West City v0.2b

Demo version:No
Last update: 2017-11-04

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West City is an erotic game. In West City you play the role of a young woman that was just accepted into the West City College. Being a college student is hard work, and deciding if you will try and get the best grades, find a temporary job to maintain yourself or just enjoy the party life will be up how you want to take on this opportunity.
What to expect from it already:
The game has more than 12.000 words, 218 custom made integrated images, several non-sexual events and one sexual event.
Updated: 03.11.2017
Censorship: non
Version: 0.2b
Language: english

-Added 218 images (200 for avatars and 18 for the sex scene)
-Major user interface remodeling, as to accommodate the new images
-Added sliders, instead of text inputs*
-Bugs related to the Save/Load, game not saving the dates, and the Calendar going back to a default position after loading, all fixed*
-Minor text corrections*
*Special thanks to Bob, the user Sorter and Ivan for those.
Quick fix a :You can use only one click in the main menu, instead of two (clicking enter still works).*Thanks to Shuqoyqa for the idea.
Quick fix b: Fixed the typos. I’m sorry about those, I usually write in a environment that doesn’t have spellcheck, so a lot goes over my head.

West City

PC, Mac, Linux
Game rating: 5 27

West City: screenshots

West City screenshot 0West City screenshot 1West City screenshot 2

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