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Last update: 2022-07-14

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You’re the star quarterback, the homecoming king, and you’re dating the hottest girl in school.
Life is good…or it was, until you got yourself cursed by a witch.
She wanted you to lose your muscles and your spot as the starting quarterback,
but to your horror, other changes seem to be taking place too.​

Last update: 2022-07-14
Released: 2022-05-22
Creator (developer): Vim – –
Censored: No
Version: 0.36.1
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

male protagonist, real porn, text based

Install instructions:

1. Extract and run.

Whats new (last changes):

Revamped the Witchcraft Club. Now those scenes have been replaced with scenes where you convince Raven to teach you magicRedid a lot of the Raven content to make her more sympatheticAdded a scene where you masturbate with RavenYou can now masturbate whenever you get horny, as long as you’ve unlocked itRaven can now help you gather the ingredients for the spell where you give up your football skillAdded a section to the Hints page to list out all the ways you can transformWrote an alternate way to break up with Jessica, since most of the Witchcraft Club content was removedIf you try to go to the lake with Griffin, you have a chance of running into him and Morgan insteadYou can now buy yoga pants at the mall, even if you’re not on the Griffin pathFixed some scenes where the paperdoll showed you wearing the wrong clothesFixed bug that happens if you’re buying shoes while not wearing shoesMade it so you transform if you leave Elvira’s panties on after removing the curse on themFixed the neverending sex scene with JessicaFixed the broken link when you’re about to talk to Whitney after cheerleadingFixed the neverending sex scene with JessicaFixed the broken link when you’re about to talk to Whitney after cheerleadingYou can now only break up with Jessica if you’re on the Griffin pathOther bugfixesNote: You’ll have to restart the game to enjoy the new Raven content
Added six cheerleading lessons where you can learn all of the new routinesYou can now earn the votes of three more cheerleaders!You can now learn how to do the splitsMorgan is now a main character! She has her own colored dialogue, an additional scene at the beginning of the game, and you can set her name to whatever you wantNew parent dinners if you’re dating Jessica, single, or are dating Jessica but she passed outReplaced the links describing the different cheerleading motions Courtney can do (high V, clapping, etc) with imagesReplaced the placeholder football game with an extended one if you’re a cheerleaderVaried the exercises you do during cheerleading practiceMorgan may now fight back in the electionSelecting clothes now takes you back to the main Clothing pageFixed End of Content after doing the reality changeAdded shoes to your cheerleading outfitFixed bug where Skye’s high heel lessons would start over again once they were finishedFixed error on outfit pageYou can wear a male costume on halloween if you have female hipsIf you’re not dating Griffin, you can’t go to the lake with himThe game now knows whether Jessica or Raven did the reality changeFixed bug where you’re unable to leave Beauty on the Go if visiting on halloween morningYou can’t skip the cheerleading game0.34.1:
Added your first football game as a cheerleaderAdded the last boobs transformationAdded a new skill: heels! You can learn how to walk in them and then wear them outsideThree new sex scenes: one with Griffin, one with Ryan, and one with Ryan and Jessica, depending on what your relationship status isIntroduced an election where you can run for Queen for the next dance. You can try to get the votes of the football players, nerds, goths and three of the cheerleadersYou can now bake cupcakesYou can now have sex with Jessica on the first day of the gameFixed a bug that stopped Raven from following through on her ultimatumFixed a bug that stopped you from getting your period if you needed to buy new shoes that same dayFixed a bug that stopped you from getting the romcom date with Jessica after the reality changeYou no longer transform every time you have sex with JessicaAdded girls jeans to the mallYour hymen can now get broken by Jessica’s straponFixed bugs that sent the MC back into their old realityFixed bug where you wouldn’t put all of your clothes back on after the last boobs tfMade beach trip and sex scenes with Jessica fit with the reality changeMade the first time you saw Jessica after the reality change make sense if Raven was the one who did the spellYou can’t ask Jessica or Raven for help buying a bra or complain to Jessica about Raven after the reality changeYou can now only work out topless if you have a sports bra onYou can now buy a sports bra after the reality changeYour arousal is reset if you orgasm at the lakeIf Raven refused to help you improve your QB skill, you’ll no longer be able to ask herUpdated the Hints pageOther bugfixes0.33.3:
The post-reality change world is now a sandbox! You can choose the activities that you want to do like before instead of being taken from one scene to anotherBrand new date with Griffin for after the reality changeNew scenes for dreams, the morning routine, morning classes, lunch conversations, gym, cheerleading practice, shopping, homework, Griffin practice, video games, working out and moreLinked the reality change after Raven ultimatum path back up to the reality change pathFixed bug where you could leave the mall on the trans path without buying a uniformAdded a placeholder football gameYou can now go to the mall every dayYou are now forced to go on the panty raid and get detention. This should make the trans path easier to startThe Stats passage shows your correct heightAdded link to leave Viviana’s Secret if they don’t have anything for you to try onAdded your old clothes to the paper doll after Raven gives them back at the end of the last Jessica dateOther bugfixesNotes:
The post-reality change world is a sandbox now and I tried to add enough events to make it interesting, but it’s not done yet. The cheerleading practice and football game scenes are placeholders for now, and I’ve introduced events that aren’t in the game yet. That’s coming later I tried my best to give the workout, shopping, Griffin practice, etc scenes in the game reality change counterparts, but I didn’t have time to add a reality change counterpart for every single scene in the game. So if you see something that doesn’t make sense, please let me know!The Witchcraft Club now happens on thursday and the therapy sessions are on tuesday. If you’re loading a save from the last release where Raven gave you an ultimatum, you may be sent two days back in time0.32.2:
You can do a spell with Jessica that will make her look like the old you for when you meet your parentsFully implemented Raven’s ultimatum if you did the spell with JessicaYour parents will now always visit on November 14th, so they now show up whether you’re dating Jessica, Griffin, or are singleDinner and a movie date with Jessica, which also includes a makeover, a new sex scene, and getting caughtNew scene during lunch where you can tell your friends about your mall date with JessicaFixed bug where a variable that tracked if you were wearing panties wasn’t getting updatedMade it easier to keep your leadership and confidence high on the male pathNotes:
If it’s after November 11th, you may not be able to get the parent visit without restarting or loading an earlier save0.31.1:
Lots more content on the trans path! The MC finishes shopping at the mall, moves into her new dorm, and finishes a full day of schoolAdded UI barsModified all the transformations so they make sense if you’re transYour Masculinity stat is replaced with Femininity if you’ve accepted being a girlFixed looping on halloweenFixed bug that prevented the bra shopping scene from being unlocked0.30.0:
12 new conversations with the therapist, about football, swimming, and being seen in publicAdded 65 new passages on the trans path, where the MC can come out to their friends, their therapist, and shop for new clothesModified the You passage once you come outFixed the bug that stopped you from going on a beach date with JessicaFixed the baldness bug with the halloween costumeOther bugfixes0.29.1:
The therapist is now a much bigger part of the game! You can go see him in the evenings on thursdays and sundays in the evening. There are 31 possible conversation topics so far, and you’ll be able to access the start of the trans path in this releaseTwo hair transformationsThe A cup boobs are now bigger than the AA cupsOther bug fixesNote: You’ll have a better experience if you start a new game. If you load up an old save and try to talk about scenes that happened a while ago, some of the conversations won’t make sense
The MC’s first schoolday after the reality change, which includes 101 new passagesRewrote 27 transformations to fit with the reality change12 new clothesNew cheerleading backgroundRedid the You passageReplaced the placeholder text if you run out of transformationsYou’re no longer shown wearing your school uniform during swimming scenesFixed clothing bug when buying second braAdded to the walkthrough0.27.1:
The reality change is here! Now, you can do a spell with Jessica which will make everyone think that you’ve always been a girlAdded the fallout from the reality change: you can try to join the Witchcraft Club, meet your parents and have dinner with them, have dinner with the witches, and meet your new roommate, depending on why you wanted to do the spellAdded the parents visit if you haven’t done the reality change. There’s different content depending on if you look masculine, effeminate, or if you look so feminine that your parents don’t recognize youAdded two more transformationsBackgrounds! Now, the paperdoll avatar will show you where you are, and how tall you are compared to your peersExpanded the avatar to show your feetNew repeatable yoga sceneYour sports bra will finally be the same size as your boobs!Fixed some gamebreaking bugs with the clothes systemGrammar and formatting fixesNote: If your avatar shows that you’re not wearing shoes, you might have to take your shoes off, put them back on, and save your outfit again
New date at the mall with JessicaNew date at the mall with GriffinWrote all the scenes leading up to the reality change when Corey is doing it to infiltrate the Witchcraft ClubWrote all the scenes leading up to the reality change when Corey is doing it for the visit with her parentsYou can now buy clothes at the mall, even when you’re not shopping as part of an eventAdded swim trunksBug fixes0.25.2:
Another sex scene with Griffin (go to the lake with him to see it)An update to the Witchcraft Club storyline, and made two exposition scenes for that storyline accessibleAnother yoga classYou and Griffin can now play with your boobs while you’re at the lake5 new conversation topics at lunchYou no longer have to refresh when loading an old save for the paperdoll to workYour body hair will now grow naturally, and you can shave it in the showerSports bra is the right colorBug fixes0.24.1:
Added the halloween party0.23.1:
There’s finally a paper doll avatar for the MC!The last face transformationBugfixes0.22.2:
Three different variations of a long beach scene with Jessica (you can be on a date, talking about your date with Griffin, or she can be consoling you after Griffin starts dating Morgan)Feet transformationThree new shoesFixed a bug with the witchcraft club where you can break up with Jessica multiple timesTransformations will no longer tell you that you masturbated if you transformed from doing something elseLots of other bug fixes0.21.1:
Raven can give you a makeover instead of JessicaAdded a scene for the morning after the dateAdded a voice transformationAdded a hints pageNow, your arousal is capped at 75 if you’re not having sex. This should make sex scenes last longerFixed bug with the spell to give Griffin your QB abilitiesAdded more stats to panel0.20.1:
You can go on your date with Griffin!Jessica makeover scenesPep rallyAnother football gameA scene where you text Griffin after the game (only available if you’re not on the team)0.19.1:
19 new conversation topics when you’re at lunch with your friendsAnother therapy session with 12 conversation topicsYoga scene in the gym (need to have had girltalk with Jessica and sent a selfie to Griffin to unlock)If you don’t get kicked off the team the first monday after the game, you can still get kicked off the team if you’ve done the curse, instead of repeating the default practice over and overStopped a new paragraph from being generated every time you touched yourself at the lakeOther bug and continuity fixes0.18.1:
Another practice with GriffinYou can send a picture to Griffin after you’ve worked outReworked the transformations so they fit in the context of the game. (I did my best to fix every bug I saw during testing, but I wasn’t able to test every single combination. If anyone finds a bug or something that doesn’t make sense, let me know)A default team practice you can go to, so you can still get kicked off, even if you haven’t finished the spell by day 25Fixed the bug where you weren’t able to progress if you tore your pants and didn’t pick up girls jeans from the mallOther bug fixes0.17.1b:
C cup boobs transformationYou’re able to buy another braIntroduced a rival who wants to date GriffinAnother witchcraft club meeting, which can give you an accessoryFixed the mall tampon bugFixed the bug where you couldn’t go on if you didn’t get any panties from the panty raidFixed some clothing bugsFixed the infinite loop you can get when Jessica is using the straponLots of other bug fixesAdded a walkthrough0.16.1:
Finished the spell that makes you lose your football abilityYou can now get kicked off the football teamMultiple short scenes that can happen once you’re off the teamAnother Griffin practiceAnother team practice (if you’re not kicked off)Reworked the clothing0.15.1:
You can now collect the ingredients for Raven’s QB spell1 new transformationNew clothesGirltalk scene with JessicaAccurately tracked whether the player is wearing panties, so you don’t get locked out of other scenesOther bugfixes0.14.2:
Another football gameAnother scene where you can spy on the clubYou can now discuss football during lunchYou should now be able to get to the scene where you wear a one-pieceRealized that a football practice I had put in wasn’t showing up. This is now fixed.Other bugfixesCopied the entire game to TweeGo. If it all went well, none of you will see anything different, but it should make it easier to write and manage this game going forward.

You Throw Like a Girl

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 49

You Throw Like a Girl: screenshots

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Enter an virtual world with your wishes. Get this from MEGA or other file hostings, unpack, easy install in a couple of minutes and play this interactive game.

Try to be a smart man and get what you want. And it will be you next second life, there will be a lot of interesting persons that you will met.​ What will you do? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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