Abyss Diver Interactive [v0.9.6.1] [FloricSpacer] v0.9.6.1

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Last update: 2023-05-13

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You’ve somehow found yourself at Outset Town, on the edge of an enormous hole that goes deep into the ground. No one knows how deep it goes and no one knows what lies in the deepest layers of the Abyss. What people do know is that there are incredible wonders to be found, but also a corrupting miasma that infuses the entire area. No one who ventures deep into the Abyss comes out looking the same way they went in.
Now, you have a chance to explore the Abyss and see what you can discover, and see the costs you’ll need to pay for those discoveries.​

Last update: 2023-05-13
Released: 2023-05-11
Creator (developer): – –
Censored: No
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
Language: English

2dcg, Text Based, Male Protagonist, Female Protagonist, Futa/Trans, Futa/Trans Protagonist, Adventure, Fantasy, Horror, Monster, Twins, Mind Control, Monster Girl, Bestiality, Corruption, Creampie, Oral Sex, Pregnancy, Rape, Transformation, Vaginal Sex, Big Ass, Big Tits, Lactation, Tentacles, Trap, Vore, Mobile game, Rpg, Sandbox

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):
Minor bug fix update
Fixed bug with the shrine. Fixed bug with double trouble. Fixed bug with asset robustness.
Major update with a lot of new and revised content!
All early layer wonders have been rewritten to include more descriptions and context for them.
Many new initial Curse taking scenes, including Gender Reversal A-E, Sex Switcheroo, Futa Fun, Lingual Leviathan, Reptail, Megadontia, Freckle Speckle, Lightweight, Blushing Virgin, Submissiveness Rectification A, Clothing Restriction B, Power Dom, Equal Opportunity, Comic Relief, Literal Blushing Virgin, 20/20000000, Cold Blooded, Sleep Tight, Crossdress your Heart, Sweet Dreams, Lie Detector, and Massacre Manicure
All Curses and Relics now show their images when you take them
New variations for the slackslime and lesser tentacle beast to lessen repetitiveness
Revamped dune borer, greater tentacle beast, and fell dragon encounters
The grimoire now properly deletes itself upon usage
New variations for the tentacle beast and slackslime scenes depending on the player’s genitals
New image when first visiting Outset Town
Huge bugfix to fix a long-standing issue with calculating inter-layer travel times, which increased all travel times significantly. (If encounters seems to be overly repetitive, this may have been the culprit!) This should also help decrease difficulty that was brought on by the overly harsh travel times.
Decreased general difficulty of layer 8 doll encounters
Mayfly event is now properly functional
Fixed spacing issues/bugs on the Surface, Stats, Inventory, and Appearance pages
Using the time adjustment function now consumes resources
Baying Gourmet now counts time properly and all threat timers should now properly reset when you leave the layer they’re on
Your twin now chooses to take the same Curses as you as you travel
Fixed a variety of other small issues and broken things related to things like the bandits conversation, doll conversation, wacky wombs, eye on the prize, Maru’s conversation, disabling abyssal knowledge, the twin and golem (the two most problematic things ever), the fate crossing star, and managed misfortune. Plus a significant number of typo fixes.
Absolutely huge update, which overhauls a lot of scenes which were added earlier, in addition to adding many more sexy scenes!
All Curse tables are now fully implemented in html
Completely revamped the threats for layers 1-4, now with much more detailed scenes, including sexy defeat scenes
New sex scenes if you get a twin
New sex scenes with companions from the mayfly aphrodisiacs
The Hijinks Ensure Curse now causes a few random silly/sexy scenes to play on occasion
New notepad item which lets you see notes on each layer of the Abyss
Edited and improved a huge number of older scenes to match a higher level of writing quality
New Lily conversation
New descriptions for when taking the refractory refactorization, leaky, random orgasms, dizzying heights, asset robustness (A-E), seafolk, perma-dye, weakling, hard mode, and softie Curses
New conversations with a variety of companions if you are lactating or if you have trouble controlling your bladder
New Ai conversations for L3
You can now use the Lambent Specter to create a golem, which acts as a sort of companion that follows you
Some companions react to some Curses you have, such as Khemia reacting to you getting more feminine/masculine, Saeko reacting to you becoming plant-like, Cherry reacting to fluffy ears/tail, and the aforementioned lactation and bladder reactions
People in town may react to how young or inhuman you appear to be
Semen Demon now requires you to ingest sexual fluids, which requires companions who you can convince if you are unable to provide them yourself. New sexual fluid hunger mechanic
Many new Relic functions, including the Lightning Rook saving ammo and allowing you to avoid traps, the Breathless Exhale blowing away insect swarms, the Aegis Coffin allowing you to replace your skeleton, the Solace Lace protecting you from the elements, and the Memory Reign allowing you to reset the memory of your companions
Added content toggles for male, female, and futa/null partners
The Beastly Curse now prevents the player from talking in conversations
The Chlorophyll Curse now slows you down in dark environments
Plus the entire start section, a variety of conversations, and a few other things were rewritten an improved
And a variety of bugs were fixed (though more nefarious bugs are likely hiding beneath the surface)
Fixed a variety of bugs and typos that were causing many errors. Including bugs on the appearance and party pages. Fixed bug with flasks in the tunnel. Fixed bug with Cherry on L4. Fixed bug with chlorophyll. Fixed bug with L8 threats. Fixed bug with inventory. Fixed loop in Khemia’s first convo.
Changed default behavior to hide menstruation messages for characters who start female and show them for characters who start male.
Changed Curse table of Layers 1-3 to html table, similar to Relics and Items.
Shrines now require you to have money with you to to use them.
Added pregnancy and birthing, which can be triggered by having the proper Curses and having valid sexual encounters. Valid sexual encounters are currently quite liimited, but will be expanded in the future. Added optional menstruation and egg-laying notifications.
Party menu now added to sidebar for easy access
Added a few scenes with lactation with a couple companions if proper requirements are met.
New image for grizzled diver on the surface, new question regarding baby-saving Relic.
New images for some L8 threats and L8 intro (on second visit)
Minimum apparant age slider, so you can prevent excessive age regression as a content option.
Bottled water is now properly integrated into the flask system and all bugs in the flask system should be fixed.
Added tax warning message on L7 when you are low on cash and at risk of death by tax drone.
Mayfly cycle bug fixed. Companion conversation check bug fixed. L4 threat bug fixed. Crossdressing curse bug fixed. Layer 2 spacing fixed. Agelog bug fixed. Dehydration on L3 and L5 bug fixed. Added option to refill any number of flasks on L7. Baying Gourment bug fixed. Cherry L1 bug fixed.
Excessive libido now removes some options for some encounters.
Added option to buy flask refills on layer 7. Fixed many bugs with flasks. Added low dubloon warning on L7. Fixed bug with dehydration warning on L3 and L5. Fixed agelog bug. L5 threats now appear when waiting at the oasis and vault. Fixed some curses on L8 not being available when theys should be. Fixed cold blooded message on L4.
is perhaps the biggest update Abyss Diver has had yet! There are a huge number of changes and improvements + the addition of Layer 8
Enormous performance improvements
Layer 8 has been added with new threats and complex encounters
New conversations with companions at each layer, which appear randomly through your expedition
New passages for when you find Relics on Layer 1
All Relic passages now use the new custom interactive menu, rather than an image
New tutorial NPC that gives some advice, tips, and information. It’s a good idea to interact with him whether you’re a new or returning player!
New handicap system for losing limbs and senses (ie you can’t have conversations with companions while deaf)
New aging system (and anti-aging system if you find the right wonder)
You will now automatically forage for food and water if you are in danger of starvation or fatal dehydration
Ward water and energy rations are now properly implemented
Phoenix Obol, Aeonglass, pneuma wisp, and daedalus mechanism added
More conversations with the Omoikane phone AI assisstant, plus a secret bad ending with her
Draining IQ changes many dialogues, Heavy is the Head Relic reverses all IQ loss
Flask filling and flask drinking system fixed
Companions can now be left behind and added back to the party again in the future
Small cameo added to surface
Huge numbers of typo and bug fixes. Many things should work much, much smoother than before
Updated Relic interface for layers 2 through 5. Added injury notification if you currently have an injury that impairs your movement speed. Added new descriptive text for your genitals if you are huge or tiny. You can now use the Brave Vector slingshot to retrieve the Empath Coil. Fixed some Relics on Layer 5 becoming unobtainable after you trigger the booby traps enough times. Fixed the weight of a few Relics. Fixed weight calculation for Granted Granite. Fixed being able to get multiple Romer Stones. Fixed only being able to make warm or cold clothes even if you duplicate the Romer Stones. Fixed Red Thread Flourish bugs. Fixed Wacky Wombs not showing vaginal canal option. Maximum Fluff override Hair Removal Description. Fixed some functional Relics being described as non-functional in their descriptions.
Improved new shop interfaces. Updated layer 1 relic interface. Reduced download size by ~150 MB. Slightly higher shop border resolution. Improved introduction formatting in various ways. Gender reversal curses and effects now act on original sex rather than current sex. Fixed monstrous appearance check. Fixed horny Curse. Commerce balloon improvements. Penis size now scales with massive and miniscule heights. Purchasing some items on the surface like messenger balloons and warding bracers should now be fixed. Various small typo and wording improvements.
is a huge update that include some major overhauls and a number of small, welcome features!
There is a new UI for the shop on the surface, in a commerce ballon, and on layer 7. There is also a new interface for hiring companions!
There are many new Curse related passages that descrive how you feel with your Curses when you move between layers (or occasionally in the main part of a layer) (Thanks so much to Nerevar for the help with the drafts of these!)
A new conversation with Lily if you raise her affection! Additionally, companion affection is shown on the party info screen and a notification is displayed whenever a new conversation with a companion you haven’t had is available!
Because of an overhaul in the way Curses work under the hood, Curse removal is now fully functional, and you can reverse the effects a Curse has had on your body if you get rid of it. This applies to the icon of mercy, all shrines, and the new managed misfortune relic.
Managed Misfortune is now functional and allows a player to store and retrieve a curse from it!
The Omoikane Circuit is functional, and it features a helpful AI that you can have conversations with (some may recognize her from a certain game by Dream Team Studio!)
The Superpositional Skewer can now be used with a commerce balloon to mitigate the effects of the one sided tunnel. From Seafoam allows you to subtly change your perceived gender via scent.
You can now store Relics of dubloons in your inn room for safe keeping if you don’t want to hold them.
Using the Relic Workshop is now free. Gender reversal curses no longer cause breast growth. The wealth calculation for endings now includes the value of relics you own. The wealth threshold for surface endings was reduced. You can now use Relics and Items on the surface. Penis descriptions now include a specific length. Character creation options were expanded, players can now choose a starting penis size. Improved appearance of companion info screen.
A large amount of text and writing was cleaned up and errors were removed.
And finally, an enormous amount of bug fixes, too many to write out here. A more comprehensive list can be found by looking at the commits on the public Github.
Fixed Hypno Happytime curse interaction with layer 7 threat
Companions will now leave you if their affection towards you drops too low, with minor scenes when they leave. Special scenes now play when you switch bodies with a companion. You can now visit the administration in Outset Town to change your name, borrow money (with Cloud in party), or pay off existing debt. Outstanding debt now restricts habitation options. New curse passages for Clothing Restriction A and Increased Sensitivity. Revised some previous conversations to improve characterization. Blocked off some infull endings. Fixed bugs with conversations, picking up some Relics on layer 1, and line spacing on many passages.
More curse taking passages added, for Shrunken Assets, Fluffy Tail, Hypno Happytime, Reptail, and Horny. Companions now react to you forcing a Curse on someone using the Skewed Shrine on Layer 3 (thanks to Ilse91 for a lot of help in many releases, including this feature). Fixed bug with the threat on layer 7. Added clarifying statement for trying to return to the surface with less than 10 corruption points. Fixed error message with some Relis, including Silk Twister on layer 1.
Fixed bug with Brave Vector relic workshop crating. Fixed bug with relic workshop if accessed from balloon. Fixed bug with drifting swallower. Fixed bug with day counts exploding after foraging on layer 7. Fixed bug with Cherry’s chaotic luck displaying incorrect corruption values for curse corruption on layers 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7. Fixed bug that caused infinite loops of robotic rehabilitation for some players on layer 7.
The focus here was on additional Relic functionality. The Joyous Sunder can now be made into an incredibly powerful blade at the Relic workshop, allowing Khemia to defeat almost any threat in his hands. The Tranquility Knell can now be used to hide and escape from a threat that uses vibrations to sense. The Solace Lace now provides warmth and cold protection for more efficient travek on layers 4, 5, and 6. The Blind Divine now provides “light” for most purposes. The combination of the Toral Wave and the Empath Coil can be used to fight a very rewarding enemy that is resistant to most attack options. The Forest’s Gift can be used to have a friendly encounter with certain mundane scorpions that are part of a trap on layer 5. More options were added for using Relics to full foraging jobs on layer 7. The Baying Gourmet will no longer appear at all if your party has 5 or more people, rather than you being able to instantly scare them off with 5 or more people. Some small typo corrections and wording changes.
Added functionality to the Brave Vector to act as a gun if you take it to the Relic Workshop for modification. The Relic Workshop is now fully accesible from commerce balloons. There are now descriptive scenes when you first obtain some curses, such as Hair Removal, Knife-ear, Freckle Speckle, and Gooey (more are planned to be added later). Placeholder conversations with companions are no longer visible to players. A few typos have been fixed in multiple passages and conversations.
Fixed some images on layer 7 being incorrect or not showing up at all, fixed a curse on layer 7, fixed a few minor typos
Added conversation icon images to folder
Removed debug options, fixed spacing in a few passages
Version 0.8.0
is one of the biggest updates the game has ever had, with a huge number of changes and new features!
First, layer 7 is now implemented!
There is now a conversation system for talking with companions! Initial introductory conversations with companions have been added, plus a few more conversations when you build up enough familiarity with them. You can also wear the Heart Stealing Stole to improve your affection scores much more quickly! If you reach critical affection levels, you can get bonus meals from Maru or extra scavenging from Cloud. You can also promise the World Stone to Lily for more affection with a unique conversation.
Many Relics now have gameplay applications! This includes the Kin Shifter, the Forbidden Grimoire, the Gleam Dazer, the Everheavea, the Sybil Tea, the Chain of Lorelei, the World Stone, and the Heart-Stealing Stole. Plus a number of Relics have specific applications in the “foraging” options on the new 7th layer!
Different endings based on a number of variables are now available for the surface! These possible futures give you a hint of what awaits you after the end of your adventure.
You can now use the Relic Workshop as a location on the surface to get unique uses out of Relics like the Romer Stones and the Creepy Doll!
The Inn Room is now a location on the surface you can visit to eat your fill of food and water to save on those resources for the day.
Your carry weight now changes dynamically based on things like your size, gender, and fitness. It changes to reflect the current state of your own body!
Items in the store now show an image when you buy them.
Fitness is now tracked and related to carry weight, and you can improve your fitness over time through the natural execise of the expedition or by using the World Stone every day.
Plus many more small changes and bug fixes, plus some significant under the hood updates.
I hope you all enjoy the new update and let me know what you think of the new systems and features!
Fixed bug with using non-torch heat sources on layer 4 when you don’t have torches. Fixed bug with Hemospectrum option displays. Fixed bug with dizzying heights being non-functional when taken with Cherry’s ability. Fixed feline scene in layer 2. Fixed random curse issues on layer 2. Fixed bug related to starting female. Fixed height calculations for originally female characters. Changed rounding method to round down for relic costs under chaotic luck. Fixed pearly gate relic time cost. Fixed curse corruption being improperly calculated with chaotic luck for some layers.
Fixed bug with height after using Quick Start
Added event for when you pick up the Hive Tassel relic on layer 1. Fixed bug with picking up relics on layer 6 teleporting you to layer 3. Fixed bug with the easy mode companion token not functioning properly.
is a significant update and lays the groundwork for adding the next layer and future expansions!
There are a number of new features and improvements added in this version:
Easy mode added, improved description of hard mode
Escape balloon fully implemented
Relic descriptions and images can now be viewed in your inventory (please let me know if you see typos here, I typed all the descriptions quickly manually, so minor errors are likely)
Opportunistic bandits encounter implemented
New system for dynamic height management that changes as your age/gender change too (thanks to Ilse91 for the huge help here and with other features)
New systems for dynamic pronouns and evaluations of apparent humanity and lewdness for future use
Breast size now reduces if your apparent age regresses
A new ending system is implemented with many possible variations of endings based on your dubloons, lewdness, appparent humanity, and apparent age. There are currently placeholder endings for the surface and layer 1, revisions expected in the future as I take some time to edit and revise the endings generously supplied by Ilse91
Additionally there have been a number of bug fixes, such as errors when using the quick start feature and height concatenation after taking the dizzying heights curse.
Added “Quick Start” option which should allow returning players to skip some of the intro dialogue after character creation. Improved shop display so it now shows current carried weight and team carrying capacity as you buy goods. Items that don’t have any benefit for multiples will now automatically buy 1 copy. You can now only take the Empty-handed Broker’s deal if your corruption ponts after the deal would be greater than 0 to prevent a loop. Fixed typo when hiring Cloud. Changed “New Game+” to “Hard Mode” for clarity. Added descriptions saying you spent time seeking out wonders on the first few layers for clarity. Fixed bugs with food mutations and layer 6 curses on the appearance menu. Fixed bugs with Cherry on layer 5 and 6. Fixed bug with using the workshop through a commerce balloon.
Current layer number is now displayed in the sidebar. The Inn Pass now causes your food and water to refill to 0 if you were starving before getting to the surface. You can now turn off the benefits of the encclopedia/Saeko if you want the side effects of foraging by going to the adjustments menu and turning off abyssal knowledge. A certain tunnel now sends dubloons in addition to items to the surface. Fixed many errors with curses on layer 6. Fixed issue with backgrounds on case sensitive OSes like Linux. Fixed rope travel time from layer 4 to 5. Fixed error when filling flasks on layer 1.
Fixed error on layer 2 main area
is a moderately sized update, with some new features and improvements to existing content!
Most importantly, almost all food transformations have been implemented! This includes logic for if you have Abyssal expertise in your party. The only one not implemented is a certain food on layer 6. This was a commonly requested feature, so I hope players enjoy it!
Additionally, there are a few more random descriptions for layer 3 describing a bit of the ecosystem there. There is also a new passage for the creepy doll on the first layer, describing how you find it with some variants based on player apparent age and for some party members. (Thanks to julian1998hinck for that inspiration)
I think performance should be improved late game too, so if you’re having issues with that let me know!
There have also been many bug fixes including infinite tentacle beasts on layer 5’s descent to hell, broken crafting with purity tree planks, and broken retrieval of items from a certain tunnel with only 1 side. Plus some more errors that have been corrected!
You can now use the commerce balloon with purity wood and to retrieve items sent by a certain magical tunnel! Fixed being unable to take some curses on layer 6. Fixed errors on the main part of layer 2. Fixed typo in Cloud hire passage. Fixed miscalculation of relic cost with Cherry and Saeko in party.
This release contains layer 6! Prepare for a hellish experience in these deeper layers beyond the knowledge of previous explorers.
It also has a number of improvements to previous systems and the game in general. There are now random flavor descriptions that can appear on the surface and first 2 layers, with some events only occuring with certain companions present. I’m planning to add these to the rest of the layers and I’m open to suggestions for ideas for them! Additionally, sold relics can no longer be picked up again after you picked them up once. There is now a new Use Items menu on the main part of each layer that contains a menu for usable items and the stat adjustment screen, this is where I will add relics with specific uses in the future. You can also no longer exit the Abyss unless you have 0 or more corruption points.
There have also been a number of bug fixes that should reduce the amount of errors people encounter throughout the game! A bug with random curses was fixed. A bug with cherry of layer 5 was fixed. A bug with picking up the empath coil was fixed.
Added descriptions for many more curses! Curse descriptions are now compatible with Cherry and can be removed properly by wonders. Fixed a bug with layer 5 cherry. Fixed a bug with multiple layer 5 curses. Fixed an error when carry weight was displayed after activating a certain relic. Fixed hemospectrum description in appearance menu.
Version 0.6.0 is here! This is one of the biggest updates yet, with a new layer and many QoL improvements and changes!
Layer 5 has been fully implemented!
You now have the option to allow the Abyss to bestow a random curse on your at each layer! Game Over screens have also been implemented in scenarios where you would die (mainly running out of food or water and then starving/dying of dehydration after a few days), giving you an option to go back if you would like to. You can now view details about items in your inventory similar to companions. The Spectre of the End is now implemented. Apparent age changes are now implemented! Many curses now give you a description of their effect on the appearance screen (currently only up to layer3 and doens’t work with Cherry, will be expanded/fixed in a version soon).
There have also been many bug fixes, including some mentioned in the forums and some that haven’t! Weight is now rounded to 1 decimal place in the stats menu and some bugs with Cherry were fixed.
Fixed selling relics with balloon, improved menu navigation with “back”, fixed steady shrine not granting corruption, fixed sated artist time cost, fixed layer 4 habitation option, fixed Cherry giving a multitude of tails if you take a tail curse with her ability, fixed players being able to take both power dom and submissiveness, fixed conflict between birth control and pregnancy curses
Fixed layer 4 description, fixed bug with Cherry’s ability on layer 3, added check for threats after picking up a relic, fixed broken tag on forage screen on layers 1 and 2.
Fixed typos on layer 4, fixed teleporting from layer 4 to 3 sometimes, fixed cherry’s luck on layer 4, fixed gossamery scales not giving corruptino, fixed drifting swallower encounters resulting in infinite vore, fixed foraging food on layer 4 being reversed
Layer 4! Many bug fixes, body swappng implemented, improved selling interface
This version should also hopefully fix all of the annoying red errors that have been cropping up across the game for many players. It also fixes a variety of bugs reported in the forum thread and a few more that I noticed and people didn’t mention yet. The major bugs with foraging for water for flasks and with selling relics have both been fixed. I think every bug reported to me has been fixed, but if I miss anyhing please let me know!
There have also been a number of QoL changes and improvements to previous features, For example, the fate-crossing star now properly switches your appearance with the companion whose body you swapped into (thanks so much to dogflail for helping with writing the companion descriptions.) The sell menu for relics has also been streamlined and now shows the value of the relics you’re selling in the menu (thanks to Stadler for the improvement suggestion).
Fixed bug with broken links on the curse acceptance pages. Fixed Cherry not correctly applying curses to appearance on layer 3. Hopefully finally fixed interaction of sex switcheroo with other curses.
Fixed a bug with the back button reversing curses on layers 2 and 3, fixed broken script in sex switcheroo, fixed bug in relic back script on layers 2 and 3
Fixed a foraging bug on layer 2. Fixed a bug with Cherry’s skill calculating corruption incorrectly.
Fixed layer 1 foraging shunting player to layer 3
Finally fixed all of the issues with red errors when changing floors with flasks.
Fixed bug with dizzying heights, fixed bug with heart-stealing stole
This is a minor content update, but has many bug fixes. Fully implemented the commerce balloon! Added wacky wombs choices to curse and wombs to appearance menu. Players can now take wacky wombs 2 times. Dramatically increased maximum breast size supported. Fixed interaction of sex change/futa fun with other curses, especially asset robustness. Fixed multiple bugs with foraging. Fixed being unable to refill flasks with foraged water. Fixed submissiveness A not registering properly. Fixed broken scripts on some relic checks. Fixed bug with drinking from flasks when moving between layers resulting in a large number of errors.
Added adjustment options for food and water. Fixed bug with foraging between layers 1 and 2. Fixed bug with stats/inventory/appearance causing resource loss on certain pages. Added warning when using the adjustment menu may cause bug with unwanted resource loss.
Fixed bug with dizzying height script errors, fixed bug with taking certain relics on layer 2, fixed bug of no return from the appearance menu, fixed maximum fluff creating tails out of nowhere and not giving fur
Introducing version 0.4.0, which has a number of great features I think people here will like added to it!
First is that I have added an appearance system! There is now a simple character creator at the start of the game, and the appearance menu changes dynamically as you take curses that change your physical appearance.
I also fully implemened the 3rd layer of the Abyss! This comes with many new curses, relics, threats, and wonders to discover!
There have also been a number of QoL improvements, including showing key stats on the menu bar (thanks to hentaidark for that suggestion in his review). I also fullly revamped the threat system, so it can now interrupt players moving between layers properly. The companions menu now shows a link to a page with the companion’s name, picture, description, and any curses you’ve given them! I’d like to add a similar menu for curses and relics in the future, though that will take a lot of rote work, so that is not high priority. There is now the option to “improvise” a number of key equipment parts, such as a rope, light, heat source, or cutting instrument in the “adjustments” menu, in case you have a creative idea to get to a relic I didn’t account for already. I also added images in a few new places and fixed a number of bugs.
Layer 3 added. Dynamic ppearance system added, now you create a character and it gets automatically modified by the curses you take. Companion view page added. Many QoL changes, including key stats easily viewable in side bar. Many bug fixes and some images added.
Fixed players being able to take sex switcheroo and futa fun at the same time. Implemented Baying Gourmet. Fixed various time costs of wonders and travel. Implemented status effects and medkits. More detailed foraging options.
Fixed a bug that prevented getting any dubloons for selling relics. Fixed bug with music playback after using back button. Fixed bug with counter for dizzying heights. Fixed bug that allowed players to take Shrunken Assets and Asset Robustness A
Fixed a bug that forced you to the first layer after selling relics
Fixed bug with buying food/water, flask number management, and a few other minor bugs
0.3.0 Surface and first 2 layers implemented

Developer Notes:

Open the html file in your browser. Firefox is recommended, as I’ve seen issues with saves on Chrome and images on Safari. Joiplay is recommended for Android.
This was originally an interactive adaptation of a text-based CYOA from an author who requested to remain anonymous, but the project has somewhat grown beyond the scope of a direct adaptation at this point, as there are significant amounts of scenes/content that were not in the original image CYOA. I’m also seeking continual feedback about what features people would like to see added to the game! Please join the Discord server if you’re interested in keeping up with development, suggesting features, reporting bugs/typos, and asking any questions. The developers are quite active on Discord and will respond to you promptly.

Abyss Diver Interactive [v0.9.6.1] [FloricSpacer]

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 72

Abyss Diver Interactive [v0.9.6.1] [FloricSpacer]: screenshots

Abyss Diver Interactive [v0.9.6.1] [FloricSpacer] screenshot 0Abyss Diver Interactive [v0.9.6.1] [FloricSpacer] screenshot 1Abyss Diver Interactive [v0.9.6.1] [FloricSpacer] screenshot 2

Welcome to the adult virtual world of meetings with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unpack, easy install and play this adult game.

Be a good player and get what you want. It will be you next second life, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you’re totally gonna like.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you abuse your power and authority? Start now!

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