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Last update: 2019-01-24

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In the ancient age of myth and legend a horrid war between Man and Elves led to the near annihilation of all sapient life by the dreaded Curse. Now the lonesome goddess Gaia awakens her last champion in hopes of resurrecting the world. Play as her chosen one, and choose which races survives by re-population, while discovering the truth behind the Curse. Rebuild society with all the actions of the player becoming the founding of the cultures, myths and legends of today. The game incorporates ancient Greek, Norse, Japanese, Hindi, Celtic, ancient Egyptian, African, and Mesopotamian mythology.

: The Elven Update!

Introducing the long awaited Elven Update!

Explore the Sanctuary and meet the lonesome elves still dwelling there including no less than six quest characters based on Tolkien lore and anime characters with hentai scenes. The game’s main quest continues and you learn of the origin of the Curse, those who were involved, and most importantly a way to end it once and for all!

Updated: 2018-10-28
Developer/Publisher: Beornwahl
Censorship: Partial
Version: 2.2
OS: PC, Linux
Language: English

Pregnancy, Harem, Incest, Anthropomorphic, Male Protagonist, Fantasy, 2D CG, Animated, Monster Girl, RPG, Adventure, Furry, Real Porn, Nudity, Sexual Content.

Install instructions: :

1) Download Main file containing pictures and sound.
2) Extract Main.
3) Download Player file in attachments – always the latest version.
4) Extract Adam&Gaiax.x.xPlayer to Main file (same location as “img”)
5) Click Adam&Gaiax.x.xPlayer to play.
If there are bigger updates:
6) Download and extract latest update, to same location as the Main file (img to img)
7) Merge folders and files, click yes if asked.
8) Repeat step 4 with the other updates.

Whats new (last changes):

2.2 – Birth return fixes, combat lose fix, and Elven Barrier stuck fix.
2.1 – Luthien fixes, birth fixes (sentient beast races), GivenName trouble.
2.0 – The Elven Update. Adds whole new region, new Elven race, six new matriarchs, three wild races, many encounters, and much more (including bugs).
1.9 – Adds camp description for all human matriachs. Added meeting events between some matriarchs. Fixes some minor bugs and spelling errors. Tiamat and Lepo quests edits and fixes. Fetish scenes preg counter fixed. Added snake-girl encounter to jungles. Prior encounters edited and added counters. Added new encounters. Added Rheia-Sarai and Rheia-Nambi sex scenes. Edits to the daughter sex scenes have also been added thanks to thernn.
1.8.2 – Added a fix for the new Google Chrome sounds update.
1.8.1 – Fixes minor resource bug. Added Enigior’s updated version for the cheat page, which includes a check to update version, so players can find Sita even on old saves. Visit once.
1.8 – Adds new and final human matriarch Sita, based on the Indian epic Ramayana, together with new daughters, quest and the wonderful character of Hanu. Also it fixes the release function for the wild creature pool description, and the domain listing of drying huts.
1.7.4 – Fixes the housing bug where too many girls where shown.
1.7.3 – Fixed home expansion for quest monster races. Farm description changed. Menu loop fixed. Cheat passage edits by Enigior. Names and bodies fixed for Sarai grandchildren. Other fixes.
1.7.2 – Nephthys and Nut birth scene fixed. Spell fixes. Capture friendly monster feature removed. Village 1 house distance changed. Other stuff… I think…
1.7.1 – Fixes bad conditional expression and adds manual save file init update in Blessings.
1.7 – A new human matriarch is added based on the Torah and Old Testament. With own quest and children. She gives births to mature offspring with 12 varieties. New Send Away system, aiming to retain the girls in a separate array. New way to see girl’s mother via click. Lactation induced at first birth. Adds possibility to meet non-hostile creatures from known races. Combat UI edits.
1.6.6 – Home expansion added to sapient monster races. Cheat page fixed by Enigior. Mouse temple and camp description edits. Safe return to camp moved the Stats and Perks. Stats and Perks redone.
1.6.5 – Another generation tracker fix. Hopefully it should work now… New torrent added.
1.6.4 – Nut’s sex scene fixed. Added return function to bee and bovine special building. Typo fixes. Minor tent fix.
1.6.3 – Dairy assignment fix. Generation tracker fix.
1.6.2 – Fixed capture bug. Damn game breaking bug.
1.6.1 – Jungle preserved food bug fixed. Monster capture cap fixed (hopefully). No end on tired in new buildings fixed. Spelling fixes. Jul repeating loop and tent blank fixed. Nephthys preg counter fixed. Enigior also fixed the cheat passage, and made it include a freaking VERSION CHECK!!! *clap clap clap!!! Also fixed jungle fox event counter. Milk check in slave description and in dairy requirement.
1.6 – More build options for human villages and monster homes. New sex option for tent. Sex scene for sphinx. Generation/maternal tracking for human girls. Houses edits. Deserts fixes.
1.5.10 – Added goo girl as a encounter after Izanami moves in. Fixed jungle sty path.
1.5.9 – Increased monster-girls life and damage. Added auto skip to perk event if all perks are chosen. Fixed Emelie pig brood-mother swap bug. Blank box in desert most likely fixed.
1.5.8 – Edit in genMonsterGirl widget. Release, MonsterChildren edit. Retrieve from Factory location fix. Cheat passage updated. Bee sex count/virgin bug fixed. Spelling fixes. Lepo change changes.
1.5.7 – Fix for Caves-girls blank pictures and some factory fixes, plus human matriarchs pregnancy counters added.
1.5.6 – Fixed High and Low pregnancy from becoming undefined. Edits to Wombat Win passage. Sending away monster girls gives more space. Edited Music passage. Typo fixes, and other stuff too I believe.
1.5.5 – You’re not going to believe it! but yet another venus preg fix. Plus blessing edit.
1.5.4 – Another Venus preg fix and mountain dead end fix.
1.5.3 – Venus preg and an outpost fix.
1.5.2 Nephthys passage fix.
1.5.1 – Venus can once again be found in the camp once her quest is finished.
1.5 – The Nut and Nile Update! Adds new matriarch with full quest and full child roster. New sex sounds for girls and revised music, plus human encounters and bug fixes.
1.4.6 – Space between girls (maybe?), mountain dead end, other stuff I think…
1.4.5 – Fixed village houses return function.
1.4.4 – Fixes impregnation for human girls, exp for combat, nymph disappearance, and maybe other stuff… non of us are really sure…
1.4.3 – Fixed monster matriarch pregnancy bug, mountain dead end maybe some Linux pictures paths for human girls (but “caves” and “islands” folders must be renamed with upper case letters).
1.4.2 – Brood-mother children screen fix, factory paths redone, “virgin”-problem solved.
1.4.1 – Impregnation instability fix.
1.4 – The Splendid Sensational Stunning Code and Combat Extravaganza! Combines the coding work of Polip1339, pronow, and DragonRB with the pictures of Fajter. Cleans up numerous passages and long code strings and adds whole new combat system as a sturdy base for future improvement. New feature called “Blessings” introduced to counter repeated grinding. Many fixes too, including a fix for resetting pregnancy on renewed sex and homes re-finding.
1.3.3 – Fixed girl picture paths.
1.3 – Adds a new human Matriarch with mini quest and unique offspring to fields regions. Includes minor fixes. Combat code fix and update remains undone.
1.2 – Adds more diversity in human matriarch sex scene. Fixes some Linux paths. Adds a way to quickly re-find settlements if discovered once. Plus more weekly girl events. Minor Morrigan sex scene fix. And finally add black body parts for the black girls.
1.1.5b – Morrigan camp fix, Mountains encounter fix, release fix.
1.1.5 – The Morrigan Update! Adds redhead girls, Celtic mythology and a new matriarch to the mountains with her own quest, sex scenes and stories to tell! Plus more Linux fixes.
1.1.4 – Extensive improvements to first Linus fixes. CI909 fixed release passage!
1.1.3 – Adonis cult event and Jul celebration added. Improved paths for Linux users.
1.1.2 – Many picture fixes and preg matriarch solution. Get Main folder update!
1.1.1 – Bugfixes and new size version. New main folder download.
1.1.0 – Autosave, dymanic pictures (almost all), plain fix.
1.0.9 – Bugfixes and send away monsters.
1.0.8 – What a night! Much help and many fixes!
1.0.7 – Many fixes, lost track.
1.0.6 – Bugs, pictures, energy stop.
1.0.5 – Bugs, decreased grind, blocks.
1.0.4 – Rune, Flood, and gathering energy.
1.0.3 – Bastet and girl exits fix.
1.0.2 – Rheia and pig bugfix.
1.0.1 – Music added.
1.0.0 – Initial release.

Additonal Info: Newly added Daxter Patch for the Jungle region – high quality pictures and gifs!

Modding Tool file
The .tws file called ModdingTool is merely the basic file on which I work on the game in Twine 1.4.2. So if you get Twine 1.4.2, and download this .tws file, then you should be able to mod the game to you heart’s content or at least look for bugs efficiently… When I started this project I didn’t know anything about coding (which honestly hasn’t changed much), but to work in Twine, especially with most of the code already set up, should be very doable – so don’t be discouraged if you want to try adding something! Should you make something you can decide whether it get’s uploaded here, and if it’s cannon I can add it to the base code if you’ll give permission. Remember to get the Sugarcube download for Twine.
Epaddder’s Ren’Py Version
A separate game made in the Ren’Py engine using different art and grand custom content and characters. Creator Epadder. Found at:
Daxter’s Great Girls’ Gifs
A high resolution overhaul of the human girls and their gifs. Not only enhancing the textures and making the scenes more fitting, but furthermore removing logos and marks from the pictures and scenes. The following group of girls have been overhauled:
, , , and the New !
Note from Beornwahl.
As a little endnote, I wanna give my very passionate, yet not at all too #homo, thanks to the people helping me with the game – both in regards to coding, pictures and characters, but also those who simply take the time to report a bug and write their experience with the game. Mentally I’m hugging you all <3
Remember, if you want to add to the game yourself, via better pictures, gifs, events, or characters, your work will most certainly be accepted, implemented, and appreciated, you charmers!
Adam and Gaia

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 35

Adam and Gaia: screenshots

Adam and Gaia screenshot 0Adam and Gaia screenshot 1Adam and Gaia screenshot 2Adam and Gaia screenshot 3Adam and Gaia screenshot 4Adam and Gaia screenshot 5Adam and Gaia screenshot 6

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