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Last update: 2019-01-24

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Your business is to work with women to help them change. Success with clients increases your reputation, providing you the opportunity to work with additional clients. Continuing actions may also be available with former clients, depending on your level of success when training them.

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The characters and game play are intended to be as realistic as games of this sort can be. There are some elements of mind control, transformation, and magic, but you can ignore or emphasize these elements to suit your preferences.
The game is “sandbox” style. There is no overarching storyline. A game end finale is planned once reputation reaches level 5, but like most of the game, it is optional. Play. Explore. Do what interests you. Ignore what doesn’t.

Last update: 2020-05-22
Released: 2019-12-27
Creator (developer): WifeTrainer –
Censored: No
Version: 0.7j
OS: Windows, Linux, Mac
Language: English

Real porn, Male protagonist, Anal sex, BDSM, Blackmail, Cheating, Corruption, Sandbox, Mind Control, Creampie, Exhibitionism, Female domination, Footjob, Gay, Group sex, Handjob, Humiliation, Incest, Inerracial, Lesbian, Male domination, MILF, Oral sex, Prostitution, Romanc, Sex toys, Slave, Spanking, Stripping, Swinging, Trainer, Transformation, Vaginal sex, Urination, Pet

Whats new (last changes):


This is mostly “hot fix” for the error that prevents you from training Nicole to be your teaching aide, but it also fixes other small issues reported with 0.7i prior to Dec 27, and improves some back end coding.
Reported issues that remain un-fixed:
• Amy sometimes restores your Energy to 100 after a visit.
• Ivy disappearing from the list of available former clients to contact.


• All bugs reported from 0.7h.
• New introductory client, Ivy, who precedes the original “first wave” of clients. Her first couple of weeks act as a mini-tutorial for new players. She can be skipped if desired, or you can try to generate one of the nine outcomes that will successfully train her. She has a relatively short training period and a relatively large variety of weekend content (since you’ll be spending time with her most weekends during her training). Continuing action content is also implemented for her. Adding Ivy at the beginning of the game creates better pace for some events. She’s also a “normal” client, so that new players aren’t immediately confronted with some of the unique aspects to Chelsea, Elsa, and Jasmine’s characters.
• Dinner with Nicole and her husband can now be delayed. Flagged value of bringing wine for new players by adding a small cost to it.
• Reduced energy costs associated with training actions when you use a Teaching Aide.
• Reduced odd job fee to 15 from 20. Money has been loose for a while and I haven’t yet implemented any good new ways to absorb it, so tweaking this down in the interim. This also helps differentiate game play as the Moneybags optional trait.
• Fairyn’s text and background colours combination changed to improve readability
Artwork related:
• Partial upgrade of Hannah’s images (approximately one-third of her images).
• Nicole’s on-going visits segregated by type under “Contact” to make artwork more consistent through the scene.
Modding and core system related:
• Package conflict resolution system added (conflicts disabled: see Digital bonsai for details)
• wt_image now searches for videos first, then images with the same name (unless restricted with ‘image_only’ as follows wt_image image_only image_name), to facilitate mods who want to provide optional movies to replace certain images.
• Made odd job fee a variable to facilitate easy adjustment.
• Back end changes (versioning system) to prepare for increased backwards compatibility beginning with 0.8, but not active for modding yet.
• Small improvements to the client template.
Important notes:
regarding the current build:
Old saves will not be compatible. When we get to 0.8, our expectation is that old saves will be compatible throughout the 0.8 cycle, but that’s not the case in 0.7All images are included in the build. When we get to 0.8, the expectation is that images in 0.8a will not need to be downloaded again for future 0.8 patches/expansions, but that’s not going to be the case until all artwork is upgraded, and that’s not going to happen until the 0.7 cycle is finished


This is a bug-fix only, but an important bug-fix for me, as I hope (fingers) crossed, that it’s essentially bug-free. At the very least, I believe it solves all bugs that have been reported to date


Fixed: There have been numerous fixes for the game. Even more than what is listed below.
• All bugs reported prior to the end of September
• Weekend actions should no longer be possible with less than 15 Energy, consistent with the Rags version.
• Characters converted by the Will-Tamer or a Transformation Potion are now unavailable for the remainder of the day, consistent with Rags and avoiding some possible text continuity issues.
• The player should now properly get a message when you run out of trainable clients.
• A fix has been implemented for Hypno GF Rae.
• A fix has been implemented for Doll Sam
• Expanded and more interesting lesbian scenes with Nicole, so that using a transformation potion to alter her sexuality is now more rewarding in terms of additional content.
• Additional Club Ball scenes with the Club couple who ask for your help
• Start of a new content path for when you fail to help the Club couple
• May now choose how your slavegirls address you (rather than them always calling you Sir)
• Small tweaks to Lauren’s workout content to better align with the rest of her training.
• One of the guys in the Swingers Room will now try to Dom you if you search for male-to-male content and respond appropriately to him.
• A bunch of scenes associated with upgraded images have been expanded.
Artwork related:
• Upgraded images including for Club shows and balls, the Swingers Room, Gloria, Rae and Nicole.
Modding and core system related:
• Client and character templates added to facilitate the creation of new content. Note this is a work-in-progress at this time.
• Major overhaul of locations, character summoning, and character return functions to ensure that all scenes take place in the right location and with the right people there, in order for content related to people/locations/items (such as stat changes bonuses) to work properly.
• Bree work menu and Club ball choice menu are now expandable
Hopefully, we have squashed more bugs that we have introduced.


• All bugs reported prior to Sept 1st
• Elsa’s content has been restored
Artwork related:
• Images for Janice, Jasmine, Julia, Marilyn, and Sam have been upgraded
Modding and core system related:
• Some client specific items renamed to free up future use of more generic names (hdc->hcj, jew->jwc, npr->nrj,
• Sufix replaced by Suffix for name convention
• Fixed location logic added to replace need for long strings of conditionals to test if character should be dismissed or returned to the bedroom, basement, etc.
• New system to add ‘transformed_’ version of state tags to facilitate content that distinguishes between transformed and non-transformed versions of the state (for example, slavegirls, bimbos)


Saves are not compatible with 0.7d release or earlier.
This is entirely a bug fix release. There is no new features.


Saves are not compatible with 0.7c release or earlier.
This is entirely a bug fix release. There is no new features.


• All bugs reported prior to July 9th
• UI lag has been significantly diminished.
• Saves can now be named.
• Save/Load screen have been given a background tint (Red/Blue) to differentiate them.
• Quick Save (F5) and Quick Load (F9) now enabled.
• Right click on People/Items/Location portraits triggers the Examine action.
• New movement option: List
• List and Portrait Movement now have a scrollbar in addition to mouse drag.
• Modules now show a tool tip of their description during selection
Modding related:
• Geri’s talk menus converted to expandable for easier modding


Version 0.7b is now available. It incorporates fixes for all bugs reported up until today, so should be significantly more playable than 0.7a.
You should still, however, expect to encounter bugs, as there is a lot of content in the game, not all of which will have yet been playtested fully, especially content that was locked out behind bugs in 0.7a.


Purpose for the new engine:
to replicate the existing Wife Trainer game content in a new engine that can run on more machines than Rags, and has a longer expected shelf lifeto allow modding of the game, including the creation of new clients, items, or player types, in a way that will allow the content created by one person to work with content created by someone elsegeneral functionality improvements where possible, such as allowing saves from one version of the game to work with later releases, and make saving/loading a more efficient processwhen and where possible, to allow additional game flexibility so that people can sculpt existing game content or create new game content to meet their tastes and then share what they make with the communityAdded:
• Possible reunion between Chelsea and an old schoolmate. For now, the schoolmate can only be encountered during Lauren’s training.
• Additional content to various sex scenes with Bree, especially at the store.
• Nicole can now be trained as your teaching aide.
• Additional content to various Nicole scenes, especially anal scenes which have been substantially improved.
• Additional show for Nicole at the Club.
• Additional Rae girlfriend content.
• Rae can now become your hypno-girlfriend.
• Additional show content for Rae at the Club.
• A new option to “enhance” Terri’s physical attributes, which in turn leads to another possible state for her.
• New content for Terri the Assistant (but not yet her full assistant content, which will come into play with the next wave of clients).
• Additional content for Terri the Adult Baby.
• Additional content for many Becky Sue scenes.
• Additional content for many Lauren training scenes, especially hypnosis scenes.
• New post-training content for Lauren at her office.
• One new Lauren bimbo scene plus additional and expanded bimbo sex scenes.
• Additional sex and punishment options for Lauren as slavegirl.
• Two new dances at the Club for Lauren the showgirl.
• Additional content for Sophie, including options for her to Domme you.
• Two additional potential visits with the Tortured Soul.
• Expanded sex and hypnosis scenes with Geri the Real Estate Agent, including options for the Natural Dom that are light on whips & chains but allow you to explore her willingness to be submissive.
• A new one-off option for the hypnotist when confronting Tracy at the Club post her event with Sam.
• Bug whereby Elsa’s status, rather than Lauren’s, could be changed when Lauren’s training finished.
• Bug that prevented Jasmine’s beginning of day bimbo events from occurring.
• Bug that prevented Jasmine’s fourth bimbo action from occurring.
• Marilyn at the Club now recognizes if you’ve sent Dee to her and the natural dom can now access her at the Club after successfully dominating her
• Elsa is now missing, but will hopefully be restored soon
• Visit from Amy the Avalon Lady’s husband still has consequences, but no longer ends the game.
• Tweaked Gloria’s reaction to the state of your house, generally making it easier to impress her when she visits you.
• Will-Tamer content for Nicole to make the use of the Will-Tamer more consistent with how it works on other people.
• Improved the Terri the Assistant hypnotic training content.
• You now have a little more time to train Terri after starting her on the youth track, as you can now do something else with her on the week when she hits the youth level you’re comfortable with
• Delayed Sophie’s firing week by 1 to allow additional content at office for Doms
• Adjusted impact of various sex training scenes with Lauren to improve consistency.
• You now get a Rep boost from Alexis if she takes control of Daisy, even if you don’t hit her Boss’ requirements.

: Rags version

• Additional work on the bug preventing some clients from appearing for their session.
• Bug preventing you from spending your money after selecting an advanced start.
• Major bug preventing some clients from appearing for their session.
• You can now deal with Bree’s bad habit.
• You can now put Bree to work, which is also a new way to earn a reward from the Club President.
• Tracy the Club Member can now become a Minor Client. This option opens up even if the event between Tracy and Sam at the Club doesn’t happen (although the blackmail options with Tracy following the Sam event do not otherwise open up). Tracy’s story can intersect with Elsa’s and Diamond’s currently. It will intersect with Terri’s, Lauren’s, and Becky Sue’s as well, when their stories get to that point.
• You can now lend a slave to Master M, advancing his story line.
• Introduction to new character Fairyn the Trust Fund Baby. She can become a Minor Client. Her story intersects with Diamond’s currently. When more fully developed, it will also intersect with Rae’s and Lauren’s, and potentially some others depending on how far I develop this story.
• When playing as a Natural Dom, you can now receive a gift that impresses Julia the Jewelry Store Owner, opening up content with her.
• Small additions to Terri the Slavegirl’s content.
• More sex content with Terri the Adult Baby.
• Additional optional content for Terri the Adult Baby, for which you can set how clean or messy you want it to be.
• You can now be financially dominated by Principal Hannah.
• A tiny teaser about the direction Terri the Hypnotist’s Assistant’s story will be going (but you may not stumble across it; don’t worry, it won’t be hard to find when it gets fleshed out properly).
• A small integration issue between Tracy’s story and Elsa’s after Elsa becomes your girlfriend.
• A few minor bugs.
• Brought the cost to enter Dark Arts Store after getting a “gift” in line with the updated costs of these items.
• Ability to check on the status of your (non-transformed) relationships from your bedroom.
• A number of minor photo bugs and action call fails.
• Elsa as Domme events now alternate between cuckolding and Domme events after enough cuckolding events have occurred to trigger slaveboy discussion.
• Chelsea’s cum licking event now has a small progression as she gets used to it.
• New route to open the content with Principal Hannah.
• Can now track the after-training progress of your relationships with Jasmine and Chelsea through Review Files.
• Chelsea can now become your girlfriend without the use of a Transformation potion, although you will need to devote some time to wooing her.
• Once she’s your girlfriend, Chelsea can now become bi-sexual without the use of a Transformation potion, although you will need to work on it. Note that some of the events that lead to this result will be implemented in a future version, so this path is a little tricky at the moment, but possible.
• Lots of post-training content for Chelsea.
• An event that offers you the opportunity to have anal sex with Elsa as your girlfriend (with variation in how it how it plays out based on the current nature of your relationship with her).
• Minor and obscure use for Marilyn’s favor. Additional, more substantive uses to follow in future versions.
• Jasmine’s photo and description now change properly to reflect her various states.
• Various typos (thanks in particular to xyyyz for the bug reporting)
• Compass images now change based on where you are.
• Photo art for your dungeon now changes to reflect the items you have in it.
• New hypnotizing image after you buy the focus from the Dark Arts Store.
• Nipple rings for Jasmine now appear in your inventory after you buy them and are listed as gifts you’ve given her.
• Increased the cost of some Dark Arts Store items to delay their frequency of use.
• Jewelry store now opens at the same time as the bank branch, to make it more likely that new players find it.
• Tweaked some actions to make it slightly easier to get positive results when training Master M’s slave.
• Encounters with Jasmine downtown after you successfully full her training.
• With a high enough level of success with Jasmine on her initial training, she can now eventually become your girlfriend or your whore (although it will take some work on your part).
• Whore content for Jasmine is bigger than for existing whores, as you’ll get more opportunities to see her in action.
• The amount of girlfriend content for Jasmine is on par with Elsa’s current content, and includes actions that you initiate as well as events that she initiates, with some variance based on the gifts you have given her.
• Significantly more showgirl actions at the Club with Jasmine.
• Some new post-training actions with Jasmine when she is visiting you at home.
• Additional bimbo content for Jasmine, including new actions that you initiate as well as events that she initiates (although less total content than when she’s your girlfriend, as she just doesn’t have as many ideas as a bimbo).
• Additional content to hypnosis actions with Jasmine.
• Lowered the Sense of Self level required for Alexis to full some boxing instructions, i.e. made it easier for you to get her to comply.
• Amy the Avalon Lady’s reaction to seeing your boudoir changes based on well you have fixed it up, modifying her reaction to a subsequent seduction when playing with the Playboy trait.

Console Commands:

if you don’t know how to use console commands check a UNREN guide
I use options 1 and 6 on all games.
Before using UnRen open the game and make a save because the option to start a game vanishes, but you have the option to load.
All console commands should be entirely in lower case.
MC cheats
player.money+= 100000
player.energy=1000 (I’ve found if you set it high you only need to do it once.
player.hypnosis_level += 10
Location cheats
add tag ‘das_access’ to player – Dark Arts Store access
add tag ‘club_access’ to player – Club access
Client cheats
Client names are:
An example of a client stat change would be
[name].training_period=1 (use this when you want to end training and move on to post client content)
[name].remove_tag(‘trained_this_week’) (to train a girl more than once each week)
rem tags ‘trained_today’ ‘trained_this_week’ from [name] Combines the 2 above commands
jasmine.photod_in_public_week_for_event=100 (if you let the public take photos of jasmine she will be found out and leave as a client, this doesn’t back it out but postpones when she gets found out until week 100)
rae.location = eros_store (if Rae has vanished from store)
bree.location = steel_trap (if Bree has vanished store)
summon [name] no_follows (to make character follow you)
dismiss [name] to stop character following you and send them away
change [name] hypno_sessions_this_week by -1 no_message (This gives the player 101 hypno sessions per person per week)
change player max_weekly_hypno_sessions_per_person by 100 no_message (this allows the MC to hold more hypno sessions) Both these need to applied
To alter the status of post traing clients to girlfriend/slavegirl.
call convert(lauren, ‘girlfriend’, status_to_post_training = True)
call convert(lauren, ‘slavegirl’, status_to_post_training = True)
add 1 lingerie to player
add 1 dildo to player
add 1 love_potion to player
add 1 butt_plug to player
A reminder, you can use the up arrow in the console window to scroll back through previous commands and then edit them or reuse them
If your unsure of a command that adds values use a + sign instead of an = sign if it doesn’t error you can then press the up arrow and edit the + for an equals.
Thanks to for the Console Commands.

This new release absolutely requires a new save. Please do not use your old saves.

: For Users who use VikingJohn’s Fixes

If you are using them then do a fresh install between each version. The changes done by the Dev Team may conflict with Viking’s Fixes

Win/Linux: – – – –
Mac: – – – –
Win (v0.6c RAGS version): – – –
Extras: – – –

Wife Trainer

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 45

Wife Trainer: screenshots

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Enter an virtual world of meetings with your wishes. Free download from MEGA or other file hostings, unpack, easy install and play this porn game.

Be a good player and get what you want. It will be not just simple robots, there will be a lot of familiar characters that you’re totally gonna like.​ Will you find love and happiness? Will you be a good hero? Will you user your power and authority? Try now!

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