will be you next second life, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you will met.​ Will you find love and happiness? Will you be a good hero? Will you abuse your power and authority? Start now!

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