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Last update: 2018-09-13

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My name is Hana Ono, and I’m using my summer vacation to clean toilets.
It’s kind of a dirty job, but
I intend to work hard, earn money and then go on a shopping spree.
Meanwhile I secretly hope to get myself a boyfriend in the bargain.
One day, a man suddenly came into the toilet stall I was cleaning…​

Censorship: Yes (mosaic)
Version: Final
OS: Windows
Language: English subtitles/Japanese voices

Vaginal Sex, Creampie, Oral Sex, Group Sex, Titfuck, Big Tits, Rape, Anal Sex

Install instructions: :

1- Download and extract to desired location.
2- Click on “executable_name.exe” to start playing.

Extra information:

About the extra.. technically speaking, was already included within the archive (the whole “collection”), but I choose to not upload it. Just to save space. Also, like I said in the other thread, this will be my last work from Umemaro that I’ll upload.
About the links.. as soon as I can, I’ll put even MEGA. Don’t know why, but I’ve managed to upload only the first part and it’s giving me problem for the others – lately MEGA works as shit..

Work In Progress

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 59

Work In Progress: screenshots

Work In Progress screenshot 0Work In Progress screenshot 1Work In Progress screenshot 2

xGames opinion:

This is non-available version/broken version please follow a link below to download newest/avalaible version of this game

Work in Progress (ただいま お掃除中 Tadaima Osōjinaki, eng. Cleaning In Progress Right Now) is the fourteenth UMEMARO 3D release and twelfth mini-movie collection, released on June 21, 2014. Characters from this series described in the game/info that we gather is Hana Ono [first appearance], Shinnosuke Nakata, Togo, Daichi, and Gario, Unnamed young male character, Chairman Ohara. Hana Ono is the first time by a mean, mean this series is introduced them as a new character from the UMEMARRO series for this one.

Synopsis if you wanted to know more about the story while downloading them: The game begins with Hana’s monologue over a montage of her preparing to clean the bathroom she is in, discussing her motivation for working, her plans after finishing the summer job, and pondering the possibility of gaining a boyfriend in the process. As she is scrubbing a urinal, Shinnosuke walks in, ignoring the “work in progress” sign on the door handle, and begins urinating in the urinal next to Hana. She briefly marvels at his penis after telling him that she is not done working, but dives back into her work, embarrassed. When Shinnosuke is done, however, he turns to Hana and begins sexually assaulting her, forcing her to give him a blowjob or handjob, ignoring her repeated protests. After he climaxes, he tears her top off and pulls up her support bra, exposing her large breasts, ignoring further protests. He then forces her to give either another blowjob or a titjob, climaxing again. Shinnosuke lifts up Hana’s skirt and removes her underwear, and the two then have sex, Hana asking him if he will be her boyfriend before he begins, to which he gives no reply, and later begging him not to climax inside her.
When Shinnosuke climaxes, however, Daichi and Gario emerge from two stalls in the bathroom, and pull away Hana, who had tried to hide behind Shinnosuke. Togo appears from the remaining stall, and pushes Shinnosuke against a urinal, knocking him out. The three of them then rape Hana in various positions, breaking her spirit by the end of it.
Shinnosuke awakens some time later to see that Hana has become a depraved sex addict, posting herself up in a urinal and allowing two men, one student-age, the other appearing to be Chairman Ohara, to have sex with and climax inside her. When they are done, she invites Shinnosuke over, and the two of them have sex again, Hana now completely engaged with the act. The game ends with Hana explaining that Shinnosuke is now her boyfriend, and that he visits her at work every day, over the same footage that opened the game, closing with an “END” title card.

Note: UMEMARO 3D is a 3D hentai dojin circle, the work of (primarily) one man, known only as UMEMARO. He maintains an official website, a corporate website, a website for promoting new releases, and a blog documenting his production, and his work may be purchased at DMM; English translations for several releases are available through DLsite. Additionally, UMEMARO runs a non-erotic blog, a LINE stamp store, and a PIXTA storefront for non-erotic illustrations. He also has a Twitter account that he uses to promote his non-erotic work.

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