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Under Control v0.1.0

The MC is a young guy at the end of his teen ages. He lives with his family until some Succubusses kidnap the female members of the family. The story follows his journeys until the deepest part of the



There is a girl named Parami who wants to help people. You are her assitant(not the MC) Your decisions will affect how successful she is and how may friends she makes. I don’t want to give away too mu


Club 53 v0.01

It is a Tycoon/Business simulation game with visual novel and dating sim game. Grow your own club and meet ladies!​Last update: 2021-04-17Released: 2021-04-16Creator (developer): Magicahen – Censored:


Autumm Memories v1.0

You are a young man unemployed and unhappy in love. Unfortunately you are not having your best days and your mother is sick and you are forced to travel to the city and get a better job to pay for you


Painting v0.1

Jack(Or the name you chose) lost his father when he was four years old. After his father’s death, his mother took care of him alone and taught(more likely forced him to learn) him many things. Such as



Elderforest, will let you explore the protagonist’s life, a prince who is arranged to marry a princess elf to take over the throne, but soon he finds an intricate web of lies and secrets that pushes h


Awakenero v0.1

Some of us are gifted in more ways than… it is natural. Which makes certain parties… very interested.​Last update: 2021-04-16Released: 2021-04-15Creator (developer): vardanju – Censored: NoVersio


Above The Clouds v0.1

You live with an eccentric but loving family. One day, your father out of nowhere declares he’s bringing you all back to Pitsville, his hometown!Uncover the town’s secrets, interact with some bizarre


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