Gyakuten! Busai-gakuen ~Nyotaika Fuku Bancho~ (Eroe)

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Last update: 2016-07-13

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-Hated person of the Deputy group leader is the Pokémon Type Combination!?-

You can make of me,burly man.

Gorillas have given strong Bancho is similar, but the minions took the small one to stand around,

Violence will not like it and was the school’s Vice-full your.

Its me……… The most dangerous woman on the movie!!??

Is this a dream!? Yeah, dream only.

Right to it from enjoying this situation, and much more!!!

And Oh…the girl’s soft, sort of…… Sensitivity also,read!

I,I,big Tits ze…erotic me.

I? Male students appear for each.

Or, of course, I hit the wind. Click,not feeling well and♪

…I,by ~ U ~ U ~ U ~ TSU! example!! I awoken from a dream I Girl in love with a white girl!!!!

Also, from………… Reality!?


Ever do bad, from the minions to hate this rape Orgy!

Cherry boy of the class to ask into the body observed a large service,

School teacher and many of the students in front of the open class!

Man I hate it! This is the one,heart of a woman by a gorilla learn to love!?

Full around,to the North of get a girl and a showdown in………

And glossy long hair,that skin,angrily ass,

Live in the hidden image and big Boobs, but the Serious, get wrapped in a transsexual!

The male smell, woman-hungry beast with a nest of food like the boys ‘ school just right click the link below and select Save Link as and you can block the school, in

“Her”is how it’s done!?

The color is pure girl, the mind is male and not

The heroine・to site of the crucifixion, not 1 day to enjoy!

■Choice of story branching adventure game.

Arrive ending,Gangbang from live with a variety of 10 streets.

CG number of sheets 24 sheets,difference of 400 or more volume is delivered!

■CG appreciation and scene recalls are

※”Assault! Takeshi closed school”is a play without the play.

※Operation check for the trial version to play from the purchase.

Gyakuten! Busai-gakuen ~Nyotaika Fuku Bancho~ (Eroe)

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 83

Gyakuten! Busai-gakuen ~Nyotaika Fuku Bancho~ (Eroe): screenshots

Gyakuten! Busai-gakuen ~Nyotaika Fuku Bancho~ (Eroe) screenshot 1Gyakuten! Busai-gakuen ~Nyotaika Fuku Bancho~ (Eroe) screenshot 2Gyakuten! Busai-gakuen ~Nyotaika Fuku Bancho~ (Eroe) screenshot 3

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