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Last update: 2019-01-15

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About this game: (I edited the dev’s translation) The main hero of the game is a 20 year old guy who is trying to find out the reasons for his father’s disappearance while revealing his family’s secrets, roaming the city and fighting his inner demons and angels.​

Updated: 25-03-2018
Genre: QSP, Adventure, Incest, All sex
Censorship: None
Version: 0.8
Developer: /
Platform: PC / Windows
Language: Russian / English

: Instruction

The game is built with the Quest Navigator QSP which uses the Awesomium Engine. So make sure there is only ONE .qsp in the assets/standalone_content folder.
1- Extract to desired location.
2- Click on “AngelsAndDemons.exe” to start playing with the Russian language version.
3- For the English version, download the English qsp.
– Back up, zip or move the Russian qsp (Angels&Demons.qsp) in the assets/standalone_content folder.
– Extract the English qsp and put into the same folder as the Russian version – assets/standalone_content. It has the same name as the Russian version.
– Double check to make sure there is only ONE .qsp in the assets/standalone_content folder.
– Now click on “AngelsAndDemons.exe” to start playing.
: Whats new (last changes)

Whats new (last changes) missing
I changed the avatar, “very important” change Yana (University):
Added kitchen in Yana’s houseAdded to the kitchen interaction with YanaAdded to the room interaction with Yana in the evening before bedtimeExpanded the time spent in Yana’s house during the passageAbility to spend the night in the house of YanaAdded scenes with shooting pantiesAdded morning peeping scenesAdded Blowjob scenes after shooting pantiesAdded Blowjob scene in the bathroomSex scenes added in the evening before Jana’s sleepAdded Sex scenes in the morning in the kitchenVic (office):
The opportunity is added to the Viki house on weekdays from 18 to 22Added kitchenAdded Wiki roomAdded interaction in the room of Vicki with her on weekdaysAdded Sex scenes in the room Wiki on weekdaysAdded scenes of interaction at sea with a joint rest with VikaAdded Sex scenes in the hotel room in the eveningAdded Sex scenes in the hotel room in the morning on departureSex scenes on the beach are addedThe character has the opportunity to do blowjob (Blowjob)Expanded Blowjob scenes in the room Wiki on weekdaysExpanded Blowjob scenes in the living room and parents’ room on weekends with no random finalNicole (office):
New character addedAdded interaction with her in her study and training roomAdded scenes of interactions with her in the hotelAdded Strip scenes, repeated on Monday and WednesdayAdded Strip scenes, repeated on Tuesday and ThursdayAdded Strip scenes, recurring FridayNicole’s house addedAdded office and living room in the houseAdded scenes of interaction in the house of Nicole with herAdded Hand job scenes, repeated on Monday, cut and FridayAdded Hand job scenes, repeated on Tuesday and ThursdayAdded Hand job scenes on SaturdayAdded Hand job scenes on SundayAdriana:
Added a new character — a little poglazet and everything: (Game changes:
Added hotel in the cityAdded a jewelry store in the shopping centerAdded new itemsIn the office there was added a personnel department, a cabinet for Nicole, a room for study and restIn the rest room there is a possibility to “take a nap” for replenishing energyYou can meet the character Mary in the bank in the location of the HR office and the training roomAdded interaction with the head of the department of statisticsAdded new gif animations in the office at work and something else I do not remember.Added Stages in the game

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Angels & Demons

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 21

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