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Last update: 2019-01-17

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“This demo covers the first 48 hours of the story. Our hero is a late-teens doting younger brother with a love for books. When we enter the story, our hero is preparing for his new employment by moving in with his sister, Julia, since her home is much closer to the bookstore where he now works. Julia is a mid-20’s banker who, once close to our hero, had drifted apart when she went to college. She is an intelligent skeptic with a good sense of humor and a soft spot for her little brother. She lives with her room-mate, Eva, who we find won’t be home for a few days (not in the demo). It seems Eva had a rather unfortunate first meeting with our hero, but he aims mend their friendship. As of now, our hero’s main concern is a man named David, who Julia works with. He must get David to leave Julia alone at all costs and destroy their planned date for the cinema on Friday.”
-Summary by jpsimon

Updated: 12 October, 2018
Censorship: None
Version: 0.2 Redesigned
OS: Windows
Language: English
Genre: Visual Novel, 3DCG, Incest, Voyeur, Feet

: Change Logs

v0.2 Redesigned
All scenes up to the original 0.2 redone with new renders and dialogue.
v0.1 Redesigned
All scenes up to the original 0.1 redone with new renders and dialogue.
– Saturday with Julia and Ewa. It will be a very long and difficult day.
– A lot of new dialogues, over 400 new pictures (new portraits, backgrounds, but above all new pictures for erotic scenes).
– A new dialogue system – now girls will remember your every answer, so watch what you say!
– This is by far the longest update I made, but most of the scenes depend on your past and current choices. It’s not possible to find all the new content the first time. Experiment with different choices.
– Many minor changes
– Much more eroticism and a very long ‘final’ scene with over 100 pictures prepared especially for this scene.
– Now you have the chance to bring Julia to orgasm
– This time finding ‘good endings’ for erotic scenes will not be so easy. So a small tip: to get the final erotic scene you need to have 5 ‘lust points’. To get these points you have to understand what kind of kinky game Julia offers you and start talking and doing things that will be exciting for her You also need a “punishment” thread – you can find it at the end of v.03, under a shower after date
Birthday Edition
– One new day – the main hero’s birthday.
– Lots of new dialogues (this part contains more text than v.02 and almost as much as v.03) . However, some scenes are hidden and getting them depends on the player’s choices.
– A few new erotic scenes with Julia
– This part is a little less related to the main thread, it’s a bit like spin-off But you can learn some useful information about Julia
– Technically this is a separate game, so don’t use old save

– One new day – Friday. Yes, the long-awaited Friday.
– V.03 is as long as v.01 and v.02 together. This version contains more choices, so to find all the new scenes, you have to finish the game more than once.
– You can continue romance with Julia, and if you do it right, you will gain very interesting opportunities for now and for the future.
– Or you can put the first steps in an affair with Eve. Then you will see Julia’s reactions.
– Your previous decisions are important. Especially that which girl you chose as your ideau women.
– There is also a hidden scene with Julia. Before the date Julia will ask you for advice. If you will be a good advisor, you’ll get a pleasant surprise.
– More fun, more eroticism, more unforeseen situations…​
Thinking About You

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 4

Thinking About You: screenshots

Thinking About You screenshot 0Thinking About You screenshot 1Thinking About You screenshot 2Thinking About You screenshot 3Thinking About You screenshot 4

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