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Trixie turned you into a pony, but her spell will only last for 3 days and 3 nights. During the day, you can go see her to change your race (pegasus, earth, unicorn), but keep in mind you can’t change while she’s asleep. Since some scenes are only available at certain times of the day, it’s important you plan your actions carefully if you want to have your way with as many ponies as you can. Because yes, that’s the objective of the game. Of course, this guide has spoilers (duh) about which characters you can have your way with. Since the 1.5 version has many more scenes, you’ll have to play the game more than once to play them all. Luckily, many of them are accessible from the game intro in the “Less bullshit mode”.

: Game Mode

Story mode: Play a point and click adventure game trying to “buck” as many ponies as you can in three days.
More bullshit mode: Bonus scenes can be unlocked while playing the story and will show up at the end of the game. Note that you do not keep the unlocked scenes between attempts.
Less bullshit mode: Available from the main menu, allows you to play through some of the sex scenes.

Developer/Publisher: (art by – )
Censorship: None
Version: 1.5 (1.6 android)
OS: PC, Android
Language: English, Chinese

vaginal sex, anal sex, multiple penetration, oral sex, harem, loli, combat, 2dcg, voyeurism, superpower, multiple endings, multiple endings, group sex

Install instructions: :

1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.


Differences with version 1.4
All missing backgrounds have been drawn.Additional animations to previous scenes have been added.There are more sex scenes and new easter eggs to unlock.You can no longer unlock a 4th day.Spells no longer have to be selected to use them.
: All sex scenes

Rainbow Dash (Pegasus only)Pinkie Pie (requires preparation 1 day in advance)ApplejackPrincess Celestia (Pegasus only, not available in the less BS mode)NIGHT SCENES:
FluttershyTrixie (Unicorn only, requires shield breaker A, alternate ending not available in less BS mode)Trixie, again (Unicorn only, requires shield breaker B, not available in less BS mode)Twilight Sparkle (Pegasus only)Rarity (requires doing Twilight)Spike (requires doing Twilight and Rarity, not available in less BS mode)Princess Luna (Pegasus only, requires you to have “done it” five times, not available in less BS mode)
Derpy HoovesDJ Pon3Zecora (prevents you from getting the Chrysalis scene)Chrysalis (ends the game early, not available in less BS mode)
Since some scenes require preparation in advance or a certain race, it’s important to plan who you have sex with and when. If a daytime scene requires a specific race, then you’ll be stuck like this for the night as well. To play all scenes in the fewest amount of playthroughs, I came up with a couple of suggestions. Details about how to trigger each scene will be available below, for now let’s focus on the schedule. If you follow this scenario, you’ll even be able to unlock the More Bullshit Mode bonus scenes.
First impression:
Day 1: DJ Pon3Night 1: FluttershyDay 2: ChrysalisThis isn’t a very interesting or strategic run, it just happens to contain the characters that don’t fit in my other scenarios. Doing it first will give you a good taste of the game style in little effort as none of these scenes require preparation or a specific race. You also have the occasion to unlock the Remixing Time bonus.
Spike’s questline:
Day 1: Rainbow DashNight 1: Twilight SparkleDay 2: ApplejackNight 2: RarityDay 3: ZecoraNight 3: Spike
You need to do Twilight before you can do Rarity and you need to do Rarity before Spike. All of those scenes require daytime preparation and take place during the night. That leaves us a lot of freedom for who to have fun with during the day. Since Rainbow Dash requires you to win a tough mini-game, I recommend starting with her. This way, if you end up failing, you can always restart the game. Since you’ll have to work for Applejack in order to get money on the first day, you might as well do her too. As for the last day, you could have any ANYTIME SCENE but I suggest you do Zecora. Also note that you can try to unlock So Many Wonders with Fluttershy on this playthrough as it won’t skip the night.
The great and powerful:
Day 1: Derpy HoovesNight 1: TrixieDay 2: Pinkie PieNight 2: TrixieDay 3: Princess CelestiaNight 3: Princess Luna
You need to be a pegasus for both Princess scenes and Luna is only available on the last night. That leaves us with two full day and night cycles. Trixie has two night scenes that fit there well. Pinkie Pie requires preparation one day in advance, so we can leave her for the second day. You could have kept Zecora for this playthrough, but honestly, it’s more fun to start the day with the best pony. Just make sure you are always a unicorn before you have sex as you’ll want to cast spells on Trixie at night.
The Mane6
You can get another ending if you bang all Mane6 in one game. I didn’t suggest it earlier because it makes you miss the Spike scene, but here’s how you do it:
Day 1: Rainbow DashNight 1: Twilight SparkleDay 2: Pinkie PieNight 2: RarityDay 3: ApplejackNight 3: FluttershyThe reward is an extra 10 second scene in the ending. Not really worth the trouble.
Generic preparation
To get many scenes you’ll need to unlock spells and get bits to buy items. Here’s what you’ll have to do to unlock them:
Level A spells
Go see twilight in her library and click the books on the right a few times to unlock Magic Attack A and Shield Breaker A. The first spell allows you to break the rock on the path to the Apple farm. The second allows you to wake Trixie up during the night. The other spells are only useful in one situation each, so I’ll explain where to get them in due time.
Getting bits
Once you’ve got Shield Breaker A, Meet with Trixie and become a unicorn. Take the dirt road, walk past AJ and use your spell on the rock to break it. Follow AJ past the farm. You can now do some apple-bucking and she’ll pay you up to 40 bits per try. Being an Earth pony makes apple-bucking more efficient, but be careful! You don’t want to get much more than 40 points or she’ll force you to follow her instead of politely asking. You should stick to another race if you don’t want to risk wasting your run.
You can spends your bits at the spa during the day. Having fun with the twins does not count as a sex scene and does not skip to the night. You also need bits to help Spike and to rape Trixie. More on that below.
Character guide
Rainbow Dash (daytime, pegasus)

From the starting area (where Trixie is), fly up to the cloudy racetrack. Challenge Rainbow Dash to a race and win to make her your sex slave. Just avoid all the clouds. Careful, it gets much harder at the end.
Pinkie Pie (daytime, any race)
From the starting area, go right and grab the ball. Now go in Ponyville and talk to Mrs Cake at the Sugarcube Corner. She will wrap the ball into a present. Go upstairs and click on the ground to leave the present for Pinkie. Come back on the next morning and Pinkie will jump on you.
Bonus: Come back the next morning and click on the wrapping paper to unlock Good Bye Equestria.
Applejack (daytime, any race)
Get the Level A spells (see above) so you can break the rock on the way to the Apple farm. Then, impress AJ by working for her (see “Getting bits” section above). After a few attempts she will ask you to follow her to the barn. Say yes to stop the bucking and get down to… Ahem. You can always say no, go see Trixie to change race and get back to her.
Bonus: Talk to Big Mac, right click on him and click “play” in the flash contextual menu for a secret scene. Do it again to leave the scene. Also, go past AJ and click a couple times on the CMC Clubhouse to unlock The Treehouse Adventures.
Princess Celestia (daytime, pegasus)
Go in the field near the starting area and fly to Celestia’s castle. Walk past the sleeping guard and keep going. You can try to be stealthy to trigger a different dialogue, but Celestia will always end up catching you and punishing you in the same manner.
Fluttershy (nighttime, any race)
Turn around at the starting area and get closer to the Everfree Forest. Walk past it to reach Fluttershy’s house. Click on the window to spy on her and her friend… She’ll hide somewhere in the ceiling, but click above to make her fall down. Say “Why?”, “Cheer up”, “Let’s fuck” and “Want it?” to have your way with her.
Bonus: Instead, reply “Why?”, “Cheer up” and “Forget her” to unlock So Many Wonders. This will not skip the night and does not trigger her sex scene, so you’ll have to do it on a different playthrough.
Trixie (nighttime, unicorn)
Unlock the Level A spells (see above) and make sure you are a unicorn for the night. Click on Trixie while she’s asleep to break her shield.
Bonus: Click on the transformation book to take it from her. Give it to Twilight on the next day to unlock Twilight’s Experiments.
Now you can try to have sex with her, but she’ll wake up before you can get close enough. She’ll still give you a treat. If you have the Shield Breaker B, you’ll get an alternate ending to this scene.
To get the Shield Breaker B, you’ll need to buy a muffin at the Sugarcube Corner during the day (read the “Getting bits” section above if you don’t know where to find money). Open your inventory and eat the muffin.
You’ll need to be a unicorn and to have the Shield Breaker B in order to have sex with Trixie a second time. Break her shield just like before and this time, she won’t be able to resist.
Twilight Sparkle (daytime, pegasus)
Go talk to Twilight in the library as a pegasus. She’ll ask you to find Spike.
He’s hiding at the top of the tree, so get out and fly over to him. He’ll ask you to buy a train ticket for him (see the “Getting bits” section above).
Once you’ve got the money, go to the train station (on the right when you’re in the middle of Ponyville) and buy the ticket.
Bonus: Take the bottle of whine at the train station.
Go back two screens and click on Berry Punch’s house on the right to leave the bottle on the porch.
Click it again to unlock All You Need Is Rape. For another scene, don’t take the whine bottle and just click on the house on the third night.
Get back to Spike and he’ll promise you to leave the window open tonight. If you come back when the sun is down and fly up to the tree, you’ll get some purple unicorn action.
Rarity (nighttime, any race)
Go talk to Rarity in her store and ask her to have sex. She’ll kick you out. Get back in and offer your help.
She’ll let you go upstairs. Click on the blackboard to get Magic Attack B, a fancy name for a cutting spell. Have fun with someone during the day and make sure you get Twilight’s scene on the first night.
Next morning, click on the cardboard box next to Rarity’s place to find Spike. Talk to him and you’ll come up with a plan to get Spike laid.
Click on the roof of the house to get a closer look and use your new spell to break her window.
When the night comes, climb to her window and you’ll be able to spy on Spike and Rarity (you don’t need to be a pegasus).
You need to click on the roof of the house (not on an arrow) to get there.
Spike (nighttime, any race)
Do Twilight and Rarity on the first and second nights.
The next night, you’ll find spike well-hidden in the background at the train station. When he gives you the ticket back, be harsh and he’ll try to make it up to you.
With his hands and mouth.
Princess Luna (nighttime, pegasus)
If you’ve had sex five times by the last night, fly up to Celestia’s castle to meet Luna on the glowing platform.
She’ll turn you into an alicorn and challenge you to a magic duel.
This minigame is very poorly explained, but once you actually know what you’re doing, it’s easy.
To save you from having to restart the game 10 times, here’s how you do it.
Luna will throw spells at you in various patterns. You can click on her spells to break them, but she attacks you too fast so that’s a waste of time. You can mash-click on your character to make a shield that fullly blocks all attacks.
Clicking on Luna will break her shield a bit. However, if you click on her shield twice in a row, she’ll break your shield with her spells and hurt you.
So all you have to do is quickly click on your character, clicking on her shield once after each of her spells. When Luna’s shield is down, just click her very fast to finish her.
Derpy Hooves (anytime, any race)
Click on the mailbox a few times and kick Derpy out of it.
DJ Pon3 (anytime, any race)
Click in the middle of the vinyl disc on the door to her house. That’s where she hides the key. Get in and have some wub love.
Bonus: Click on her window next morning to unlock Remixing Time.
Zecora (anytime, any race)
Click on the water stream in front of Fluttershy’s house to drink from it, then go in the Everfree Foresst.
Keep going RIGHT RIGHT LEFT LEFT RIGHT RIGHT LEFT LEFT and you should get to Zecora’s place.
But that’s not Zecora, that’s Chysalis. Zecora’s in the cupboard.
Queen Chrysalis (anytime, any race)
Don’t drink from the water stream and go to Zecora’s place. Chrysalis will be there to get you. Game over!

Banned from Equestria

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 66

Banned from Equestria: screenshots

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