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Last update: 2019-01-25

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The whole thing began a few years ago when Brian’s mother had died. She was sick, but he had no idea, she and his father kept it a secret. After she died his father started to drink heavily. One night the cops came to Brian and told him that his father won’t come back soon so he’d better stay with a relative. When I found this he did his best in finding out what happened to his father but no luck.
A few days after the cops came to his door, Phill, the principal of the high school where Brian was a student came to him and told him that he could live with him for a while.
While living with Phill, Brian did plenty of bad stuff, but in the end, things got better
The main purpose of the player will be to find out why is his father in prison while his second goal will be to find out what everybody hides. Everybody has secrets and your job is to find them. Some characters have big secrets while other not so big.​

ThreadUpdated: 2019-01-26
Released: : 2019-01-26
Developer/Publisher: RoyalCandy
Censorship: None
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows, Mac
Language: English

Anal sex, Oral sex, vaginal sex, Incest, Corruption, Milf, Voyeurism, Gangbang, Threesome, Lesbian

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “NoMoreSecrets-Episode1.exe” to start playing.


A few typosWhen you go to the locker room and Stephania is there you were not able to strip her and continue. It’s fixed nowA few of you complained about the fact that the game crashes after the cops. Well, it should have stopped the game not crashed, because that’s where the free version ends up. I have fixed that so it won’t crash anymore, but go to the Menu.v0.2
The game is now made in Ren’Py and I got of the errors that the previous versions had. Includes episodes 1 and 2.

As you know I fullly reworked the whole game changing it from 3D perspective to a 2D one.
First of all I want to apologize for the delay, I wasn’t expecting to be this hard to do it. At first it was looking quite easy, however it was quite cumbersome.
Another thing that may ruin your experience is the fact that I have made a fullly new game which means the saves from previous versions won’t work anymore. I know it’s an inconvenience for you but I had no other way to do it, or at least not one I was aware of.
For those who know me since version 1 you might remember that my page was shut down for a few weeks. Well… It seemed that my story back then wasn’t playing by the rules of patreon, so I had do change a few things, however now I changed the story quite a little bit and you’re able now to score with any of the girls, which mean that the removed content from Episode 2 is not removed anymore.
As you know in the first episode Brian was preparing a small birthday party for his step-sister.
The second episode takes place mostly in Brian’s house. You and 8 other friends will celebrate Lizzie. You’ll have plenty of activities like talking, dancing, playing, kissing and some other interesting other activities which I will leave you to find by yourself.
IMPORTANT For those who played only version 0.1 and let Rene take care of the booze, please start a new game, because there were a few bugs that I fixed in the version 0.1.1.
There are a few things that changed, but the most important are:
I fixed some bugs from Rene’s pathMade some modifications in the UISome of you asked me to add a button to hide the UI when in conversation (press H)Changed a few things in the movement in the school. It’s easier to follow the player.KNOWN BUGS
I didn’t managed to fix the NEW GAME / STORE from the first episode however you can avoid them very easily. The New Game button works only when you started the game, if you played the game before, you have to quit and then restart the game.
Any other bugs you find please report them at
Now let’s talk about the “After Party”. In my opinion this third episode is coming like a reward for the decisions you did in the previous episodes. The game has now like 6 sex scenes and a bunch of touching, kissing and nudity
If in the first Episode you had to prepare a party for Lizzie and in the second you enjoyed the party, well the third episode is more like what happened after all that booze.
What I have tried with the third episode is to make sure that the relationships evolve natural so nothing would seem misplaced, so if you’re gonna have a romantic scene with some girl or a crazy night with another, it’s because you did something good or you were at the right place at the right time
I won’t keep you any much because I guess you’d like to play the game
if only someone would patch this back

*New Game Required due to full remake of game*
No More Secrets

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 62

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