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Last update: 2019-01-24

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This game tries to blend RPG maker game with visual novel. In the environment of college you have almost unlimited possibilities and who didn’t have some sexual fantasies about schoolgirls or teachers, right !? Oh, yeah, this is 18+ content so stay away if it does offend you.​

Last update: : 2018-12-23
Released Date: 2018-12-28
Creator (developer): : MikeMasters
Censored: No
Version: 0.2.1
OS: Windows, MacOS
Language: English

3DCG, Male Protagonist, Voyeurism, Oral Sex, Vaginal Sex, School Setting, Romance, Dating Simulator, Groping

Install instructions

1- Download and unpack the game.
2- Click on “Game.exe” to start playing.

Whats new (last changes):


added over 70 new imagesadded 4 new animations (another 140 images)added new event to collect signature to dormitory 2nd floor hallwayadded new event for mrs. Anderson in her bedroomadded another new event for mrs. Anderson in her bedroom as a continuation to previous eventadded 4 new conversation topics to acompany these two eventsadded 3 new conversation topics for Kimberlyadded new event for Kimberly in her bedroom as conclusion to the conversation topicsadded 2 new small voyeur events in Anderson apartment bathroom (1 for Kim, 1 for mrs. Anderson)updated Elisabeth’s event in the dark alley with 2 of the mentioned animationsreconstructed Jane’s “Drunk Sex” event and Joan’s “Sexual Education” events to fix saving issues (it should be save to save the game there)it is now possible to sleep at Joan’s bed at 11pm any day (click on the empty part of the bed)fixed bug, where it wasn’t possible to save game after giving Kara her sundress


added new images to Joan’s older content, where “shaved” variant was requiredrerendered all images tied to Joan in the college main hallchanged an image in “Bush Decision” event, where Joan wears leggings, when she clearly shouldn’tthe text now shows instantaneous (no pauses between letters)fixed bug that forced the choice boxes to show only 4 rows instead of all of themfixed stuck image in the “Handjob” event in Joan’s room at nightadjusted time for the “growing” animation at the “Handjob” event, so the end of the animation isn’t cutdissabled reloading quicksave with ‘R’, because it caused errors at various locations. Use ‘S’ and ‘L’ keys insteadfor very quick players it was possible to enter MC’s room on day 1 before visiting headmaster by fast traveling and holding up arrow, before dorm receptionist started talking to him. That caused black screen until player somehow left the room. That is now fixed.removed ‘Activities’ from quest log, because it wasn’t consistent with the rest of the content. Now activities are treated as any other repeatable events (in the new guide as well). Only works for new game. This change doesn’t have impact on old saves.small edits on how to unlock voyeur contentchanged the size of the game window to 1 280×720 pixelsunlocking library fast travel point also unlocked gym fast travel pointfixed bug, where player could get stuck at entrance to women’s locker room at stadium, if MC’s spyed that day and haven’t high confidence to do it againfixed bug, where an image got stuck on screen, if player decided to fall asleep, when Jane returned to room on friday night and woke him


added over 110 new imagesadded 5 new animations (another 215 images)added new side quest “Kill the Beaver”added new unique event called “Bush Decision” in Joan’s roomadded new unique event called”Virginity Check” in Joan’s roomadded new unique event called “Shave the Beaver” at the end of the new side questadded small unique event, if you don’t shave the beaver personally, to Joan’s roomadded new unique event and repeatable variation, while sleeping at Joan’s roomadded new repeatable event on Joan’s bed (not at night)maybe fixed some bugs, but I’m not sure, it’s been a few week and I haven’t written it down 😀


Let me give you some hints on how to start the new content. If you’ve done everything up to this point, just visit Joan’s room. There is 50 % chance that it’ll trigger, so if it doesn’t, just leave and enter her room several times. The same goes for the second event, but only after midnight.
Be aware, if you decided not to pursue Joan in romantic way, some content will play out differently, or will be locked away from you.
Whats new (last changes)
added over 120 new imagesadded new event called “Caught Masturbating” in Joan’s roomadded new event called “Night Wrestling” in Joan’s roomadded new event that autostats after “Night Wrestling”added new event as a part of an ongoing series of events “Sexual Educations”unlocked next part of the massage event after finishing the abovefixed bug that prevented restarting Joan’s date, if player picked her up in his casual clothesfixed crash caused by deleting save file from the save/load menufixed bug that corrupted loading autosaves, if no other save was ever created before(hopefully) fixed bug that randomly corrupted some save filesfixed missing image at Jane’s animation, while watching TV in MC’s roomfixed bug, where Jane would act, like she has never talked to Kim at the lunch event


fixed bug, where save file would disappear if player saved game twice in a row during conversation without leaving the menufixed bug where an image stays sticked on a screen after talking to dorm receptionist on Day 1, if certain choices are selectededited library event with Kara, so the images doesn’t flicker at some situationsfixed Jane’s lunch event, where it wasn’t possible to continue, if player wanted to pay for the lunch at the beginning of the eventfixed bug in Jane’s first gym session, where it was possible to break the event under very specific combo of choices, confidence and relationship pointsfixed couple wrong image references in the dorm 2nd floor bathroom voyeur eventadded missing image to event that starts “IT Advisor” side questadded missing image to event, when you give Kara her new sundressadded missing image to first class eventadded missing image at Joan’s date (back at the apartment)added missing image to dinner event at the apartmentadded missing image to Joan’s event at her deskfixed “undefined is not a function” error that may kick in when opening main menu after some events (caused by implementing the new animation system)fixed a trigger for Joan’s bathroom event at the Main Hall, so it won’t happen every time (if no random event was triggered in the Main Hall that day)fixed bug that prevented from updating Jane’s schedule around the football stadiumit is now possible to open save menu with ‘S’ key anywherein similar way you can press ‘L’ key, where the first highlited option is load insteadfixed bug where it was not possible to postpone the Kara’s “Losing Virginity” event, if player desired to do sofixed bug at the infirmary. One of the clients had a wrong variable assigned to themreduced size by removing some unused/old assets from the packremoved many text pauses from older events (many more to go)converted all animations to the new system


added 70 new imagesadded 6 new animations (another 206 images)added repeatable blowjob event in Kara’s roomadded repeatable “licking” event in Kara’s roomadded new system for animations (only new animations for now)rerendered all images in classroom to fit my latest trendsadded new big event, that will push relationship with Kara to another levelI bet I’ve fixed some bugs, but what were they?


Fixes bug in the remastered headmaster scene.
Whats new (last changes) from v0.1.7 to v0.1.7a
remade tutorial at the beginning of the gameupdated Jane’s achievements tab with the latest eventsfixed bug where it was possible to go on a date with Joan by buying her new underwear but not giving it to herfixed bug where the Friday night date with Jane was never considered as done, thus always played like it was for the first timereworked cheerleader training event to play out differently based on the hour it was startedI have feeling like I have fixed something else, but it eludes me (or I’ve forgotten to fix it?), anyway, that’s all folks!

v 0.1.7

New Content
added over 80 new imagesadded 4 new animations (another 120 images)added small “Cheerleaders’ training” event in the stadiumadded event “New Cheerleader” triggered by the previous eventadded event “Friday Party” started in MC’s roomadded repeatable variation for both big eventsfixed bug in Jane’s lunch event, so she refers to Joan properly, if she met her during Joan’s college tourRemastered content
rerendered intire headmaster scene (10 images + 1 new animation)rerendered first encounter with Kara (8 images)rerendered images from dorm bathroom that were too dark (10 images)replaced Jane’s busts in the first encounter with Jane (27 new images)replaced Jane’s busts in the first night event – waking up part (4 new images)parsed and removed unnecessary commands from text in these events (amongst others small ones): Study with Kara in library, One of the workouts with Jane, all events on day one, all events in classroom


fixed bug where the ‘Buying sex toy’ event would trigger day after MC’s last visit in the apartment, no matter what events are finishedat was also possible to start that event in a suit or swimming trunksfixed bug where it was possible to watch porn with Joan right after she received her laptopfixed left entrance door to the library, it had set wrong closing timefixed a few missing lines in the sex edu chain of event, if MC hasn’t talked about a porn the first time he had a chancefixed few typos that I have noticed


added 4 new animations (have to learn it somehow)added over 120 new images (plus 120 for the animations)added side quest “So Here I Live” (contains 4 new events)added massage event for Joan in her roomadded 2.5 sex edu lessons (the .5 depends is when you don’t do the 2nd lesson and gives you the option to do the 2nd lesson)added repeatable event derived from one of the new lessonsadded event starting at Joans room leading to the sex shopadded event at the Main Hall tied to Joan’s workadded option to sleep at Joan’s bedadded repeatable version of the date with Joanslightly changed Jessica’s repeatable date, so it should be easier to get a kiss at the endfixed the Westside mark on the global map, where it wouldn’t show up after unlocking the locationfixed Kim’s sprite poking through the darkness in the apartment (you have to leave the apartment to apply this fix)


fixed bug where Jessica thought you’ve missed the date if MC had sex with her after dinnerfixed bug where it was possible to get to Westside before Jessica took MC therefixed bug where it wasn’t possible to replay the 3rd massage lesson in the infirmary after you’ve finished the ‘Golden Hands’ side questfixed bugs where Jessica’s achievements were displayed incorrectlyfixed bug were it was possible to play a variation of Jessica’s sex scene from her room like they were returning from the dinner together


added 5 new animations (2 for Kara, 3 for Jessica, 170 images total)added over 60 new imagesadded one big repeatable event for Jessicaadded two middlesized events for Karaadded new part of the city – the Westside with Jessica’s apartmentupdated Jessica’s schedule outside of the Campusfixed bug where it was almost impossible to encounter Kim’s event to start the sex ed for Joan at the Anderson apartment due to small space where it could trigger. Now it’s should be looks smalls, doesn’t it? Well, you’re rightand now I remember what I’ve forget to do… damn it


fixed bug where it wasn’t possible to start ‘Sexual education’ event without talking to Joan outside her room firstfixed bug, where the event hasn’t recognised that player already had condoms in his inventoryfixed several bugs around Joan’s achievementsfixed bug, where after fast traveling the phone was still openadded option to go back in the phone-wait menuadded couple small lines to the ‘best friends’ event for better continuityadded missing conditions for rare situation, when player could lose relationship point between inviting Joan to a date and going on itadded missing condition in one of the ‘best friend’ event options


added over 160 new imagesadded event to become best friend with Joan (date)added event to educate Joan about stuff (4 parts)added event to confess feelings to Joanadded small event with Kim to start the education event, if missed convo in hot tub (reminded if convo seen)added quick save and wating options to phone menu (for easier mouse control)added new buyable item to the e-shop (can be bought anytime)added 2 new selfies from Joanfixed rare bug at the dinner event in the apartment, causing some sprites not to clean up after the event ends


added options to take pictures to the new voyeur events at 2nd floor bathroom and stadium locker roomfixed random event in library, where one image stuck on screen after event endedfixed missing image in gym with Cerid (image above)fixed event with Elisabeth missing one variable, causing to repeated the unique event and not to see the repeatable variant afterwardsfixed (hopefully) wrongly activated achievements in Jane & Jess achievement page


added over 120 new rendersrerendered over 100 images (penis size reduction)added middle sized event at infirmary with Jane and Jessadded middle sized event at stadium locker roomadded middle sized event at downtown alleyadded 3 random events at 2nd floor corridor at dormitoryadded 2 random events at 2nd floor bathroomadded 3 random events at campus groundsadded 3 random events at Main Halladded 3 random events at libraryadded 2 random event at downtown alley (+ the middle sized event)added one small event at the gymadded option to back off of conversation topicsadded option to was travel between bus stopsadded option to permanently switch between windowed and fullscreen modeupdated sprites for one side characterall text from v0.1.2a proofreaded by Regardie (thank you)(hopefully) fixed all bugs reported by all of you (special thanks to James Dunn)


added over 220 new imagesadded side quest ‘Covered Skin’ for Joanadded event at boutique – part of new questadded event at Joan’s room – part of new questadded 5 events for Karaadded conversation topic for Kara to start the eventsupdated Kara’s event at bed to show conclusion of new contentfixed clients not revisiting the infirmary after one sessionfixed bug, where player couldn’t wait, if Kara asked them to leave her roomfixed several achievements not registering outcomes properly


added over 220 new imagesadded side quest ‘Covered Skin’ for Joanadded event at boutique – part of new questadded event at Joan’s room – part of new questadded 5 events for Karaadded conversation topic for Kara to start the eventsupdated Kara’s event at bed to show conclusion of new contentfixed clients not revisiting the infirmary after one sessionfixed bug, where player couldn’t wait, if Kara asked them to leave her roomfixed several achievements not registering outcomes properly


added over 200 new images, over 80 of them expands older eventsrerendered over 80 older images to match with the new onesadded event for Jane to become best friendsadded event for Jane at the gymadded event for Jessica Munoz to start romanceadded simple injury system to gym (contains event to visit infirmary)added suit for MC, so he can go on a dateadded new sprites for MC and Jessicaadded new simple changing event for Jane at MC’s roomrecompressed all images to reduce size under 600MB(even with new content) with minimal quality lossforgot, what I have fixed – if anything…


added over 60 new imagesadded new conversation topic to Kara, unlocking new eventadded 3-part event for Kara, that forwards her story a lotadded new conversation topic about the 3-part event (different after every part)added new massage event for Kara at the picnic spotadded few lines for Kimberly, where she recognize MC at the lunchesfixed bug, if you sit next to Kara on her bed for the first time and she has dress alreadyfixed some typos, but who cares…

Developer Note:

About v0.2.0a
The big change is about activities in the quest log, or better say, no more activities in the quest log. From now one these activities are treated like any other event. Unfortunately this change isn’t retroactive, but thankfully it has no repercussion on existing save files, so you don’t have to restart the game.
Unfixable bugs – read this, please
I was afraid of these. One of my patrons QuantumSciGuy has been thoroughly testing my game for a while and I’ve very grateful for that. But he has discovered several bugs, or dare I say one big bug that causes a lot of problems. If you save a game in a global (in rpg maker called common) event right before an choice box, the save does something to the game and if you reload game, you can’t pick a choice. Better say, you can, but it acts like you didn’t or it skips the entire section and continue from there.
One place that it happens is right after you select ‘Talk to her’ and stops happening after selected conversation topic ends. Also Jane’s friday night “drunken” sex has this problem.
So don’t save right before choices in these instances. If you save when a simple text box is on the screen, then the save will work fine.
Just to be clear, in any other instance you can save right before choice box, no problem has been reported there.
So please, be careful and use multiple save slots when you play.

The bad news is that I’m unable to fix it and it looks like I won’t be anytime soon. Maybe I’ll just block saving in those instances altogether.
Other interesting stuff
New feature, text display is now instant, but if you like, you can change it in options.
The game window size has been changed to 1280×720 pixels from standard 816×624 pixels. Still, you can switch to full screen with F4 or via options tab, if you like.
Disabled reloading quicksave with R key. It caused errors when loading to a specifics map from another maps. Use S or L keys, that works alright.

College Life

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 61

College Life: screenshots

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